Australia Moves to Deny Your Freedoms

May 23 2001

Dear David,

Over the course of the last few days , I have received a couple of e-mails from subscribers & readers of BEACHHEAD who have tried to access your website at , only to be greeted by a 'BAR' as such from accessing it through the state's public library computers.

The 'BAR' informs the user that the site is 'FORBIDDEN' because of 'HATE SPEECH'. Having heard this I visited my local library & logged on to the Internet only to discover that it was in fact true. YOUR WEBSITE IS NO LONGER ACCESSIBLE THROUGH VICTORIA'S STATE PUBLIC LIBRARY SYSTEM.

I'm unsure as to whether other Australian states have imposed the 'BAR' but will follow it up.

In an effort to look out for my subscribers & readers best interests & for them to have the opportunity to access whatever alternative/independent news source , researcher & investigator they wish , I am following this up with the State Library system & making my thoughts known to local council. I will also be putting together an article on this , for the forthcoming issue of BEACHHEAD (17).

After all , if this 'BAR' can be imposed how long will it be before sites like etc , etc...will be subjected to such an imposition?

The irony of all this is; in issue 16 of BEACHHEAD I wrote an article asking Australia to 'Wake-Up!' as the country is FAST becoming a totalitarian-police state & freedom of speech & choice lost...the irony of it all!

I will be forwarding you a complimentary copy of issue 16 of BEACHHEAD tomorrow , accompanied by information relating to what Arizona Wilder spoke of; 'The Old Ones' - in the video 'Revelations of a Mother Goddess'.

I'll keep you up to date with any developments.


Ashley O'Toole

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