Venezuela's defense must be
'preventive action'
against US government terrorism commentarist Alfredo Bremont writes: It If the Bolivarian Revolution taking place in Venezuela has any hope for the future, it must cut ties with the government of the United States of America, the dictates of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank.

The latter were institutions created to enhance democracy, but they're managed by individuals who oppress anyone who does not agreed with them.

The associations were well-founded, but those who are now in charge of them are corrupt and with no aim in sight but to profit and oppress the innocent. The latest example is the case of the assassination of State prosecutor Danilo Anderson.

Venezuelan oil can find plenty of buyers ... and the European Union can as well understand and profit from the Bolivarian insight

As The Liberator Simon Bolivar once mentioned, the Venezuelan nation must not be afraid of the oppressing north ... Venezuela does have the means to exist without any help from the US government and/or its intervention ... Washington's ultimate aim is to put in place a Venezuelan Pinochet instead of President Chavez; and to achieve that selfish aim they will go beyond any limit, as witness what has already been revealed.

Our (Venezuela) defense must be 'preventive action' against organized US government terrorism.

The US$ should no longer be recognized as the main world currency ... it is this US$ policy that has created, suffering, fraud, deceit and death ... as we have experience from Pinochet to Saddam Hussein ... and are now witnessing in Iraq and the rest of the Middle East.

A strong and definitive statement will benefit the oppress populations of other South American nations as well.

Let's put the Bolivarian Revolution put to the test ... it demands courageous support from all citizens ... at home and abroad ... for the government to establish law & order throughout the Venezuelan nation.

The President does have the opportunity not only to eradicate corporate terrorism, but also to correct the misused power that the US administration now exercises ... and realize what Simon Bolivar hoped to achieve on the noble day of Venezuela's 21st century Independence.

Alfredo Bremont


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