Venezuelans have made a point to the world
of what democracy is really all about!

As expected the undemocratic North American empire is once again pushing for instability and destruction as it has done in Iraq and Israel ... the Bush administration is still seeking death on the Venezuelan soil and it seems that the daily sufferings and killings of American soldiers and Iraqis is not sufficient for the blood thirsty American government.

But we must look deep into the issue and find that the real danger for the US nation is ... democracy.

The USA just does not want any democracy on our planet ... and even less democracy for its own citizens ... the simple reason is that as democracy is spread worldwide, the un-democratic monopoly of the US nation becomes apparent in the eyes of its citizens.

Democracy will, in fact, deprive the elites of their excessive control over their citizens ... by forcing a more just distribution of the wealth of the nation. It is not world stability and oil prices that worries the US elite, but democracy itself ... the two famous political parties have existed for ages ... citizens do not in fact have the opportunity to elect whomsoever they desire ... like the Venezuelan citizens have ... they are in fact deprived by a electoral college, which was created simply because the government did not trust its own citizens.

The result of this is that military forces and citizens end up as prisoners of this so-called "democracy" by which the US nation exists.

This mighty empire is playing with fire ... and moreover, by underestimating nature, they could find themselves underwater.

Believing in its invulnerability ... as the Roman Empire once did ... supporting brutal dictatorships as it has done in Chile with Pinochet and recently in Iraq ... the vicious behavior of the US administration continues its thrust for instability for its own political gains.

Venezuelans have decided who they want as President of our nation ... making the point to the world of what democracy is really all about!

Alfredo Bremont


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