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The Virginia Taxpayers Association today claimed a "significant victory over Gov. Jim Gilmore in his dangerous promotion of one-world government."

The VTA said Gilmore's "order for Virginia observance of United Nations Day Oct. 24 was so unpopular around the state that neither the event nor the person Gilmore officially designated to head up the 'celebration' got a single mention in the local newspaper where the UN person lives."

The VTA is the state's leading critic of the UN, calling it a "totalitarian entity deliberately designed to destroy the U. S. legal system, our sovereignty and our freedom."

Senate Joint Resolution 120 originated by Gilmore in January had named Shelton H. Short III of Clarksville to lead United Nations Day in Virginia. Short was expected to mail out a news release across the commonwealth with favorable comment on the event. "But most state media including the Clarksville News-Progress covering Short's residence area conspicuously ignored UN Day, accurately reflecting Virginians' general distrust of the world body," the VTA said.

"A specially suspicious Gilmore action," the taxpayer association added, "was the governor's sudden cancellation Oct. 24 of his regular monthly statewide radio call-in show scheduled for only two days after UN Day. Evidently the governor did not want to answer questions from callers about why he is pushing world government, which is so subversive of the United States Constitution and Declaration of Independence for which our great Virginia founding fathers fought and died.

"After all, the monthly radio show is the governor's principal give-and-take live contact with the largest share of his constituents. It's therefore one his most important responsibilities. Why would he for the first time want to cancel this program because of some alleged 'conflict with work on the Bush campaign' where Gilmore's actions would be of much less importance to the citizens of Virginia?"

The taxpayer association emphasized, in a statement approved Saturday, Nov. 18 in Charlottesville, that "we cannot be satisfied with merely one-time helping to block celebration of the tyrannical United Nations. Its continuing activities are largely unreported by the major media. But they severely threaten our national security as well as our pocketbooks. The UN has already cost taxpayers over 100 billion since 1945.

"That's why VTA will seek a joint resolution in the 2001 Virginia General Assembly calling on Congress to withdraw from the United Nations. In Washington Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) has already obtained 18 cosponsors of a House joint resolution to begin this process. It is urgent that all Virginia members of Congress sign on to this resolution when Representative Paul reintroduces it next year."

The VTA pointed out that the UN "is stepping up its advancing program to confiscate all citizens' guns, needed for our personal safety. Behind current Security Council arguments on UN troops, a UN standing army is already in existence. It's named SHIRBRIG (Stand-by Forces High Readiness Brigade) under command of Brig. Gen. Patrick Gammaert of the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps. Britain is offering training facilities.

"This rapid deployment force could be posted, at the sole discretion of Kofi Annan or his successor, at our Mexican border. There already is a massive invasion of illegal aliens, with traces extending to Virginia and many other states. The Mexican government, doubtless abetted by our traitors in Washington, likely will claim the illegals overrunning our border 'need UN protection' from outnumbered American ranchers trying desperately to protect their homes and property."

The UN General Assembly, the VTA noted, will take up establishment of an International Criminal Court Nov. 27. "This new court, now supported with reservations by the Clinton administration, would be given power to try U. S. citizens accused of war crimes, whatever such crimes might include. Accused individuals before foreign judges would have no Fifth Amendment protections, no right of trial by jury, no clear rules of evidence to use in their defense, Amendment protections, no right of trial by jury, no clear rules of evidence to use in their defense, no right of appeal to any other court. How much more will Americans tolerate before they decide the UN is too dangerous for us to participate in any longer?"

Regarding exit poll results broadcast by networks before all polls had closed, the VTA said "this sinister scam conducted by the secretive Voters News Service, controlled by the biased TV media and Associated Press, destroyed integrity of the election. This unlawful activity has been thoroughly exposed by Citizens for a Fair Vote Count (www.votefraud.org) and must be ended if we are to have any hope for fair elections.

"It's deplorable that Rep. Rick Boucher (D-9th) joined the notorious Marxist Hillary Clinton in originating corrupt propaganda to abolish the electoral system. Constitutional electors are absolutely essential to prevent our nation from being totally controlled by a few large population states."

The association will seek a General Assembly resolution opposing Virginia adoption of the "mind-destroying globalist ISO 9000 system for education purposes. Gilmore's dangerous support of UNESCO, which he followed in signing Virginia on to dictatorial School-to-Work and the Workforce Investment Act, sets up a requirement to be governed by the International Standards Organization (ISO).

"The Maryland Department of Education is now implementing an ISO 9001 pilot program in much of the state. This will make schools 'service providers' for K-12 students and their prospective employers. These schools will be required to document every process from bus service to janitorial duties and every administrative and teacher function performed for every minute of the working day.

"Students will come out of schools where old curricula have been trashed. They will enter work places with minimum knowledge, skills and abilities. With the help of ISO, employers won't have to pay high salaries, provide expensive training or maintain the same amount of overhead. But the dumbed-down young graduates 'will be qualified to work in any country of the world.' That's where Gilmore wants Virginia children to end up if we don't stop him," the VTA emphasized.

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