This article was published in the Wellington Dominion, New Zealand, 20/9/01

Electronic chip to track terrorists being developed

An American firm is developing a tiny chip, implanted under the skin, that can track the location of terrorist suspects, New Scientist reports in today's issue.

A Florida company, Applied Digital Solutions [an Illuminati front, see Children of the Matrix for more background], started work on the chip and then shelved the idea, but has revived it after the attacks in New York, and Washington, the British weekly says.

"We've changed our thinking since September 11," Keith Bolton, the company's chief technology officer, said. "Now there's more of a need to monitor evil activities."

Terrorist suspects could be forced to have such chips implanted - or it could be done surreptitiously.The chip gives out a signal that can be read by the Global Positioning System to give the person's location.

However, the "Big Brother" device raises serious questions for civil liberties, as governments could use it to track innocent people, New Scientist says.

And criminals and terrorists could hack into the system and use the signal to home in on targets.

Applied Digital Solutions has already developed a watch-like device called Guardian Angel, which transmits information about the wearer's identity, medical status and location, using the Global Positioning System. The gadget is intended for keeping track of elderly relatives or wandering children.

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