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                                    TAXPAYERS  URGE
                                    HOUSE  TO  REJECT
                                    SENATE  GIFT  TO  UN 

        The Virginia Taxpayers Association, a leading grassroots critic of
the United Nations, said    today the House of Representatives "must
reject the Senate’s gigantic flip-flop Wednesday in    favor of the UN."

        The Senate voted 99-0 Feb. 7 to pay 582 million in alleged "back
dues" to the UN, provided   the organization tightens its bureaucracy and
reduces America's share of peacekeeping costs.

        Included in the agreement is a one-time gift of 34 million from  media 
mogul Ted Turner to     cover the UN budget shortfall due to reduced U.S.

        The VTA's statement cited the following:

        ** Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Jesse Helms (R-NC)
in a widely reported   speech to the UN Security Council last January
lambasted the Security Council as a shining   example of utopian visions
that imposes UN authority on the U.S.  He sought to justify the U.S.    
being able to pick and choose its UN involvements.

        ** Helms admitted Jan. 9 of this year that the world body has not
fulfilled all of the reforms    mandated by Congress in 1999. 

        ** The Senate has voted 99-0 against ratifying the UN's Kyoto
global warming treaty,     estimated to cost the U. S. billions to implement.

        ** Members of both Houses have strongly attacked the UN's 
International Criminal Court    treaty, which President Clinton's 
representative signed hours before the Dec. 31, 2000 deadline.      They
said the treaty would subject U. S. citizens accused of vaguely defined
war crimes to trial    before foreign judges without a jury, Fifth
Amendment protections, clear rules of evidence to use     in their
defense, or right of appeal to a higher court. 

        ** The UN has proposed a global tax on international currency
transactions in a Jan. 30   report compiled by the World Bank, the
International Monetary Fund and the World  Trade Organization.   

     Such a tax, which the VTA pointed out Congress
could not repeal, could     raise billions for the UN, removing any check
by U. S. elected officials on the UN's far-flung   activities. 

        ** Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-Md.) has brought out that the U. S. has
spent about 19 billion on   peacekeeping activities since 1992.  We have
been credited with 1.8 billion of that against UN    dues, so a precedent
has already been made, that if we spend money on an authorized UN  
peacekeeping activity those monies that we have spent are in lieu of dues.

Thus there is about   another $17 billion still outstanding that we have
received no credit for, and the U. S. does not     owe the UN a dime for
any dues.  

        ** The Heritage Foundation, largest and most influential
conservative think tank in   Washington, has announced a major new report
 charging that the United Nations is engaged in a  campaign against the 
foundations of society.  These foundations include the family, motherhood &
fatherhood, religions that espouse the importance of marriage and the
traditional family, and     the legal and social structures that protect
them.  The report's author believes the UN uses     international treaties
and UN implementing committees to force countries to change their  
domestic laws and constitutions to adopt policies that will ultimately
make women and children    more, not less, vulnerable.

        ** In Virginia the UN is so unpopular that after Gov. Jim Gilmore
ordered observance of   United Nations Day in Virginia last Oct. 24
neither the event nor the person Gilmore officially     designated to head
up the 'celebration' got a single mention in the local newspaper where the
UN  person lives.  For the year 2001 Gilmore has therefore canceled any
gubernatorial proclamation  on United Nations Day.

        In conclusion, the VTA said, "Since Secretary General Kofi Annan
and other top UN leaders    have openly proclaimed the UN's objective is
'global governance', which involves destruction of  the U. S.
Constitution, it is essential that the House of Representatives promptly
stop this  unlawful U. S. payment to the discredited 'new world order'

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