Is Venezuela a sufficiently rich nation
to provide its citizens a decent living?

The opposition continues to distort the democratic stability of the nation. With political back up from the InterAmerican Court of Human Rights (IACHR) -- conveniently endorsing the actions of the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED) -- Sumate's decision to return to the country means more infiltration.

The trauma continues, involving the mainstream media, manipulating the logistics of democracy, twisting the truth in international legal swindles.

The IACHR intrusion, categorizing Venezuela as a nation where the majority is in need, implies that the government is failing in its duty. Yet these organizations exist to help or direct the form in which citizens should better themselves. The fact remains that it is the citizens themselves who should ask the question: Is Venezuela a sufficiently rich nation to provide its citizens with a decent living?

Indeed Venezuela has the resources ... it has its oil and minerals, and a healthy population.

The fact is that the IACHR should concentrate itself on the price of oil, since increasing the price of oil to US$100 a barrel will help the poor nations better themselves ... this wealth that is transferred to third world nations and distributed among its population by their legitimate government, becomes the most honest way to promote democracy.

Rather than a happy ending, imposing democracy by the law of the gun leads only to more anguish. Organizations like the NED, and other established world organizations, might look at their philosophy on a different viewpoint.

Helping the needy demands wealth and that wealth can be simplified ... there's no needs to pollute the planet further ... the West is more in need of slowing down, reducing a lot of their pollution and yo let the rest of the world breath a cleaner air.

By meddling in the affairs of the democratically-elected government of Venezuela; by funding NGOs that impoverish nations and create havoc; and then offering themselves up as charitable saviors, the NED virtually insults democracy.

When the aim is to save lives, breathing cleaner air becomes a priority.

US$100 a barrel will certainly slow the western economy ... but it will invigorate third world nations ... in this case, the West can export culture rather than guns and lectures.

It is the wisdom of the West that is being tested ... not its military hardware, or methods of intimidation. If the west worships democracy so much, it should let it be when and where it manifest itself ... understand it ... democracy reveals itself in perspective, if it can properly be perceived.

And this time Venezuela is where it it has chosen to manifest itself ... and the Venezuelan people are the example.

Alfredo Bremont


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