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The Virginia Taxpayers Association is warning General Assembly members "against a reported state tax increase movement and also against new canned and pre-drawn bills coming from 'on high' further implementing controls for the one world order to which Gov. Jim Gilmore has repeatedly given assent."

The state taxpayer organization pointed out today that while a number of legislators "are complaining about a tight budget, actually total expenditures for the present biennium have been allowed to grow from 48 to 50 billion just since Dec. 17, 1999.

"And this is on top of a state spending increase from 36.3 billion – George Allen's last budget – to 48 billion in 2000, in just 3 years!

"Clearly the needs of taxpayers to keep a decent share of their own money have not been given high priority in Richmond.

"While Gilmore often talks about cutting taxes," the VTA added, "his budget amendment message excessively uses the phrase 'leave no Virginian behind.' But there is no way government under freedom with taxes that are just and proper can go around asking every individual if he/she 'is being left behind.' This is exactly a prescription for Big Brother socialism, doling out liberal goodies to keep everyone happy in slavery.

"Thus for Gilmore to aim for low taxes while 'leaving no Virginian behind' in government-provided services is an impossibility that is dangerously deceptive to many who will not stop to remember tax grabbing to pay for all these 'free' services."

The taxpayer association said "Gilmore's record of aid to the UN world order, which also means higher taxes, is undeniable:

** "He supported the National Governors Association – a subversive organization set up to go around state legislatures – when it went along with a cosmetically revised Clinton executive order on federalism asserting increased centralized executive power, after the NGA had opposed a previous Clinton EO on the same subject only 'because NGA was not consulted in advance';

** "He failed to take any action opposing Clinton's UN-inspired federal land grab blocking road building on 437,000 acres of forest land in Virginia without consent of Congress or the General Assembly, announced on a Blue Ridge mountaintop Oct. 13, 1999;

** "He signed onto the federal totalitarian School-to-Work program, bearing a UN symbol on its web page. This dumbs down our children by placing training for specific job slots above development of the mind itself, and tracks all students' employment;

** "He further signed onto the dictatorial Workforce Investment Act. This puts state government officially in charge of all employment, in accordance with rigid federal guidelines;

** "He ordered observance of United Nations Day in Virginia last Oct. 24. This was so unpopular around the state that neither the event nor the person Gilmore officially designated to head up the 'celebration' got a single mention in the local newspaper where the UN person lives;

** "He recently chaired an 'anti-terrorist' commission on which all written staff work was directed by J. Paul Bremer, long term member of mysterious and internationally powerful Kissinger Associates. This commission recommended a new bureaucratic organization to keep track of all American citizens, over the obvious need to close down Mexican and Canadian borders against known foreign terrorists;

** "In his budget amendment message he is now promoting a public-private partnership of the ominous type actively spearheaded across the United Nations spectrum by world guru Prince Charles. Gilmore's Virginia partnership, named PowerUp, is between America Online, the Case Foundation, other nonprofit organizations and the commonwealth itself, which is being asked to appropriate one million to start up 33 youth computer centers. The problem with the public-private partnership, and the deliberate purpose behind it as an international fascist instrument, is to take away control of publicly appropriated tax revenues from elected officials. Who will control PowerUp? It will certainly not be the General Assembly nor even the Gilmore administration itself. But taxpayers will be footing the bill, without representation.

"The way rights are being rapidly taken away from citizens nowadays, it is not at all impossible that if Gilmore PowerUp initiative becomes a precedent, our entire state education system could some day become a public-private partnership, which would be a disaster obvious even to legislators themselves."

One of the new "canned bills handed down to its sponsor, Del. James M. Scott (D-Fairfax) which contains certain dangerous provisions is House Bill 1713, relating to telecommuting by state employees," the VTA said. "While most of the bill may be unobjectionable, Sections B. 14 and 15 under 'General powers of Department' provide that the Department of Technology Planning will 'advise and assist private sectors in the Commonwealth in planning, developing, and administering programs, projects, comprehensive plans, policies, and other activities for telecommuting by private sector employees and………..evaluate status, effectiveness and utilization of employee telecommuting, in both public and private sectors in the Commonwealth…'

"In other words, it appears that before long, in the general trend of government power-grabbing, the state DTP will be telling private employers how they must arrange for telecommuting by private employees," the VTA concluded.

In another action, the association said "UN world government takeover was clearly hastened by Clinton's traitorous signing of the International Criminal Court treaty Dec. 31. This new court would be given power to try U. S. citizens accused of war crimes, whatever such crimes might include. Accused individuals before foreign judges would have no Fifth Amendment protections, no right of trial by jury, no clear rules of evidence to use in their defense and no right of appeal to any other court. ICC ratification must be stopped in the U. S. Senate at all costs. The Senate has just ratified without even a recorded vote the Desertification Treaty giving the UN control over 70 percent of the world's land mass."

The association also strongly urged Senate confirmation of former Sen. John Ashcroft as attorney general, former Colorado attorney general Gale Norton as secretary of the interior, and former U. S. Civil Rights Commission head Linda Chavez as secretary of labor.

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