Violation of human rights
is now legal in the UK

Violation of human rights is now legal in the UK as the government has declared a State of Emergency, to opt out of UN human rights Article 5, which protects people from arbitrary detention.

This unprecedented, unwarranted measure will enable police to arrest and inter 'suspected' terrorists without charge or trial, indefinitely. Refugees will likely be the first target, then anti-globalisation/war protestors.

Our Overseas 'Development' Minister, Claire Short, equates anti-globalisation protestors with Al Qaeda, and the Anti-War Coalition as pro-Taliban.

Britain was not attacked on September 11th, neither was the incident in New York an attack on "civilization" as our leaders insist, if it was, then so was the Omagh bombing in Ireland, yet the "Real IRA" (MI6) has never been sought, or found.

Britain didn't even stage a 'terror attack' in this country, like the USA, to enforce Martial Law, they just imposed it, on a whim.

Tube Stations are now patrolled by sniffer dogs, which police allow to sniff your crotch on the way to work, and if 'Sniffy' gets a scent of drugs, you can be picked out and publicly dragged off to jail, for a strip search.

They bragged of twenty-seven arrests on the first day.

(This is how people start to 'disappear!')

Street Wardens (Prison Warders) have been introduced to patrol our neighbourhoods, with dog patrols at schools.

With armed police, ID's and CCTV, everywhere, the stage has been set for the fascist N.W.O. takeover of the UK.

Life in this country is no different today, in any way, than it was before September 11th, yet we have woken up in a Police State, by stealth.

The nightmare is just beginning.


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