Bush Wrong on UN "Back Dues"

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                                    TAXPAYERS  SAY
                                    BUSH  IS  WRONG
                                    ON  UN  'BACK  DUES'

The Virginia Taxpayers Association said today President Bush "may be a
nice person, but he's terribly wrong about giving the United Nations 582
million in alleged 'back dues' which we don't really owe --- and Congress
must reject the whole thing."

Bush promised UN Secretary General Kofi Annan Friday that he would work
with legislators to get the money for the UN, according to the Associated

The VTA said, "No one has refuted ample documentation by Rep. Roscoe
Bartlett (R-Md.) that not only does the U. S. not owe the UN a dime, but
actually they owe us at least
 17 billion for peacekeeping expenses."

A NewsMax.com article by Cliff Kincaid Mar. 21 described the projected
gift to the UN as a "taxpayer rip-off." 

The matter will be taken up by the House International Relations Committee
under Chairman Henry Hyde (R-Ill.), in a bill mark-up next Wednesday.

Kincaid said assets of the UN pension fund had increased more than 39
percent in the last two years to a present total of 25 billion.  Some of
this presumably could be used for UN dues "emergencies", much as the U. S.
uses Social Security money for other purposes.

Liberal Sen. Joseph Biden (D-Del.), ranking minority member of the Senate
Foreign Relations Committee and cosponsor of the bill to pay the money to
the UN, admitted Feb. 7 "a significant portion of the House and a
significant minority in the Senate ….. didn't even want to pay the back
dues; didn't want to pay anything, conditions or not." 

The bill passed the Senate 99-0.  Backers said the UN will get the money
in exchange for reducing the U.S. share of the UN operating budget from 25
percent to 22 percent, and the U.S. share of the peacekeeping budget from
31 percent to 25 percent.  However, the UN allowed the U.S. share of
peacekeeping to decline only to 26.5 percent.

Kenneth White, VTA president, said "It's a back-handed compliment to
citizens who had already been flooding offices of Hyde and other
congressmen with protest calls early last week that panicked pro-UN forces
feel they have to bring out their big gun:  Bush.

"But it doesn't look as if this is going to do them any good.

"Just yesterday Bush received strong criticism from some of his own 
supporters for supporting Annan, in a penetrating NewsMax.com analysis by
Wes Vernon.

"Anti-American positions taken by Annan listed by Vernon include:

** "Policies that would shut down our country (the Kyoto global warming
treaty) and make the Great Depression of the 1930s look like a tea party.

** "The International Criminal Court, which could yank Americans out from
the protection of our justice system and put them at the mercy of a
foreign court on trumped-up charges by our enemies. 

** "Made a deal with Saddam Hussein, leading to the expulsion of weapons
inspectors and Iraq’s re-emergence as an international security threat.

** "Made a deal with Libyan dictator Moamar Gadhafi, giving him immunity
in the Pan Am 103 terrorism case.

** "Supports the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, voted down by the U.S.

** "Supports the ABM Treaty, which would tie America's hands on missile
defense and has been violated by Russia and the Soviets.

** "Collaborated with Hillary Clinton and Bella Abzug to promote abortion
as an 'international right.' 

** "In a Notre Dame speech, smeared the U.S. as a greedy nation.

** "Supports global taxes to support the UN.

** "Lent support to an international ban on the death penalty in the U.S.
and other nations.

** "Promotes 'global debt relief,' a cover for transfers of more U.S.
wealth to deadbeat socialist Third World dictatorships.

** "Covered up the fact that UN soldiers were spreading AIDS throughout
the world."

The VTA, a leading national UN critic, concluded:  "Payment to the UN of
582 million will only further advance global governance and destruction of
the U. S. Constitution." 

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