Man Arrested

A man has been arrested after FBI agents investigating anthrax attacks searched his apartment.They raided at least two apartments in Trenton, New Jersey.

Three of the letters contaminated with the potentially deadly spores were posted from Trenton.

Another case

The development came as anthrax was discovered at a third US post centre in New Jersey. State officials say one worker is already suspected of suffering from the skin form of the disease. Witnesses said the arrest followed a three-hour search by FBI and immigration agents of an apartment where four "Middle Eastern" men were living.

The arrested man, identified by his brother Ilyas Chaudry as Allah Rakha, was understood to have been detained by US immigration authorities. FBI agents seized several bags of potential evidence from the flat.

Known source

Two other people were reported to have been detained in areas near the Trenton post office, which has emerged as the only known source of the anthrax contamination.

Four people have died and 13 others have been infected in what President George W Bush said was "a second wave of terrorist attacks upon our country".

Human experiment

In Britain, the Health and Safety Executive was reported to be planning an experiment, using human volunteers, in which spores mimicing anthrax will be released in a post sorting office to simulate a possible biological attack.

An HSE spokeswoman: "The whole point of this exercise is to discover how and why anthrax becomes airborne."

Postal workers in several countries, including the UK, were issued gloves as a precaution against anthrax.


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