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Kim, Dae-jung Regime is Suppressing
Korean demonstrators violently!

From: Deuce [mailto:deuce42@uswest.net]
Subject: [openyoureyes] Fw: protests against neoliberal policies continue in Korea ! major sate repression !

Kim, Dae-jung Regime is Suppressing Korean demonstrators violently!
Dec. 13th from Korean People's Action against Investment Treaties and the WTO(KoPA)

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South Korean people are struggling against the inequality and barbarism of neoliberal market economy. On Dec 6th, KCTU(Korean Confederation of Trade Unions) went on a sit-in demonstration in front of the National Assembly. But the police pillaged their place on 7 Dec. So KCTU announced their all-out struggle against the Kim's regime. Also FKTU(Federation of Korean Trade Unions) is coming into conflict with the government due to the issue of payment of union steward's wage. And Korean Farmers have feelings of raging indignation and bitterness to the Kim regime's nonfulfillment of its presidential campaign promises such as relieving farmers' debt, and they also worry about the inauguration of the WTO newround.

On the 10th of December 1999, the 2nd people's rally For 'defending economic soverienty, relieving all farmers debt, no to WTO and entire Eradication of the National Security Law' was held at the Seoul Railway Station Square. Lots of farmers and workers, around 35,000 people, participated in this rally.

The demonstrators were showing their anger and frustration. The farmers impeached the government for the nonfulfillment of its presidential election promises and anounced their total rejection to the WTO. The Executive Director of KoPA and the secratary general of KFL reported on the demonstration which was held in Seattle and insisted that we have to reject the WTO. After that, the farmers, students, workers, and the poor announced their all-out struggle against the Kim's regime.

From 4:30 pm, the participants marched through the obstruction of 10,000 riot police. There were physical conflicts between the demonstrators andthe police place after place and the riot police was swinging the billy and throwing stones to the demonstrators. The participants including the farmers and students occupied the crossing street in front of the Shinsegye Department Store for about an hour.

After 7:30 pm, 20,000 demonstrators held closing rally at the Myungdong cathedral. After closing rally, the students marched again from Chungmu- ro St. through Dong-guk Univ. Then the riot police who were hiding themselves surprised the students all of a sudden, and they pushed the students to the corner with their billies and shields. A lot of students were arrested and wounded, and some of them fell into critical conditions.

The Kim regime, however, distorted the essence of the accident and announced that they would inflict heavy punishment on the demonstrators. The government and the press are bubbling over that a lot of citizens were out to inconvenience due to the demonstration, and - without using the teargas - hundreds of the policemen were injured by the violent demonstrators. But they don't say anything about the demonstrators' demands.

Here are "The People's Demands" which was submitted at the 2nd people's rally.

-Stop Layoffs and Reduce Working Hours to 40 a week
-Relieve Farmer's Debts
-Stop Oppression of the Poor
-Eradication of the National Security Law and Immediate Release of All
-Political Prisoners
-Against Privatization
-AgainstKorea-U.S./Korea-Japan Bilateral Investment Treaties
-Stop WTO Negotiations
-Stop Employment/Wage Discrimination Against Women

In the middle of the 2nd people's rally, hundreds of people were wounded, dozens of people were arrested and 4 people are under the the serious physical conditions. Here're the names of those 4 people.

- Comrade Jung, Min-sook (F), Sejong Univ. fell down the road during the violent suppression of the riot police. now wearing an artificial respiratory machine and have a frequent fit under the treatment by a neurologist was on the temporary brain death.

- Comrade Yoon, Mi-jung (F), Korea Univ. of Foreign Study. fell down the road during the violent suppression of the riot police. now wearing an artificial respiratory machine. Blood pressure went all the way down to 70. might have head injury from the loss of oxygen.

- Comrade Lee, Jae-hoon (M), Hankook Aviation univ. was hit by the stone which a policeman threw and lost the sight of right eye. could be transmitted to the left eye.

- Comrade Ahn, young-seo (M), Yujoo farmers' league cerebral hemorrhage. under the critical condition due to his old age.

Stop the oppression the the people!!

This is "Korean People's Action against Investment Treaties and the WTO"(KoPA). KoPA was launched on Sep. 15, 1999. It is composed of more than 37 social, labor and citizen's movement organizations, such as Korean Confederation of Trade Unions(KCTU). And we wil reorgarnize our system soon.

We have campaigned against neo-liberalism and especially against the IMF, Investment Treaties, and the WTO. We have also held a few of workshops and public discussion meetings on the WTO New Round and Bilateral/Multilateral Investment Treaties, and published some books for the education of activists and citizens. And we sent our demonstrators in Seattle this time.

Deuce [mailto:deuce42@uswest.net]

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