Well, I took the red pill

Hi there,

Well, I took the red pill to see how far all this goes.....

A friend of mine in London rang me in a very excited - and agitated state to tell me of a book he'd been reading, and how it 'explained so much'. I thought he had swallowed yet another of the various stories that abound in New Age land of why we're banging our heads off brick walls - and only the 'good aliens' can help us...

To humour him I asked him to send me the book so that when I set about 'debriefing' him (as all well intentioned and self righteous git friends do ) I could at least speak from the informed stand point of having read it. It arrived in my Sydney mail box last week (THE BIGGEST SECRET) and I am not the same woman who turned the first page.

I have studied mythology and symbolism for years (I'm 45) and frequently give classes - using the Tarot, not as a divination tool, but as a way of showing people who are interested, how potent symbols actually are. During my wanderings throughout mythology I came across very similar and perplexing (to me) facts that I couldn't really reconcile as I didn't have the broad overview that you have endeavoured to get. But one thing I know is that you're correct.

I'm still having problems with the 'reptile' bit - I have no real experience of this. But a dream i had years ago put me into a spin for weeks and the information therein is so close to this idea, that I respect what you're saying on the basis that you must've had some event that validated this for you. And besides, who would put their arse on the line like this if they didn't know in their very bones that it needs to be said ?? You must have turned your whole world upside down.

A couple of wee facts I stumbled onto that you may find of interest if you haven't already found them are:

PARIS - is a composite word PAR - meaning grove and ISIS - some say that Paris is literally called the Grove of Isis. I note that you mention Paris from Troy - but somehow I think PARISIS is closer to your paradigm.

JOAN OF ARC - is believed to have been a key member of a Dianic cult (again ISIS) who willingly sacrificed herself.

ISIS - also known as the goose-footed goddess is the birth of the character Mother Goose (the infiltration of children's literature) - I can't help but think how reptilian geese's feet actually look.......

Needless to say, I am coming to see you and I'm bringing my husband to see you too - not only out of curiousity and a sense of enquiry - but also out of a true sense of respect for your courage and honour.

I wish you well, David Icke, and I will be in your Sydney audience on the 28th of October having finished this bloody book of yours.

Love and light to you

The Temple of Karnak

How Rogue Judges Have Been Strangling Your Democracy

by D. J. Connolly

Chronic abuse of judicial power makes a mockery of our constitutional guarantee of a "Republican Form of Government." This mockery is applauded by media..

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