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Sharon's 'Dear personal friend' buys the Democrat's Brookings Instutution...

Now he, Haim Saban, didn't quite literally buy it all. He just kicked in some super-big bucks and got himself a new Institute dealing with the Middle East in Washington with both his own name and that of Brookings on the door.

And then to head it up, he installed the guy the Israelis had brought over to the U.S. in the 1980s to lead their then new Near East Institute think-tank - the same guy whose citizenship was rushed through when Bill Clinton got elected so he could become a top Middle East official working on behalf of the Israelis from inside the U.S. government.

Yes we know, to those not in the know about such Washington affairs things like this sometimes sound more like fiction than reality. But we assure you...this is all very much part of the factual realities behind-the-scenes in Washington these days, no matter how much it is socially and politically incorrect to spill the beans so openly.

This little feature story from the New York Times Magazine a few months ago is full of interesting facts about Haim Saban -- but lacks both the crucial Washington context and the overall Israeli conspiracy aspects. Yes, we used the word 'conspiracy' on purpose. For the Israelis and the many organizations that make up the extended Israeli-Jewish lobby headquartered in Washington very purposefully use a few crucial think-tanks and institutes to constantly manipulate and control the media. And in doing so they also considerably influence policies while at the same time positioning those in their pay for key government positions no matter whether it's Democrats or Republicans in charge.

In the case of Haim Saban, Martin Indyk, and Brookings this little deal was done shortly after Bush defeated Gore four years ago now. Walla - The Saban Institute at The Brookings Institution headed by Indyk and of course fronting for the Israelis no matter how much they pretend otherwise.

Back in 1983, after the bad press from the invasion of Lebanon, Israel's American Israel Public Affairs Committee, AIPAC, spun off a think-tank since known as the Near East Institute. It was to head up this Institute that Indyk was first brought to the U.S., an Australian citizen with extensive Israeli intelligence connections.

During the Clinton years it was Martin Indyk and the infamous Dennis Ross, also formerly connected with AIPAC, who ran the 'Peace Process'. Cut to the chase...Clinton had had to pay off his big campaign debt to crucial Jewish advisers and money-men but putting these operatives in charge in both the National Security Council and the State Department.

With Gore's unexpected defeat in 2000 Ross went back to head up AIPAC's Near East Institute as well as a new division in Israel's Jewish Agency working to push Jews worldwide to emigrate to the Jewish State. That's when Saban stepped in, and Brookings sold out, with Indyk put in charge of this largely Democratic Party think-tank's Middle East affairs.

Now had John Kerry won the Presidency earlier this month he was heavily mortaged and deeply indebted to Haim Saban, one of the very top multi-million dollar campaign contributors and Democratic Party moneymen, as well as a close circle of Israeli-lobby connected Jewish Zionist advisers and financiers. Had that been the case both Indyk and Ross were already prepared to go back into key U.S. government policy-making positions.

Now read the details about Haim Saban keeping all this crucial perspective and context in mind which the nation's 'newspaper of record' largely ommitted.

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