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Site pulled by Demon Internet - how some Internet Service Providers (ISP's) won't stand up to even the flimsiest of complaints 30th May 2000 Demon internet closed the site This is a site I put up on some spare free web-pages beginning in 1996 and was the main outlet for my writing and research for about 2 years.

10th June 2000
I was notified, by someone who had been following my research, that the site was not working - Demon say they sent an email notifying the site owner of the closure but it was a defunct address they used, they didn't bother to use my email address on the site.

13th June 2000
I finally managed to get hold of Demon's legal spin-doctor Mark Gracey - based at Let It Be Thus lawyers in Edinburgh - who had previously been 'unavailable' and 'away' to explain the problem on the phone. Demon Internet is now owned by 'Thus', Scottish Telecom. Gracey told me Demon had received an email - but he would not tell me who sent it nor who had instigated the action.

Let It Be Thus is an occult expression.
Freemasons and followers of witchcraft often end 'prayers' or 'spells' in their worship with the phrase 'so mote it be'. So why did Demon pull the site? Here, in full, is the supposedly damning section of an email received by Demon that was their 'justification' for shutting the entire site:

"I have just been reading the site and I believe that it is quite possible that it may contain one or more defamatory statements.

It certainly contains material inaccuracies, such as the obligation to be given by a candidate to Masonry on becoming an Entered Apprentice which is most emphatically *not* as described on that page.

Does a site which one might think appears to have been designed to incite disquiet or hatred of an innocuous society conform with the Demon AUP?"

What does/should a 'legal closure' site look like? There is nothing to show a Demon site has been shut down for legal or illegal reasons. All you get is a standard error message. This is a crafty way of making the deliberate closure of a site appear to be an error instead and fails to alert whoever's trying to use the site that it has been censored. How about a clear message eg. 'NO ERROR - LEGAL CLOSURE, PAGE WITHELD'

20th November 2000
site finally restored

Demon Internet are living up to their name! Trying to set precedents which are dangerous to net freedom in many areas.

Assumption that material is defamatory after receiving even the flimsiest hint that legal action might be possible.

Possible financial charging of web authors as soon as site is closed.

Closure by ISP of entire site when only a phrase on one page is in dispute.

Failure of ISP to notify the author of the site that it may be closed.

Failure of ISP to allow author or authors' solicitors to contact solicitors that have advised the site be closed.

Failure of ISP to say precisely what is supposed to be a defamatory statement instead demanding removal of an entire paragraph.

Other critical Demon Internet misdemeanors - Check this out:

Case Analysis of Laurence Godfrey v. Demon Internet Limited By Yaman Akdeniz, Published in (1999) Journal of Civil Liberties, 4(2), 260-267 (July).

CyberLaw Research Unit, Faculty of Law, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT.

If you value this research then please help make sure it stays out there. (see links below for site sucking software) Hacking and viruses Hacking - Greennet (service provider of this site) was completely closed down for three weeks or so in 1998 by a mystery external programme/virus. The 'bug' coincidentally hit their main server when Chris Bailey's Labournet (very good) site was being used to support the Australian Maritime Union (MUA) and encouraging sympathy strikes around the world. As it turned out programmes had been planted on Greennet's server over previous months.

> When Greennet came back up again they received a letter the next day ordering an article on a company 'Bywater' be removed. This article linked water supply contracts Bywater had in Africa with arms deals. Apparently a co-ordinated assault on one of the UK's main alternative internet service providers.

Incidentally, news of the Liverpool Dockers' strike covered extensively on Labournet was also the subject of a 'D' Notice banning discussion in the UK press (see my page on censorship).

Search engine problems
Most recently alltheweb removed my index page from its listings - this happened approx 10th October 2000. I have asked them why it disappeared but so far got no reply. By mid December 2000 it had been restored.

Ivan Frazer's 'The Truth Campaign'
Ivan alleges his site has also failed to register correctly on search engines. Check his site for the latest.

In the early days of this site I had some serious difficulties getting well known search engines such as altavista to list this site equitably. Altavista still scores certain of these pages such as this one very low on its index even though they have metatags etc.

Current situation with search engines seems equitable on the main Bilderberg pages but it is interesting to see how Bilderberg Hotel chain websites register above and below this site on various search engines, sometimes higher, sometimes lower on the same engine at a different time!

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