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Alert!  UN Sell-out next week!

    A bill containing payment to the United Nations of 582 million alleged
"back dues" we do not owe is likely to be "marked up" for passage by the
House International Relations Committee next Wednesday, Mar. 21, WITHOUT

    This means that at no stage from the time this unlawful payment was
introduced and passed in the Senate Feb. 7 to its likely signing by
President Bush will grassroots spokesmen outraged by UN tyranny have a
chance to address any congressional committee on dangers from UN takeover!

    This information just received comes from two highly reliable sources,
one of them a member of the International Relations Committee staff.

    Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Jesse Helms (R-N.C.) pulled S 84
of his pocket" on the Senate floor and got instant approval 99-0.  Sen.
Judd Gregg (R-N.H.), who voted for the payout, admitted that in his state
there was "some opposition" to UN funding.  But of course there was no
Senate discussion of openly proclaimed UN objectives of "global
governance", massively overruling our federal and state laws and
destroying the U. S. Constitution!

    The reason the U. S. does not owe the UN back dues is that we have
about 19 billion on UN peacekeeping activities since 1992.  Rep. Roscoe
Bartlett (R-Md.) has repeatedly brought out that we have been credited
with 1.8 billion of that against UN dues.  So a precedent has already been
made that if we spend money on an authorized UN peacekeeping activity,
those monies that we have spent are in lieu of dues.

    Thus there is about 17 billion still outstanding that we have received
credit for, and the U. S. does not owe the UN a dime for any dues.

What to do:

    Phone House International Relations Chairman Henry J. Hyde (R-Ill.),
Friday, Mar. 16, and tell him Americans want a public hearing before his
committee so we can tell them why the U. S. should not pay the UN any
 (No time for letters, and his FAX line is permanently tied up!)

    If you want to stop the dangerous International Criminal Court from
coming into existence, you need to help stop further UN funding now!

                                    Kenneth White, President
                                    E-mail:  KWhite9472@aol.com

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