Emphasis on reasonable balance,
rather than misrepresentation

Dishonesty in many ways implies a complexity ... to begin with, we ask ourselves what is a fraudulent individual. In fact, it is to his/her own nature that anyone becomes crooked.

Disloyal to his/her customary human principles ... the individual acts upon the objective reality, considering it a plot by which the winner takes all ... and those who lose are lower beings.

It's a sort of survival of the species phenomenon applied to our human economic activities. The description of an 'oligarch' is analogous to corruption in this respect ... bribery related to a point in time, exists relative to consciousness. By this we mean that, the credibility of one person versus others are factors that determine his/her 'plausible dishonesty' in direct opposition to his/her honesty.

People are not born corrupt ... they become it! Given this statement, a dishonest men can reverse his beliefs and transform himself into an outwardly honest individual. What was done by men can be undone by men in this case; however, a hidden agenda in the predicament subsists.

Some individuals do not wish for most of us to be honest ... they need their lot of shady individuals to execute their dirty deeds and ultimately to maintain a condition of division which is only beneficial to the elite who have a desire to dominate ... they throw breadcrumbs hoping that the innocent will be tempted to taste.

This is the reason fraud is closely related to money ... money plays the key factor in the dilemma -- not necessarily happiness, or well-being. By confusing the mind, the elite manage to incite excess ... and to achieve this, they need the means to veil reality and transform it into unreality.

An additional reason is that the elite have a tendency to control the means of communication, which, in Venezuela, is practically own by a few private individuals.

We distinguish this as multinationals, were most are members but only one individual holds the directors seat.

One person decides what is best for those who invest in him. Advertising becomes a vehicle of manipulation, rather than being a medium of information. Great amounts of wealth are spent on advertising a product or a person ... with the certain objectivity of consumption, rather than development. The individual wants more, because s/he fails to achieve happiness and well-being. Making him/her believe that is capital ... the key to his/her happiness ... to achieve it s/he must be covetous, to endure the internal battles of consciousness. Those who master the game, rule the others.

A locked perception of relativity, results in a false reaction of skilled behavior, leading to blunders and unexpected outcomes, persistence in a unilateral view misleads strategies of development into sorrowful effect, destroying, to construct a vicious circle of stagnant progress rather than evolution. Fruition is relative to time, as history is to memory ... the reason why wars frequently have historical zest, analogies between one event and another repeatedly revealing a deja vu.

Advertising as information rather than distorting, facilitates consumer demand to evolve, rather than deform.

The warped view of reality envisioned by rulers of this planet ... in the case of media barons and their advertising campaigns ... fail to understand the fact that the world is round, does not have one particular point of view, nor will it follow one particular belief ... it is in total disequilibrium, which keeps it in stability.

The emphasis must be on reasonable balance ... the burden shared by each and everyone engendering wisdom, rather than misrepresentation.

Alfredo Bremont


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