U.N. Will Spread AIDS to Africa

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U.N. Is Pro-Death, Not Pro-Life
U.S. Taxpayer Bailout of U.N.
Will Spread AIDS to Africa

As Chairman Henry Hyde’s House 
International Relations Committee prepares a U.N. financial bailout bill,
evidence shows that the proposed $582 million for the world body will
continue to underwrite the spread of the deadly AIDS virus. The money,
falsely labeled “back dues” to the U.N., will pay for failed and
mismanaged U.N. “peacekeeping” operations that have spread the killer
disease into Africa and Asia. A vote is scheduled, without public
hearings, on March 21.

“Members of Congress who wear red ribbons in memory of the victims of AIDS
should understand that the money will underwrite death and destruction,”
declared Cliff Kincaid of the public policy group, America’s Survival.
“Pro-life members of Congress also cannot in good conscience vote for this

As early as 1995, U.N. whistleblower Linda Shenwick says the Clinton
administration knew that U.N. troops being sent into Africa and Asia as
peacekeepers were spreading AIDS. “They did nothing to deal with that
problem,” she said. “They only recognized and began talking about the
problem one year ago,” in early 2000. She said that when then-U.S.
Ambassador to the U.N. Madeleine Albright briefed her senior team at the
mission about the problem, Albright told them, “Don’t go out of the room
with this.” Noting that the U.N. is spending millions of dollars
supposedly to fight the AIDS epidemic, Shenwick said one solution might be
for the U.N. to stop sending AIDS-infected soldiers around the world.
Instead, the U.N. has proposed a “condom-a-day” so its soldiers can
continue engaging in sex with prostitutes, including child prostitutes, on
U.N. missions.  

Shenwick, who was our top budget analyst at the U.S. mission to the U.N.,
was fired by the Clinton Administration for telling Congress about this
and other cases of U.N. corruption.

In February the U.S. Senate voted on $582 million for the United Nations
as part of a deal to pay-off an alleged U.S. financial debt to the world
organization. The U.N. was supposed to get the money in return for
reducing the U.S. share of the U.N. operating budget from 25 to 22
percent, and the U.S. share of the peacekeeping budget from 31 to 25
percent. However, the U.N. only allowed the U.S. share of peacekeeping to
decline to 26.5 percent. The Senate voted to send the money anyway. In the
full House of Representatives, which will have to vote on the deal, many
members led by Rep. Roscoe Bartlett believe the U.S. owes nothing to the
U.N. because of billions of dollars of peacekeeping expenses that haven’t
been credited or reimbursed to the U.S.

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Note by Virginia Taxpayers Association:  As is widely known, there are
many other ways AIDS has already been spread in Africa.

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