The model for converging civilization ...
should it be the Euro or the US$?

The World Forum goes beyond the imagination of those who attended ... more the characteristic of globalization that is misunderstood, than a failure or a success. The social forum cannot, be measured by a particular event as it is not the designation of the substance that changes but the meaning of substance, how it perceived ... not quite a new civilization, that is reaping the old one apart, more civilizations converging into one another.

How and who shall shape this converging civilization is the query. Should it be the Anglo-American model or the European ... should it be the Euro or the US$?

We could say it should be Christian or Jewish or Muslim or agnostic. Globalization simmers down religions as parts of a culture ... the west in this case might be closer to the Christian faith while the Middle East to Mohammad, or the South American indians to their god ... converging these individual gods into one is one of the consequences of globalization, which seems unavoidable.

Adversaries will bow to the will of globalization ... different viewpoints do understand each other and likewise disagree ... this particular phenomenon, repellence and magnetism is one of the secrets of globalization.

Something that is global can not be look at from a microscopic perspective, neither exclusively from the macroscopic; it must be looked at in a balance of both forms ... the very large and the very small.

The very small is the event that took place a few days ago; the very large is how the world evolves in consequence to that event. The individual small event grows gradually in importance as the larger globalization event expands in harmonious balance.

It is globalization -- in this case the shaper and creator of civilization, the inspiration of the indefinite, and the thirst for knowledge placed on the individual Garden of Eden. Facing the transgression the individual mind desires, to discern, control this globe and its globalization. The historical book of knowledge telling its tale, reviving the creation of men and women, confusing memory, questioning the past, goes a step forward into its synthesis and globalizes religions and races into a understanding of ones self and others.

The Garden of Eden indeed looks the same ... as the old remembered picture, shadowy and imaginative, re-educating the mind, and reintroducing the verve on a different perspective.

History lets the mind experience the past and prepares it for the future ... as the future is a globalization of the past in an appropriate perspective.

Alfredo Bremont


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