America in Retrograde
"knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door..."

America is in full-scale retrograde.

The recent so-called "election" of George W Bush in the USA signals plainly that America is too be taken down by force. The puppeteers behind the New World Order have determined that America will be turned into a defacto federal fascist police state, complete with concentration camps and guillotines. Targeted will be American dissidents- both left and right- anyone who opposes the coming dictatorial New World Order.

The American people voted en masse to elect Democratic Senator John Kerry. The ultra-right wing corporate owners of the electronic voting machines (Diebold Inc, hq'ed in the US state of Ohio) used in the 2004 elections, were fixed, manipulated and illegally hacked, tampered and altered to "elect" George W Bush as President. Diebold's CEO in Ohio is stated on record that he was 'dedicated to deliver the election to Bush'. The USA has a long history of manipulating elections in other "banana republic" countries throughout the world. Now they have manipulated the elections in the USA and completely fooled and usurped the American people and the American vote FOR THE SECOND TIME!!!.

The Republicans now have a record majority both in the US House of Representatives and the US Senate. A large majority of the States' governors are Republican, and the US Supreme Court faces several new extremist republican appointees in the coming years, dramatically turning the court that much further to the ultra right for decades to come.

The Republicans ALSO now have strong control over all three branches of the US Federal Government and a large majority of the States. Expect to see a rapid expansion of the already existing national police state infrastructure, the passage of new Patriot Act 2 legistlation (sometimes called the Super Patriot Act- which will designate all domestic dissidents as 'enemy combatants') and the swift introduction and implementation of a National ID Card.

America has been in an ideological state of siege since 9/11. All the moral and psychological prohibitions on the reactionary ultra-right wing have been lifted forever. With the extreme right wing now firmly in power and control of the United States, expect ONLY the forced enslavement of the American populace in the coming years. By contrast, 77% of the world's nations and peoples have said that they would have voted for Senator John Kerry in the 2004 elections. This statistic ALONE shows how skewed to the ultra/extremist right the American political and ideological system has retrograded.

Its now the USA vs the world...the showdown has just begun.

Steve Jones
777 Black Butte Rd
Mount Shasta, California

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