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Unprincipled Scumbag Reporter

I have just read David's eloquent and honest letter to the Norwich Evening News. They will not print it though. I had similar treatment from an unprincipled scumbag reporter called Reg Little from the Oxford Times. I wrote a letter of protest to the newspaper (twice) following the lies and misrepresenatation of the facts that this idiot spewed out in the pages of what was once a proper news paper.

They didn't print that either, neither did they have the decency to reply, apologise or refute their slander in the newspaper. Consequently thousands of Oxford Times readers have been informed by the major Oxfordshire newspaper that I am a self-publicising, attention seeking idiot who does unspeakable things with his girlfriend in the deserts of Western Australia.

That is the thing that really pisses me off. They can exhort all these lies, untruths and character assasinations through their press monopolies so that virtually everyone is nose-ringed to the poles of their agendas.

Do they give their victims an equal shot?

You bet your Aunt Fanny they don't.

For the story of Reg Little and the Oxford Times jackbooted invasion of decency and propriety against me go to

www.ellisctaylor.com under the UFO's section. You will find it under images at the top of page 2 in the UFO section.

cheers mate


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