"The Elite manipulate minds by emphasising some information
and suppressing or ignoring the rest"

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Foot and Mouth Crisis Deepens

The Foot and Mouth crisis deepens. Citizens are denied access to the countryside and continual media ssaults on the truth keep them in a state of fear. Yet if I was paranoid what scenarios would I be considering?

Is this a plot to bankrupt British farmers? - This will certainly happen to many small independent producers who have been progressively kneecapped by EU bureaucracy.

Is this an ideal plan to keep People away from 'sensitive' areas? -Many of Britains most sensitive and secretive intelligence bases and military establishments are surrounded by farmland. All areas outside the cities are now no-go areas. In effect the people of Britain are now interred in urban prisons. The 'shadows' are now able to push forward their agenda with impunity.

Is this yet another link in the chain of population destruction?- First the population is disarmed. But what about the prospective 'rebels' who will head for the forests and mountains? Of vital importance to any agenda of this kind is to eradicate all sources of easy food. What is more nutritious and easily harvested than farm animals?

It is also extremely handy when you want to stop all environmental protest to cut the population off from the targeted environments. Take yor pick from many inhumane and unconstitutional agendas currently assaulting Creation from GM crops to every type of immune system destruction possible.

Of course these are only the musings of a nutter. These sorts of things would never happen.

Will all birds, animals, the wind, rain , rivers etc be prohibited from visiting the countryside? Surely they have far more powers of transfer than any hiker or bloke on a bike.

This hasn't occurred during the crop circle season. Will it be resolved by then? Have THEY thought of this? It is not far away.

We are living in what some might call 'Interesting times'.



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