Murdered by the Millions in the name of god

Dear Mr Icke

For the past 12 years I have read most of the major religions of the world, and world history things like the Knights Templars, and so on. 6 months ago I stumbled accross your material, and have just read "The Biggest Secret" & "... and truth shall set you free". Yesterday I ordered "The Robots Rebellion" & "Children of the Matrix" from W.H Smiths at our local shopping centre at Livingston in Scotland.

I am not an educated man, [Fred we have to disagree with you here. You are already more educated than the U.S. village idiot Bush and obviously read more than Blair!]

I am 51 years old 6ft 3ins tall look like 45, I have worked as a HGV driver for 30 years, I cannot write or spell very well, like you I am severely critisised by my fellow man for my continual search for the truth and the way I speak out about the political lies that we have to endure, I have taught my family well in there perception of truth, I do not mix with many people as my views are not well accepted, so I read and visit your and others websites.

It is spiritually comforting that I am not alone in this world of political deception and lies. One week after reading "and the truth shall set you free" we had the CIA strike on the world trade centre, this was done to create the begining of the new world order, I believe that the only strikes we will have will come from our own pupet government to stir the masses into supporting war that is not going to happen and enforce the means of ultimate control.

Boy George Bush is an evil doing liar, all one has do do is to look into his eyes, Blair is no better, I'm getting carried away here, the point I would like to make is, when are the names and positions of the dead from the WTC disaster going to be published? I do not think that the high rankers were in the building at the time, or did they get the warning, like the TV film crews that could film from all sides, as it happened.

Keep up the good work Mr Icke, I tell everyone I meet about you website and books, but the working classes can't yet accept the truth, God bless you and your family, whatever god maybe, I think the best term for god, for me now is THE Great White Spirit from the native american indian (who was murdered by the millions in the name of god by the same people who are calling for revenge for the WTC.)

[You can add the Moors, the Basques, the Jews, the Moslems, even christian vs. christian, and millions upon millions more - all in the name of some war god.]

Yours Sincerly

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