Scientific proof that
George Bush
is a clinical psychopathe!!

Dear David,

Thank you very much for seeking a 3 dimensional perspective about our world. I am grateful for your work. I would feel an incredible burden if I had to unravel these puzzles alone.

Here is the information that I want to convey:

I was watching a program on one of the 3 or 4 London television stations about 2 or 3 weeks ago. It was a program about the minds of psychopathic killers. This is important because I suspect that George Bush is a psychopathe (I know it does not take a genius to figure that out..) What I thought was intriguing about the programme is as follows:

1. A psychopathe is often times very intelligent and cunning and even charismatic (look at Ted Bundy- good looking, had no problem getting a girl friend, had a respectable job.)

2. People cannot tell if someone else is a psychopathe easily because most of the time they seem to be very well adjusted and normal people (especially when they go to presidential acting school..)

Now here is the really amazing part!

3. In clinical tests that were conducted on the brains of psychopathic murderers alongside 'normal' peoples brains researches made an incredible discovery. As follows is the method of the study.

A. Both groups are connected to a CAT scanner ( I am pretty sure this is the machine..) and were shown isolated visual images in consecutive order. These included ordinary objects encountered in everyday life like tables, coffee cups, a scene from a neighborhood street or whatever and then interspersed where images of horrific events (I assume like a cat that was run over or a mutilated prostitute etc. )

The 'normal' subjects brains had intense activity in certain areas of the brain (associated with intense emotional response) when they viewed the horrific images as opposed to the brains normal activity when they viewed the common images like a coffee cup.

The psychopathe on the other hand HAD THE SAME BRAIN ACTIVITY (normal with no increased activity in the emotional response centers) WHEN THEY VIEWED HORRIFIC IMAGES AS WHEN THEY VIEWED THE ORDINARY ONES! So, I look at this a scientific method to reveal the inner 'reptilianness' of ones emotional mind.



This could be a prerequisite test for all political candidates before they are even considered for office.

I hope that you will respond if you recieve this information and find it interesting. If you do I will send more.

Thanks again and keep up the 'good' work!!

Hey and remember real snakes and reptiles are not bad! I think that maybe you ought to have an article on your site that helps people distinguish between the beautiful and fabulous reptiles that live on our earth peacefully and the ones that don't.

Por Vida,

Ian C.

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