Job Lay-offs in U.S.
But None at the U.N.

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Job Lay-offs in U.S. But None at the U.N. 

House Prepares U.N. Bailout;

Calls of Protest Urgently Needed

Washington, D.C. -  Despite broken promises and phony 
reforms, the  House International Relations Committee is preparing on
 Wednesday, March 21, to vote to send $582 million to the United Nations.
 If approved by the full House, the money would be immediately sent to 
other nations that provide troops to failed and mismanaged U.N. 
military operations. The American people should not be fooled by 
talk of a U.S. ‘debt’ to the U.N. 

This is a taxpayer rip-off, pure and simple.  stated Cliff Kincaid, president of
the public policy group America’s Survival. The bailout of the world body
comes at a time when the U.N. pension fund claims a positive return in 17
straight years, its assets have increased more than 39 percent over the
last two years, and is now worth $25 billion.  Not bad for an
organization supposedly going broke, commented Kincaid If you want to
stop the dangerous International Criminal Court and other U.N. schemes,
you need to stop further U.N. funding NOW. 

Calls of protest have jammed
International Relations Committee chairman Henry Hyde’s telephone at
1-202-225-4561. Indeed, the telephone number has been emitting a constant
busy signal because of the overload of calls. But you can also call the
staff office of the committee at 1-202-225-5021. 

This is the committee make-up: 

Henry J. Hyde, Chairman 

Benjamin A. Gilman , New York

Tom Lantos , California

James A. Leach , Iowa

Howard L. Berman , California

Doug Bereuter , Nebraska

Gary L. Ackerman , New York

Christopher H. Smith , New Jersey

Eni F. H. Faleomavaega , AS

Dan Burton , Indiana

Donald M. Payne , New Jersey

Elton Gallegly , California

Robert Menendez , New Jersey

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen , Florida

Sherrod Brown , Ohio

Cass Ballenger , North Carolina

Cynthia A. McKinney , Georgia

Dana Rohrabacher , California

Alcee L. Hastings , Florida

Edward R. Royce , California

Earl F. Hilliard , Alabama

Peter T. King , New York

Brad Sherman , California

Steve Chabot , Ohio

Robert Wexler , Florida

Amo Houghton , New York

Jim Davis , Florida

John M. McHugh , New York

Eliot L. Engel , New York

Richard Burr , North Carolina

William D. Delahunt , Massachusetts

John Cooksey , Louisiana

Gregory W. Meeks , New York

Thomas G. Tancredo , Colorado

Barbara Lee , California

Ron Paul , Texas

Joseph Crowley , New York

Nick Smith , Michigan

Joseph M. Hoeffel , Pennsylvania

Joseph R. Pitts , Pennsylvania

Earl Blumenauer , Oregon

Darrell E. Issa, California

Shelley Berkley , Nevada

Eric Cantor, Virginia

Grace Napolitano , California

Jeff Flake , Arizona

Adam B. Schiff , California

Brian D. Kerns, Indiana

Jo Ann Davis , Virginia

The U.N. financial bailout, which 
comes at a time of massive layoffs in the U.S. and an economic slowdown,
if not recession,  is being promoted on the pretext that the money is
dues owed to the U.N. by the U.S.  But Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-Md.) has
demonstrated through his U.N. Erroneous Debt Act that it is the U.N.
which actually owes the U.S. billions of dollars for peacekeeping expenses
never credited or reimbursed to the U.S. Dozens of House members have
co-sponsored Bartlett’s legislation and almost 200 have voted for it in
the past. If enough House members understand the nature of the U.N.
‘debt’ issue, said Kincaid, this bailout could still be stopped.   

The money has passed the Senate under a deal brokered by 
Senators Jesse Helms and Joseph Biden. 

The U.N. is supposed to get the money in exchange for
reducing the U.S. share of the U.N. operating budget from 25 to 22
percent, and the U.S. share of the peacekeeping budget from 31 to 25
percent. However, the U.N. only allowed the U.S. share of peacekeeping to
decline to 26.5 percent. They kicked us in the teeth and we’re still
sending them our money, Kincaid noted. 

They’re laughing at us all the way to the bank. The transfer is going forward 
despite the fact that the top budget analyst at the U.S. mission to the U.N., 
Linda Shenwick,  has been out of her job for more than a year, having been 
fired by the Clinton-Gore Administration for telling Congress about 
corruption at the world body. Shenwick, who is seeking her old job 
back through legal action, says no significant reforms have been carried 
out at the U.N.

Without Shenwick back in her job, Congress has no effective way of
monitoring where the money goes. Supporting the bailout under these
questionable circumstances will not look good to American taxpayers, some
of whom are now losing their jobs. But there are no lay-offs at the
U.N., Kincaid noted. Indeed, no one at the U.N. has lost a job under
Boss Kofi Annan’s ‘reform’ plan.  

       America’s Survival, Inc.   

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