Battle in Seattle:
Corporate Police take the city

"Deuce", APFN

A man named George Orwell wrote in 1948 a book called 1984

contributed by American Patriot Friends Network

Well, we here in Seattle today found out just exactly why the police pushed demonstrators into the residential areas of Seattle last night. The city was contacted by the Secret Service and told that if they did not lock down the city, the President would not come to Seattle.

A group of a few hundred peaceful protestors made their way towards the WTO meeting site early this morning with two clear messages: We do not like the WTO and we will show that we can protest without violence. They were met by Seattle Stormtroopers dressed to the nines and arrested immediately.

This is a sad day for, not only Seattle, but the whole United States. A precedent was set here that peaceful demonstrations and protests against the Global Elite will not be allowed. You may only protest if you get a permit.

I wonder if the WTO delegate who was caught on camera waiving a pistol around was arrested. Or the one who was caught on camera assaulting protestors with his fists. I doubt it.

Police officers are conducting searches in people's backpacks and being told that they will not be allowed into the city if they wear clothing or buttons that protest the WTO. One officer informed a citizen that gas masks are not allowed in the city. I heard one officer clearly state that "Protestors are not allowed in the city. Citizens are." Police are not even making distinctions anymore between gassing and concussion bombing groups of protestors and groups of average citizens going about their business.

We no longer have a police force here in the Seattle downtown area. We have a corporate military force that will not tolerate protestors without a permit.

The mayor of Seattle informed the press that he had no way of knowing the WTO meetings would bring this many protestors, so he was caught unprepared. Excuse me? That's absolutely the most ridiculous statement he could have made! The mainstream press has known! Anyone with an internet connection has known! This is completely inexcusable!

And I continue to wonder why police were not doing a damned thing about these black clad, hooded 'Anarchists' who were hell-bent on causing damage and destruction! The police chief decided that if they sent officers after the ones causing destruction, they might lose a foothold on the areas they had locked down against the peaceful demonstrations! What kind of idiotic thinking is that?

One of these 'Anarchists' was asked by a reporter why they were so violent. He commented that it was to take a few pennies away from the greedy corporations who have taken billions of dollars from us. Then they went on and defaced and destroyed the storefront of the NikeTown building. One camera caught the shot of the evening last night as the photographer got a close up of the feet of one of these 'Anarchists' as he was kicking down the Nike logo. Guess what brand name shoes he was wearing: guessed it. Nike.

The protests are beginning to turn into protests against police violence instead of protests against the WTO, chanting, "NO MORE VIOLENCE!" and, "SHAME ON YOU!" to the police.

For those of you cynical types out there who think the youth of America don't give a damn anymore (and I'll admit I was one of them until just recently), these last few days should bring you great hope. Most of the tens of thousands of people on the streets these last few days are high school and college aged kids. The great spirit of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness lives on in America. And 99% of them were NON VIOLENT and are aware of the real issues that threaten those values we once fought British tyranny over to gain our freedom. Many risked their own health to stop the idiot 'Anarchists' from their indiscriminant destruction. And for this, we should rejoice.

So despite my sadness, hope springs forth.


An Interesting Commentary and Editorial!
Are We Being (again) Led Like Sheep?

Subject: a letter from Seattle
Date: Thu, 02 Dec 1999 10:31:10 PST
From: "cliff kadmon"

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a young man living in the Seattle area. I am not going to reveal my name, for reasons that will be obvious.

Several weeks ago I was approached by the representative of a major company. I was offered a lucrative, temporary job as a demonstrator as part of a 'media event' that the company rep said she was involved in planning. I was offered $35 an hour, plus bonuses and meals, for a job that would last a week or so. Being a rather poor college student, I jumped at the offer. I was assured it was all legal. I signed a strict non-disclosure agreement. And I was given a few days paid training.

All of this was before I had heard about the upcoming World Trade Organization meeting. In fact, I didn't really know what the WTO was.

In the past few days I have carried protest signs and chanted slogans for various causes - whales, farmers, human rights, rainforests; I have blocked traffic, been shoved, kicked, tear-gassed, arrested (bail promptly paid), worn a panda bear costume, and been on tv; I've been well-fed on steaks and shrimp and pizza; had a hell of a lot of fun; made some good cash money and recieved some merchandise bonuses like vitamins and Pepsi stuff; - and become totally disillusioned with our political system.

The company that hired me is Archer Daniels Midland, but Pepsi was somehow involved, too (and no doubt some others).

The demonstrations this past week in Seattle are contrived and manufactured. I'm sure that many of the people out there are sincerely trying to further their cause, but many more are just nuts getting caught up in the moment, and some are paid agitators (like me and about another 100 or so that I know of). I'm not out there anymore, though, I took my cash last night and left, went back to school.

Here's the thing: Have you noticed how the aims of many of the protestors for the most part actually go along with the aims of the WTO and the multi-national corporations? The 'event' is being portrayed as a demonstration against capitalism, but actually is about stricter environment and labor controls, and stricter international standards in many areas. This is the agenda of the WTO and the New World Order. It is all part of the one-world government thing. It is all about more CONTROL over people. When I saw this, I walked away.

All of this should be obvious to thoughtful people, but the media are drooling all over each other covering this story as if it were some kind of spontaneous happening, instead of the staged drama it really is. People think the New World Order is just something some crazy person on the internet thought up, but I first heard it from the mouth of President George Bush years ago.

The New World Order is alive and growing.

I just wanted to put the word out on this to counter the prevailing spin. All is not as it seems!

Just Some Guy - a NWO shill

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