In Prison Memoirs, Eichmann
by Michael A. Hoffman II

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In Prison Memoirs, Eichmann Called Holocaust the Biggest Crime in History NY Times, February 29, 2000

= Hoffman's analysis follows this article =

JERUSALEM (AP)-- Overseer of Nazi death camps Adolf Eichmann described the Holocaust as the biggest crime in history, but portrayed himself as only a small cog who had no choice but to follow orders, according to his prison memoirs released today by Israel.

Eichmann, a Nazi bureaucrat who historians say played a key role in the genocide of 6 million Jews, penned the 1,300-page manuscript in the months leading up to his 1962 execution by Israel. It was titled "False Gods," an apparent reference to his claims that he had been blinded and led astray by Nazi ideology.

Although long reluctant to release the document, Israel relented so that it could be used as evidence in a pending libel suit against American university professor Deborah Lipstadt. British historian David Irving says a book by Lipstadt maintains that he denies the Holocaust and distorts statistics. Irving said he does not deny Jews were killed by the Nazis, but challenges the number and manner of Jewish concentration camp deaths. The case is being tried in a British court.

Leading Holocaust scholars in Israel have argued the document has no historic value because Eichmann distorted events to diminish his own role.

The manuscript had been locked up for nearly four decades in Israel's State Archives because Israeli leaders feared the writings could be misused by Holocaust deniers or that Eichmann's family could profit from its publication.

Several months ago, Israeli Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein agreed to give the manuscript to a German research institute, which was to eventually publish it with footnotes. Rubinstein changed his mind and agreed to an immediate publication without restrictions after he was asked to help Lipstadt.

The document has already been forwarded to Lipstadt, and Israeli Justice Ministry spokesman Ido Baum said today he expected the memoirs to be entered as evidence in the case.

Israel hopes the memoirs will help bolster legal arguments about the killing process at the death camps. Baum said Lipstadt's attorneys were especially interested in passages where Eichmann is more forthcoming than in his trial on the workings of the camps.

In his introduction, Eichmann wrote that he witnesses the "gruesome workings of the machinery of the death machine; gear meshed with gear, like clockwork."

The Nazi leader, who was kidnapped by Israeli agents in Argentina in 1960 and brought to trial in Israel the next year, said the Holocaust "was the most enormous crime in the history of mankind," but immediately diminished his own role.

He said he felt a need to give his own account "because I have seen hell, death and the devil, because I had to watch the madness of destruction, because I was one of the many horses pulling the wagon and couldn't escape left or right because of the will of the driver."

Today's publication of the document -- the State Archives handed out computer disks with the material -- was met with some criticism.

Amos Hausner, whose father, Gideon, had prosecuted Eichmann, questioned the wisdom of using the memoirs in court. "We still have many Holocaust survivors with us. They can testify on the gas chambers," said Hausner. "But instead of believing those people, we take the document of a Nazi criminal before he was executed."

Yehuda Bauer, head of the Holocaust research institute at Yad Vashem, Israel's Holocaust memorial, said Eichmann changed his tune to win favor with his Israeli captors.

Bauer said that in an interview Eichmann granted five years before the trial, while still a free man, the Nazi leader said he regretted he hadn't taken harsher measures against the Jews and that the creation of the state of Israel was a catastrophe.

"There is nothing to be learned from this" document, Bauer told Israel army radio. "This is a demon who writes with a pitiful justification that repeats his claims in court."

In a separate section of papers released today, Eichmann gives instructions to his lawyer to pass on to a future publisher. Eichmann said he preferred an editor familiar with Bavarian idioms. He said he felt most comfortable with a light writing style, but that "respecting the nature of the subject," this was not practical.

He asked that his wife get 10 copies of the book, so she could pass them on to friends and his sons. The book should have the dedication, "At the request of my husband, with best wishes" and the remark, "That's the way it was," he wrote. [end quote from the NY Times/Associated Press]

Hoffman comments:

In the headline chosen by the NY Times for this AP dispatch, it is stated, "Eichmann Called Holocaust the Biggest Crime in History." Of course Eichmann did nothing of the kind, since the word "holocaust," as hijacked by Jewish Big Brother, was not in use in this connection in 1962. "Holocaust" Newspeak was dictated to the media by Jewish commissars such as Elie Wiesel, and gained general currency only in the late 1970s (see the appendix to Orwell's book "1984" for more on Newspeak and thought control).

Prof. Lipstadt has compounded the fraud by coining, in 1993, the theological term "holocaust-denier," which has since been rather ominously adopted by almost the entire establishment media corps in America as a description for any skeptic who dares to question any aspect of the Jewish or Allied versions of WWII.

Let's look at how the AP quotes Eichmann. The AP story states:

The Nazi leader, who was kidnapped by Israeli agents in Argentina in 1960 and brought to trial in Israel the next year, said the Holocaust "was the most enormous crime in the history of mankind," but immediately diminished his own role. [end quote from the AP dispatch]

If Eichmann had really said that, why does the AP begin Eichmann's alleged quote AFTER the word Holocaust in the sentence? Because Eichmann did not use the word "Holocaust." But the NY Times and the AP want us to believe that he did, as part of their anti-revisionist zealotry, and they are willing to misrepresent documents to accomplish this.

Notice too that Eichmann is called a "demon" by the Israeli chauvinist Yehuda Bauer. Is there any Israeli that any Gentile could ever call a "demon" and remain immune from criticism, blacklisting or attack? But the demonization of the Germans is an every day, unremarkable occurrence.

Lastly, this article does raise an intriguing point: why, if there are thousands of eyewitnesses to homicidal gassings still living and "mountains" of forensic evidence to attest to the reality of homicidal gassings -- why then is Prof. Lipstadt relying so heavily on a document written by a German officer while in captivity in an Israeli prison, who obviously was not at liberty to express himself freely?

Any historian worth his or her salt would combine this 1962 document written in captivity, with the documents containing revisionist sentiments which Eichmann expressed in Latin America, before he was kidnapped by the Mossad in 1960.

But objectivity like that is not Lipstadt's domain or that of the establishment media, for that matter. Politicized newspapers and news bureaus such as the NY Times and the Associated Press believe they have a moral obligation to faithfully support Jewish omniscience and infallability, or as they term it, to "combat 'holocaust denial."

Facts contrary to this political and religious crusade are of no interest to the Associated Press or the New York Times. That's why they only report Irving's lawsuit against Lipstadt from her point of view, with no reference to the huge cache of revisionist facts which Irving has given the court since the trial began January 11. Beginning in mid-February, there has been a virtual blackout on reporting the details of these courtroom clashes, which have seen the revisionist historian acquit himself time after time.

On Feb. 25 Irving noted: "The press clippings service confirms that there is however total silence in the British press during my cross-examination of the defence witnesses!" [end quote from Mr. Irving]

This is also true of the American press.

Robots and religious fanatics all have one thing in common: they have no curiosity about the new or the truly different. Irving's case against Lipstadt has unearthed new facts and radically different perspectives -- elements which give illumination to the mind of man, which challenge the biases and prejudices of the herd and make life worth living.

The Jewish zealots and their army of Gentile yes-men in the establishment media will have none of that. News doesn't interest them. Reinforcing indoctrination and received opinion, mainly by selective omission, is central to their game. This is pretty funny actually, because it comes at a time when the media are applauding Senator John McCain's attack on "Christian zealots," as an indicator of his having passed the litmus test for being "presidential."

Too bad there isn't a litmus test for being a journalist, independent of the requirements of Jewish supremacy and chauvinism.

Hoffman is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press. You can find his books, tapes and newsletters at:

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