"Throughout the world, on any given day, a man, woman or child is likely to be displaced, tortured, killed or "disappeared", at the hands of governments or armed political groups. More often than not, the United States shares the blame."

Amnesty International, 1996

Osama Bin Laden, a scapegoat for USA?
by Ali Ashraf Khan


Whatever has happened on morning of Tuesday 11th September in New York & Washington is a worst carnage American innocent people have suffered, which every sensible human being will strongly condemn.

Now, powerful electronic media and the US Government is very cleverly trying to shift responsibility of their failures, if any, in total collapse of security and air defense control and management system by blaming Osama Bin Laden, his association and the so-called Islamic Terrorists. While Israel, India and Russia are not only protected but are fully patronized by Western Governments and media even on their large scale massacre of its citizen without concern due to political expediency involved therein.

One question is mind boggling? How, Why and Who has undertaken this precision attack? If American pilots have also been used in this operation then American people should demand an indiscreet transparent inquiry into the causes which led to this heinous plot which is a threat to social life in America.

The assassination of President Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy went unnoticed in the past, the hidden hands in America have become so powerful that the life of even hundreds of innocent people is of no value and has come under threat. So instead of looking for a scapegoat in Osama Bin Laden, soul searching is needed in American people. Retaliation to eye wash from the real factors in this case will not end the process, retaliation will give birth to more retaliations.

Does any body in America has any reasonable answers to the few basic lapses which can not be imagined happening even in a third world country. How could it happen in US? Existence of a conspiracy within US cannot be ruled out.

  1. What were the Air Traffic Control doing on Tuesday Morning?

  2. Where was the US Air Space Management?

  3. What is the US Satellite Defense System designed for – espionage?

  4. How these civil aircraft’s could enter in an area which is strategically and commercially forbidden for use by Civil Aircraft.

  5. An hijacker cannot operate 767-jet airliner? It has to be an experienced Pilot, Who were these Pilots?

  6. Is it possible to field Four American airline pilots on a suicide mission at one time on one target by any outsider?

Yours etc.,

Ali Ashraf Khan, Pakistan Freelance Correspondent
93/2, 13th Street,
DHA, Karachi.
September 12, 2001



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