Harry Potter Coins

Hi David,

I just got this advertisement in the mail about a Harry Potter coin minted in England. Here's what the ad says:

"This is the First of a series of six Harry Potter Coins produced by the Pobjoy Mint in the U.K. for the Isle of Man. These large, dollar sized coins feature Queen Elizabeth II on one side and Harry Potter carrying a wand on the other. The balance of the set will be issued over the next several months. Packaged in a beautiful presentation car. $25.00 each"

Looking at the black/white photo of the coin's front, it has Harry with magical energy streaming from his wand. Over his head, HARRY POTTER is written. Below him it says, "1 CROWN". Harry & the white owl are flying on the presentation card.

This ad was sent to me with a rare coin catalog, which makes it all the stranger because the coin doesn't fit. It was sent by Harlan J. Berk, Ltd in Chicago, Illinois (www.harlanjberk.com).

I thought you'd find this interesting that Lizzy the lizard & 'Prince' Harry (hmmm, makes you wonder if there's a connection to Diana's Harry) share a coin. I'm sure more could be said about this.


Re: Harry Potter Crowns;

The Pobjoy Mint refuses to sell them to U.S. citizens because Warner Bros. considers the Crowns an infringement on their copyright on Harry Potter's image in the U.S.


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