The Virginia Taxpayers Association said today that "despite censored reports from the United Nations Millennium Assembly and Summit, the truth is coming out that in ordering Virginia to celebrate United Nations Day, Gov. Jim Gilmore is pushing us into world government."

A detailed draft of the final multi-subject declaration approved by the Millennium Assembly last week, the state taxpayer association said, "gives to the United Nations consent of the world's governments to move toward a system of global governance that places the UN in the center of global policy, global implementation, and global enforcement."

The document, obtained by Henry Lamb, publisher of eco-logic magazine, implies that the international body "now has authority to proceed with a UN standing army, as already promoted by President Clinton and others; a new UN tax (Tobin tax on international currency transactions); an International Criminal Court that can try individual American citizens for numerous vague infractions without a jury or any constitutional safeguards; concerted action against 'illegal' guns however such may be defined by the UN; global water policies to be administered by national, state and even local governments; and additional environmental rules too numerous to list, among many other totalitarian activities."

The VTA said that "it does not matter that the U. S. Senate may not ratify for a while a number of United Nations treaties pressed by the Millennium Assembly with all its unelected non-governmental organizations (NGOs). We will be told by the U. S. administration and so-called 'thought leaders' that 'all the countries of the world have approved these Millennium resolutions, and therefore the U. S. is obligated to be governed by them.'

"So presidential executive orders will be issued implementing more of 'global governance', and we will observe continually increasing UN intrusion into our national, state and local affairs," the VTA said. "In fact, language in the draft itself suggests that the UN intends to implement as much of the declaration as possible 'administratively', through processes and procedures that do not require independent ratification by member states.

"It's clear that Congress can no longer just 'pick and choose' from outrageous UN proposals or wait for new UN transgressions to come to its attention in hopes of 'taking care of them as they appear,' since many unconstitutional UN initiatives won't get on the floors of Congress at all. The only solution for our national survival is immediate passage of Rep. Ron Paul's (R-Tex.) American Sovereignty Restoration Act, HR 1146, which already has 18 cosponsors, to withdraw the United States from the United Nations."

The VTA added that "Al Gore can be expected to do whatever global governors want him to do. Replies by George W. Bush to a pro-UN survey by the Campaign for United Nations Reform also were distinctly unsatisfactory, in light of this latest declaration. Inasmuch as a number of other nations have already indicated they will provide troops for a UN standing army, we doubt that Bush would oppose such planning now in progress. UN taxation could do the financing, and 'rebellious anti-UN Americans' could be targeted.

"And Bush's limited refusal to pay for 'the UN bureaucracy without reform' or 'a disproportionate share of UN costs' would have zero effect on the UN's monster grabs for more governing power over nations. Bush refused to answer pointed questions about what he would do about the most dangerous unratified UN treaties, including the International Criminal Court. Nor will Bush answer more searching questionnaires from any anti-UN organization."

The VTA noted that leading UN analyst and author Joan Veon, who has covered 36 international and UN conferences, has reported that Maryland has been selected as a pilot state for introduction of state and local UN regulations, to be copied later by all other states. Veon has also revealed that Al Gore, in re-inventing government, has worked with former Soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev and Britain's Prince Charles in developing public-private partnerships, which under UN plans will replace established government entities to run programs without public accountability but by making profit. "Rule by a combination of governments and multinational companies will thus introduce the UN global fascist order," the VTA said.

Concerning the forthcoming Senate vote on Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) with China, HR 4444, the association declared: "It should be instructive to all Americans that the leaders of both congressional parties are more anxious to sell out to our principal enemy in the world today, with by far the largest spy organization in the U. S., than they are to preserve our national security, provide humanitarian aid to millions abroad and protect religious freedom."

With regard to education, which Gilmore told the GOP convention "is the Republican issue for the 21st century," the VTA stated that "actually in the U. S., government control over labor and education is being pushed primarily by Republicans. It has been a Republican-led Congress with Gilmore's backing that has passed the Workforce Investment Act, School-to-Work and their accompanying workforce development boards and labor information management networks and databanks at the federal, state and local levels. Our system of governance is being systematically reformed from a republican system to one of regional governance by appointed leaders and commissions, together with NGOs.

"State government is being marginalized and reduced in order to create a more direct link between federal and local government under an unconstitutional U. S. Department of Education. While Republicans call it 'local control', it is far from being either 'local' or 'republican.' Charlotte Iserbyt, former member of the U. S. Department of Education and author of the massively documented 700-page volume, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, has stated the Republican platform on education is a clear echo of the 1933 Communist Party platform."

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