Price County is known for its lawlessness

January 23, 2002

Dear David,

I have read some of your site and I see that you are not afraid of the system that tries to keep complete control of everything. There is something extremely important that is going on in Price County Wisconsin. As you know Price County is known for its lawlessness but the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) is the law.

I must tell you a little about Price County. It is an extremely hard and cold place to make a living. Many of the natives who have no skills end up working in the woods. When a man gets over 50 he can't compete with the younger guys with the heavy logging equipment. Many of the Natives who live here depend upon Venison and Bear for food and survival. There are murderers uncaught here, also many pedophiles. So I go on with my story. You many have heard from the Media broadcasts of the Bear Poachers. Seems the DNR had arranged for quite a set-up. Some friends of mine and myself sometimes get paid for being guides from hunters. It took the DNR over three years and thousands of man-hours plus pretending to be our friends and I can't imagine the money to the tax-payers to get people convicted of bear-poaching. This can be seen on

They are trying to prosecute me on hearsay. It has been proven that these people that have been charged have been under physiological care. Some of these people have already attempted suicide and are mentally unstable. The DNR threatened some of these people by loosing their family or murder them if they didn't comply to the DNR. by writing what the DNR wanted them to say Their slogan was "do you want a big stick or a little stick"

They want me to pay a fine of $15,000, take my liveliness away from me and put me in jail for 3 months. Please David can you help me. They arrest and change people for hunting when there are murderers loose and pedophiles. Shouldn't the priority be investigating unsolved murders in the county? What is the problem where money is the propriety? The DNR should have been involved in the murder of the two young Moore boys, Robert and Ben. As the murder took place on DNR Jurisdiction land. Money needs to have priorities like catching murderers and pedophiles. There was no thorough investigation when young boys are killed.

It is a law that DNR is to be notified whenever a firearm or anything out in the field is involved, criminal or domestic and Price County never reported the incident to the DNR. here is the url to their website:.http://www.DNR.state.wi.us

We need to have people that care about children and injustice e-mail the DNR. Here is a sample of what should be said: As it is a law that the DNR is involved whenever criminal or domestic problems occur in the field why weren't you notified when the two Moore boys were murdered back in August 30, 1993? This happened in the field under your jurisdiction. Don't you think this should be investigated? And if so when will you investigate it?


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