Iraq and ancient civilizations

The reality of Iraq is a quarrel between the imposition of the American foreign policies and its desire to impose its will for economic supremacy. Unfortunately, our beloved capitalist system does not follow a particular path and ... in reality ... has chosen to divert its interest from American inventiveness to reshape its behavior.

This is due largely to a series of facts which coincide with the globalization of our economy, and where there is an increase in world population on the one hand, without there being any major destructive war in the past 50 years.

The system as it was, created as a completely evolving system, in theory. In practice, the system is limited, and it survived up to the end of the 1950s because there was a continuous circle of destruction and reconstruction.

Nowadays, we face a different challenge ... there is no longer any major destruction and reconstruction phase; instead, we've got over-population and globalization.

These factors exist on a contradictory path, since the aim of progress is to reduce the size of the machine and at the same time automate its behavior, leading to a future were machines would do most of the work, while people will have a larger amount of leisure time.

In reality we have not yet achieved this goal, but we are in fact at a crossroads ... which is why we are neither here nor there ... this could be one of the main reasons of instability across our planet, as well as continuous societal unpredictability.

One point must be stressed, and it is that being at a crossroads, makes our future more complicated than if we knew precisely where we are heading.

The reason for our predicament is that we may fail to notice the signals that nature is throwing at us and take an erroneous path rather than the appropriate one.

Not only could the difficulties increase but the decision-makers could also find themselves without facts to follow ... in addition to increased time, it would be more precisely an acceleration of events.

In this primordial soup, where everyone seems to know what s/he is doing although in reality, awareness and understanding are distancing themselves from the rulers of the planet, the future rests in the hands of a few individuals without the most critical knowledge to take the right decisions.

Dismayed, we find Iraq and its aftermath ... not to mention climatic upheavals, which in some ways are no more than warnings to us humans, signals to make us realize where we are and where we are heading. Its an admonition to wake up and reflect on our actual behavior, which should be rethought and corrected.

Due this illogical and paradoxical reality, accustomed reason no longer applies to the many difficulties of our planet; therefore, we should adopt a non-conventional wisdom, to the imperative difficulties we are facing.

In Iraq, I feel it be better to address the subject from a different angle ... moderately, rather than the classical, conventional approach that any government will take.

Rather than directing the main media towards an interpretation of "democracy" in the Middle East versus colonization, the subject matter should be diverted towards the climate, bearing in mind that the aim is to reduce the coalition forces and reach a certain stability throughout the region.

Due to its complexity and its determined goal, it needs to be balanced simultaneously by analoguistic action in the host country ... aggressive action towards the recognition of native American Indians, their culture and their main agricultural skills.

These combined and simultaneous actions can divert the psychological pattern of Iraqis and its main opposition, giving an opportunity to promulgate different ideas on the population, aimed at showing the acceptance and great importance of those ancient civilizations, which the Iraqis themselves can mirror with their own and divert actual anger.

At the same time, the objectives achieved by climatic reductions of toxic waste and progress for Native American populations in the Americas will boost the self-esteem of the larger mix populations of the continent.

Which in itself will open them up to a wider spectrum of ideas...

Alfredo Bremont


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