In Defence of Africa

When Livingstone, the pride of the Royal Geographical Society, first sailed up the Zambezi and saw the ‘smoke that thunders,’ Mosi-Oa-Tunya, he fell in love with Africa and it’s people, and chose to live and die there. Dr. Livingstone fought against the Arab slave trade which he abhorred, but he could not have anticipated the contempt with which the natives would be treated, by those who followed in his footsteps.

Baron Nathan de Rothschild, ‘the power behind the throne,’ and great grandson of Mayer, financed Benjamin Disraeli’s government in the colonial conquest of Zululand and on Queen Victoria’s behalf in 1879, Cetshwayo’s army and the Zulu Empire was utterly decimated. Baron Rothschild supplied Cecil Rhodes with the funds to establish a monopoly over the gold fields of South Africa and DeBeers diamonds. Rhodes organised further incursions into Matabeleland, which he claimed for the English Crown and named after himself. The enslavement of the indigenous population in the gold mines and the seizure of their territory by force, with its repercussions, is still in evidence today.

Britain introduced it’s venal political system all over the African Continent, after Imperialists had carved it up, indifferent to ethnic or cultural divides. For instance, look at the hand-picked puppet choice in Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe or Morgan Tsvangirai… the bad and the ugly… where’s the good? It goes without saying this is not what is meant by democracy or free and fair elections and innocent blood will be shed. Nevertheless, Lord Carrington said, “the British will support Tsvangirai to the hilt because he is a good and decent man;” that is what he said of Mugabe in 1980 when he brokered the Lancaster Agreement which put him in power. What went wrong? According to Lord Carrington, "power corrupts." Well, he should know! This is NO choice and every country is presented with only two ‘viable’ parties and in some cases this volatile confrontation can incite civil war, which in turn, boosts arms sales. Instability benefits the powerful, who have preordained Zimbabwe's future.

In 1908, William Sheppard, a Black American Presbyterian missionary observed in Africa; “Only a few years ago, travellers through this country found the Congolese living in large homes, having from one to four rooms in each house, loving and living happily with their wives and children, one of the most prosperous and intelligent of all the African tribes… But within these last three years how changed they are! Their farms are growing up in weeds and jungle, their king is practically a slave, their houses now are mostly only half-built single rooms and are much neglected. The streets of their towns are not clean and well-swept as they once were. Even their children cry for bread. Why this change?” In a word, Illuminati.

“The great strength of the Order lies in it's concealment, let it never appear in any place in it's own name, but always covered by another name and another occupation,” like the WTO, the Red Cross or UNICEF and other ‘altruistic' outfits. In a World where 1.2 billion malnourished children live in abject poverty, the House of Rothschild has amassed personal wealth estimated in trillions, and the family hordes it’s gold in secret underground vaults. “Riches,” said Milton, “grow in hell.”

The Baka Tribe (pygmies) have existed in peace, health and harmony from time immemorial in the heart of darkest Africa, the Congo. Untouched by western civilization, our diseases are unheard of in their society, but UNICEF is going to great lengths, undertaking hazardous journeys to bring polio vaccines to the Baka and this innocent and naïve people, who consulted their ancestors for a favourable sign before allowing UNICEF access, were rewarded (bribed) by the corrupt local Mayor (who they dislike) for their compliance, with free palm wine. The children balked at this alien procedure, but had their mouths forcibly prized open to receive the oral serum, as family members looked on bemused!

The reasoning for introducing immunization programmes to the pygmies is that the destruction of their rainforest and encroaching civilization is making them vulnerable to disease. So why not stop razing their habitat and encroaching on them and they wouldn’t require dangerous vaccines which can cause serious side-effects, like brain damage? Yet, it is from this region, we are told, that new terminal strains of AIDS and Ebola, mysteriously appeared. Racially selective viruses, passed on through bodily secretions, which have brought the Congo, after decades of atrocities inflicted for the extraction of rubber, further to it’s knees. But vaccinations in the Third World is the main priority of the World Bank and WHO, who care so much about the health of the African Nation, they saturated their lands with arms and mines, while depriving them of food, saddling them with insurmountable debts and privatising their water, the essential of life. This has resulted in immeasurable pain, suffering and death.

In his 'open letter to Americans,' Professor Ernest Wamba dia Wamba wrote; “our youth finds itself today in the same position as their ancestors who were uprooted from their homes and shipped as slaves - like cattle really - across the Atlantic Ocean. It is a situation that is extremely difficult to imagine. And yet that has been the lot of our people for the past few centuries down to the most recent past: the very forces which took us into the abyss of destruction seem to always beget the forces which present themselves as healers. And each time it takes us another generation or so to discover the reality behind the disguise. Healing, we now know, will come certainly when we trust our own healers. The situation of our country in general, and of our youth in particular, reminds us very much also of the state of large parts of our planet now engulfed in wars. Regardless of how they are explained, they are nothing but wars against humanity which systematically diminish our capacity and our will to recover and relate to each other as members of the same body. As the history of humankind has shown time and time again: wars have no winners, and each one of them has always ended with the same loser--humanity.”

When British Consul, Roger Casement journeyed through Africa, he was surprised to find the natives hiding as he approached. He reported; “Fear of this kind was formerly unknown on the Upper Congo; and in much more out-of-the-way places visited many years ago, the people flocked from all sides to greet a white stranger.” - This is still true in some parts today; when I travelled to the source of the River Gambia in 1987, I was something of a curiosity to youngsters who had never seen a white face before and I made many friends. But in 1903, the apparition of a white man's steamer evidently gave the signal for instant flight... Casement went on to record the reason for this terror during the rubber regime;

".... Men, he said, still came to him whose hands had been cut off by the Government soldiers during those evil days, and he said there were still many victims of this species of mutilation in the surrounding country. Two cases of the kind came to my actual notice while I was on the lake. One, a young man, both of whose hands had been beaten off with the butt-ends of rifles against a tree, the other a young lad of eleven or twelve years of age, whose right hand was cut off at the wrist. This boy described the circumstances of his mutilation, and, in answer to my inquiry, said that although wounded at the time he was perfectly sensible of the severing of his wrist, but lay still fearing that if he moved he would be killed.”

“Each time the corporal goes out to get rubber, cartridges are given to him. He must bring back all not used; and for every one used, he must bring back a right hand. He was told that sometimes they shot a cartridge at an animal in hunting, they then cut off a hand from a living man. As to the extent to which this is carried on, he informed me that in six months they, the State, on the Momboyo River, had used six thousand cartridges, which means that six thousand people are killed or mutilated. It means more than six thousand, for the people have told me repeatedly that the soldiers kill children with the butt of their guns.” Queen Victoria's cousin, King Leopold of Belgium, a client of Alphonse de Rothschild, was the sole beneficiary of the rubber revenue and the population was reduced from twenty-two million to under ten million in just four years during his reign. Is it any wonder that their trust in the white man was lost?

To compound it’s problems, a recent volcanic eruption in Goma has displaced many more Congolese, but with modern developments in technology and geophysical warfare, the highly publicised and harrowing ‘natural disasters’ and droughts which have ravaged Africa, may be the result of ‘cloud-busters’ instead of ‘mother-nature.’ In Malawi, the warm heart of Africa, where ninety per cent of the population live in rural areas dependant on agriculture, changing weather patterns have caused crop failures and seven million people face starvation because the IMF instructed them to sell their surplus food stocks. Children are eating wild leaves and no-one knows how many have already succumbed to hunger. This country needs $twenty-six million to avert a calamity and the ‘Bread Basket’ of the South, Zimbabwe, with it’s economy in free-fall and rampant inflation has exacerbated Malawi’s plight.

But how coincidental that after a long civil war, just when Mozambique was beginning to recover and make progress in repaying it’s loans, torrential rain burst the banks of the Save and Limpopo Rivers and the Lake Kariba Dam slowly released 180,600 million cubic metres of flood water, innundating an area the size of Scotland. As five South African helicopter pilots played God with the fate of millions, the British government haggled with the M.O.D. over the cost of sending assistance. Weather modification has put Mozambique back to square-one for the new millennium. As Samora Machel’s widow said, “It seems the World has no conscience.” President Machel 'a major target' died in 1986, with thirty three others, including his Transport Minister and the Deputy Foreign Minister of Mozambique, when their Soviet build aircraft crashed at the corner of the eastern Transvaal, near the junction of the Mozambican, Swazi and South African borders. Suggestions are, that the SADF, who enjoyed close military and other relations with Israel, used complex electronic methods to confuse the pilot of Machel's plane or make the controls malfunction.

While the ‘First World’ enjoys it’s exclusive rights to the advances in science and technology, Africans are deliberately left to grapple in stone-age conditions, worse even, at least early man didn’t have to pay for food and water. The ‘civilized’ world has a glut of unhealthy junk food and luxuries to indulge it’s cravings, while our brothers don’t know when their next paltry meal will be granted, by aid. This creates the illusion of dependency, when in reality, they are forced to produce raw materials and cash crops for our consumption, while the manufactured goods are sold back to Africans at exorbitant prices. This is how neo-colonialism has kept the Third World in bondage and powerless. There is no credible reason why Africa should not have reached the same level of development or quality of life as Australia, colonised in the same era, although Aborigines are still denied those privileges too. In Uganda, the only ‘industry’ is in bicycles. The children who crowd into bare, make-shift classrooms keen for an education find that upon graduating, they can use their new-found knowledge, solely to buy, sell, fix or ride bicycles. Hardly a rewarding career or intellectual pursuit, so the majority end up scratching a ‘living’ by surviving off refuse tips. What a waste of tremendous human potential and the 'humanitarian' Red Cross implores us to alleviate this misery by donating two pounds a month.

Alfred Russel Wallace wrote in 1904; “We profess religion. We claim to be more moral than other nations, and to conquer and govern and tax and plunder weaker peoples for their good! While robbing them we actually claim to be benefactors! And then we wonder, or profess to wonder, why other Governments hate us! Are they not fully justified in hating us? Is it surprising that they seek every means to annoy us, that they struggle to get navies to compete with us, and look forward to a time when some two or three of them may combine together and thoroughly humble and cripple us? And who can deny that any just Being, looking at all the nations of the earth with impartiality and thorough knowledge, would decide that we deserve to be humbled, and that it might do us good?"

There has been over twenty full-scale wars since the UN was officially sanctioned, including in the Congo-Zaire, which borders nine countries in Central Africa, rich in gold, diamonds and uranium, of which General Eisenhower, campaigning in 1952 to be President said; "whoever controls the Belgian Congo will control the rest of the Continent," so it was turned over to the Communists. The UN passively monitored the intensive genocide in Rwanda, without intervening, which saw one million people murdered in just five months. But microwave mind-control weaponry can accomplish astonishing results; a 1995 article, "Non-Lethal Technology and Airpower," published in the 'Air Command and Staff College's Airpower Journal', describes how so-called ‘non-lethal’ psychotronic and electromagnetic weapons will be used against unsuspecting civilians:

"In the very near future, it will become clear that non-lethal methods have applicability across the entire spectrum of conflict, including crime and terrorism..." In this research paper, the authors reveal for the first time, the U.S. military is developing high-powered microwave weapons for use against human beings (which is one of the hidden goals of the HAARP transmitters.) Such "microwave weapons are almost uniquely intrusive" (especially when they are pulsed at ELF frequencies.) "They do not simply attack a person's body, they reach all the way into a person's mind... They are meant to disorient or upset mental stability." This could explain the unusual savagery in Rwanda.

"The most potent weapon of the oppressor, is the mind of the oppressed." (Steven ‘Bantu’ Biko.)

So who are the real savages?



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