When Is A Democracy Not A Democracy?
A Model For A True Democracy

When Is A Democracy Not A Democracy? - A Model For A True Democracy


An Introduction To The Current Political State As I See It And Probably Many More Too 2. The 3 types of Democracy 3. New World Order Or Is It Just An Old One A True Democracy Reform and Regulation A Brief Summary Layman's Guide To Politics MP's Political Information Houses Of Parliament Current/Future Affairs Funding 6. Would It Actually Work

An Introduction Into The Current Political State As I See It And Probably Many More Too

It's a mess…everyone's disgruntled with the current political system, things getting from bad to worse over health, transport, foot and mouth and they give more spin than my Zanusi washer/dryer which supposedly does 1400rpm. Watching Newsnight recently showed that only 25% of the nation actually voted for Labour in their so called landslide victory. On the same night on a different show someone said that more people voted for Bryan on 'Big Brother' than voted for the Labour Party to come into power. Need I say more, most people just can't see the point no more.

All these are just personal experiences in the last nine months. I had an traffic accident and after already waiting 3 ½ hours in A&E to check out my injuries was told that I had to wait at least another 3 hours. Fortunately my injuries weren't serious so I went home and saw a doctor the following day. I was hungry anyway way past dinner time and didn't fancy any of the food they had on offer…crisps and chocolates from the machine at the hospital, not exactly the healthy food they try to encourage you to eat. A week later on the news, an elderly man died while waiting for over 9 hours to be seen by a doctor, all at that very same A&E.

My parents within the last 6 months have put in 2 complaints to the NHS. Both because of the complete incompetence shown by the doctors, but is it really their fault or are these just the knock on effects of the strains that have been placed on them by the system…depends on how you look at it. One doctor completely diagnosing my mothers illness wrong when she was in serious pain, in the end she needed a hysterectomy. My dad went in for a standard op on his knee, he was asked several times whether he was wearing nail polish…this I'll never understand. Although everything had been agreed upon weeks earlier the doctors got all confused over how they were meant to be doing the op, in the end he didn't have the op and was sent home due to his high blood pressure which was partly due to them and the obvious commotion they were in. After been pocked around all day they actually injured him more so he's now in far more pain than he was before he visited the hospital and guess what, over 4 months has gone by and he has heard absolutely nothing from nobody about having his operation rescheduled. Unfortunately it gets a little worse, he's been limping now for a good part of a year because of the pain from his knee so he isn't a steady on his feet as he usually is. He's recently slipped on ice on the back step and dislocated his shoulder and all this has now started bring on spates of vertigo. They have replied to his complaint expressing full responsibility on my father accusing him of all sorts of things when in fact none of they're claims are true and would be laughed out of court if ever taken. I agree with my father attitude, 'giv'em hell and make as much noise as possible' as this is how you hear of all the foul happenings within the system which have come to light recently. Like many people up and down the country this mess is having drastic affects on our every day lives. I only have to mention Trains and Tubes and at the moment they too are a laughing stock. Good way to start the year with several 48 hour strikes and more to come.

Mr Blair seems to be focusing on the progression of his own career rather than take up his true responsibilities of looking after his own country in crisis. Why else is Blair so eager to show his face on the international stage. We all know that he won't be PM forever and with certain unsavoury characters planning to impose a One World Everything on us, looks like he's trying to bump up his merits for his CV as a perfect puppet. He might be eyeing up for a position within the European Union who knows what's installed for him but I bet somebody knows

I'll say this though about the current Euro situation here in the UK.

'I'd rather spend a Penny than have a Eurine' The people have probably never felt as disconnected from politics as they do now and who can blame them. So this is the time when it is more important that they become more aware of the current situation because they are going to take even less an interest in what is being pulled over their eyes than before.

No one really trusted what the governments had to say prior to 11th Sept so I'm just saying why should we start trusting them now. The people as a whole have more power than any 2-bit government...if only the people as a whole realised this.

2. The 3 Types Of Democracy

Democracy n, pl -cies. Government by the people or their elected representatives; state governed in this way. Democrat n advocate of democracy. Democratic adj of democracy; upholding democracy

Govern v rule, direct, or control; exercise restraint over (temper, etc). Government n executive policy-making body of state; exercise of political authority over country or state; system by which country or state is ruled. (Collins GEM - English Dictionary - New Edition for 21st Century)

As I interpret it accordingly to the dictionary a democracy is a state or country which is ruled by a government by the people OR their elected representatives where they control and exercise all policies which the country runs on. You notice that I emphasise the OR because this is where I believe things are going wrong.

You see there are two types of government, the first type of democracy is governed by the people, you don't see or hear of many of these, only in small communities where each are involved in the decision process. The second type is using elected representatives like our own which are elected every 4 years, once we elected them there's no turning back and they have all the power to do what they wish.

The third type of government can be defined like above but replacing the OR with AND so you get the following. 'Government by the people AND their elected representatives'. A democratic government if it wishes to stand up to its claims must always be governed by the people after all it is their country. Secondly there will always be a need for elected representatives as it is impossible to send the whole country on a diplomatic mission to Papa New Guinea. So the elected representatives must represent the people and nothing else unlike what is happening now which is open to abuse which results in the suffering of people.

For example, during the recent events around the world the British Prime Minister Tony Blair went to India to talk about peace. All the media was happy to report this but few mentioned that he was there also to talk about the £1billion arms deal over jet fighter planes for India just goes to prove how 2 faced our current democracy is. Even the highest of our elected representatives are not reflecting the view of the Britsh people. I'm sure the people are all for the peace talks but to sell them arms as well just goes to show that what they tell you is the opposite to what they really mean. This sounds all too familiar to those readers who have read 1984 and how much more of what they say can be treated the same.

3. New World Order Or Is It Just An Old One

They say that a New World Order or fascist police state is the only option to bring true peace, law and order. Its only a new world order if the whole world is under that one Order. At the present time the world is under Democratic, Republican, Communist, Dictatorship rule so the New World Order isn't in place just yet. All it symbolises that there will be a new world order governed by elected representatives of the whole world and not just a single country or state. However, it says that it would have a democratic government but no more democratic as the democracy as it exists to us today. For as long as your local MP is not making decisions based on the majority of the people within his constituency then it will be just as much a shambles as the democratic system is today. Apart from voting every once in a while for people you don't know from Adam we are lead to believe that our voices are being heard. All decisions are therefore made by people who we morally do not know and who also cannot hear our voice. This explains why the people feel so detached and have no faith in the people who govern them. I have found similar circumstances else where so it is nothing new to me. I used to work for huge pub where head office used to dictate all the rules about how things should be done and not one of them has ever pull a pint in their lives, so how do they know how a pub should be run...this puzzled me. I also worked for a music company who employed a Director of IT amongst other things she was so technical that she had to call her secretary to her home because she couldn't change the batteries in her remote control for her TV, this raised my doubts in things. At the same company the person who used to order computer components from suppliers, checked the BT billing and who had never support a PC in his life became an IT Manager, this started to worry me. But then when you get people like Steven Byers the Transport Secretary playing Russian Roulette with the public transport system, then this really scares me as they have no idea what the actual people require.

They say all other attempts by governors of state trying to create a good government which is respected by the people and able to sustain the test of time have all failed miserably throughout history. All great powers have come and gone challenged either by the people of the land or by another great power which seeks its destruction. But if you just have One World Order there are no other great powers to eliminate it, only the people of the land remain with any power. Demoralise the people of the land by whatever means by getting them to live their lives in suffering and fear of physical abuse, starvation, disease, murder, poverty or even war which then minimises that threat too. Remember, man has all he needs to solve many if not all of the problems which cause's him to suffer today all over the world. Its just that a handful of people choose not to end the suffering of man, unfortunately its the same handful of men who choose to sustain the suffering of man because they would not PROFIT from it. There are so many governments, business and banking institutions who live on nothing but greed Id much rather have my heart filled with compassion than my pockets filled with money.

A way of demoralising the people, is that if you constantly treat people a certain way then they end up believing or becoming that person. The same goes with information, if you hound people with the same information all the time then they end up believing that information. Within a matter of days of 11th Sept the vast majority of the so-called suspect hijackers released by the FBI have reported that they are alive and well in various parts around the globe. How could this be when they should all be dead amongst the ashes and some of the names weren't even on the passenger lists. Still the FBI pushes this information until the mass believe that these people did the bombing.

There is a great war being fought at this present age, one where there are no physical aspects as this is a psychological war because that is the roots of full control of the people, country or state. If you get people to believe a lie they live their lives believing the world is what you tell them it is. Constant hammering of these lies by the same people who control the media imbeds these lies into our subconscious and consciousness. If we are weak enough and believe everything we see, read and hear then power slips further away from the peoples grasp. Mind control of the masses is an important area to research, if you control someone's mind you control their actions and everyday existence. Think of suicide bombers, cult members, Hitler or even everyday church members. Once upon a time the church said that the Earth was flat and at the centre of the universe, so all everyday church members believed this to be true and their everyday existence was lived by this so called fact. You look at it and see that its not a life threatening thing to worry about, but the point is what if it was. There are people who simply don't know what to believe mainly because they have no idea, the same people who are ignorant to what is going on all around and as long it doesn't disrupt their lives their not too bothered one way or another. They say ignorance is bliss, but being the opposite I can understand the reasoning behind it. But then if I spent most of my life engrossed in the latest this, that and everything would I be like a smoker unable to resist the nicotine withdrawal and having a cigarette to dull the uneasiness inside. When in fact you could live quite happily without them with a little bit of will power. All I can suggest is question everything you see, read and hear. Perceive the world how you choose to and not by how you're told to as this is one of the biggest human rights which we have to protect. In the US they are persecuting any journalist who opposes the world as George W Bush holds.

4. A True Democracy

But there is a way forward which no one has tried in the past. Simply because it has not been possible because the technology has not been around but it is today. We live in a world where we have pyramids of power where the person at the top has power over everything and everyone below them. A democracy is were a Prime Minister or President sits on top of this pyramid admiring the tremendous view of power he has gained but always forgetting that it is the peoples heads he is standing on which is enabling him to stand there and admire the view. They are elected to represent the country for the people. They are the spokes person for that nation and do what the majority of the nation them to do, after all they did elect them into power to do their will. Sounds a little far fetched to what we actually getting which is a democracy which sounds more like a dictatorship (wolf in sheeps clothing I say). The difference between a Dictatorship and a Democracy nowadays is very little apart from one is open about being a Dictatorship while the other one pretends to be a Democracy.

Id like to turn this pyramid on its head, because as I see it this is the way it should be. In all diagrams of hierarchical structure they always place the persons with the most power at the top. In this case the people as a whole should be at the top as they are the ones which should truly have the power and the PM/President at the bottom of the pile which is where they all end up anyway. It is the people who should be making the decisions as we are all grown adults and not like little children or lost sheep like we are led to believe we are. A lot of decisions are based on information which is not allowed to be shown to the people in general. Some of it you can be sure will be disturbing beyond belief and we may wish that we never knew this information. But is it better to be living in a world where everything you believe is based upon things to cover the truth. Its like listening to the church and believing that the Earth is flat.

There are bills been sent through parliament which need to be voted on. Tony Blair since he has come into power has only voted 7% of the time while Gorden Brown fairing a little bit better has voted 17%...how many more MPs are following the same example. How many are actually turning up to parliament at all and what is truly influencing them to vote a certain way and are they are more detached from the local community and their views than we like to believe. How do we actually know that they are doing the job that they were elected for. The people of Tony Blairs constituency have not had their voices heard let alone expressed on 93% of all bills which have gone through parliament, 83% for Gorden Brown. Imagine if the Service Level Agreements on the Trains and Tubes was set to the same standards 1 in 10 trains would be cancelled. This just highlights how ridiculous our democratic system is as it should be the complete opposite and that all MP's are expected to vote for at least 90% of all bills going through parliament and these votes should reflect how his constituency require him to vote.

An MP is someone who was voted for by the local communities so the communities voice can be heard in parliament.. So is our MP really voting the way he should be as he should be voting how the majority in his community want him to vote and not based on any other way. If they fail to do this then they are failing everything for what democracy stands for and turning it into hypocrisy. In the section I highlight a few of the aspects of how we as a people can guarantee that our voices are being heard and expressed in Parliament

5. Reform and Regulation

Reform and Regulation is all what we hear them say nowadays. Everything has to be reformed and regulated. No problem in that I see because for a better service's it's the only option…if its done right. Basically it means radical changes and why should it be left to the public services, surely the political system in a democracy is also a public service, why should it be a one rule for us and one rule for them. Its plainly obvious that reform and regulation needs to be applied to the political system too if the public is going to take a deeper interest and possibly a deeper feeling that their vote really does count in this so called democratic world of ours.

So what am I proposing…well that at the moment it can only be a model, to put it into action itself that's another thing altogether. It might have its good points and it might have its bad points but at the moment it is only a start and I'm always open to further suggestions. There is always room for improvements in order to create a better model, but the most important thing of all beyond anything else, once if in place would the model actually work.

Of course there is a slight problem the House Of Commons probably won't like it. They come across as an age old tradition which don't see themselves changing unlike the outside world which is changing everyday mainly due to the levels of technology which are around today. Part of this proposal will be using this technology to deliver information to the public about the political workings in parliament and up and down the country. There of course includes a few changes but these should have little effect on how they generally go about their business as an elected representative member of parliament.

A Brief Summary

If you are to regulate something it is always best to have an independent body with no connections to do it. The general idea is that we vote a person to become an MP as a representation of our voice. It would only be fair to say that it would be a good idea to regulate the MP's so that we know that they are doing what we voted them in to do. The main thing being is that the MP's decision is based upon his local constituency majority view and not his personal, political or business view. The main part of this NEW PUBLIC SERVICE would relay various information about the political system and the people within it back to the general public in a non bias way. In the same way information has to go from the people to the local MP where he can gain access to information of how the majority of people in his community wish him to vote on bills going through parliament.

Basically there are several parts to this model. So lets try and start at the top of the tree. For a change instead of seeing the Top Dog heading the tree you will see the General Public because in this case the flow of information is going up as it should be to the people who should be making the real decision. Although this seems quite the opposite in our current political climate.

The next layer below it is the physical media the public is going to be able to retrieve this information. The Internet and Digital TV are 2 main obvious media's which are around today. They both could be used for the public to voice their opinion and allow them to vote over issues on-line.

Below this is where the nitty-gritty starts. From here it branches of into the various information sources. These are

Layman's Guide To Politics MP's Political Information Houses Of Parliament Current/Future Affairs Funding Would It Actually Work Layman's Guide To Politics

To be honest I'm not a great fan of long fanciful words or complicated terms and jargon which are only put there to add to the confusion. In most causes they are added to confuse and to protect themselves so that you have to pay them to do the job for you. Its also the way so many loop holes are exploited so that people can use against you for their own personal gains.

No, leave that to the professionals, life is confusing enough without adding more confusion to it. Instead things need to be put into layman's terms so that anyone with a basic understanding of English can work out what is being said. Surely the workings of the political system can be written into a way so that we can get a clearer picture of how it actually works. So an information source which can supply this information to the public is necessary.

MP's Political Information

Now this plays an important part in this model. What information the public must have access to? As much as possible I say. Each MP should have a record contained on a database detailing all the background information of their political history, their current political situation on current and future issues and how they have voted on past issues. Also what Boards of Directors they sit on or any payroll received other than from the government set wages. The reasons are quite obvious as it may help to highlight any sleaze which might be lurking around. The reasons come clearer later in the Houses Of Parliament section where a proposal for a system to record the votes of the MP's is given so that the public know who voted for what when bills are passed through parliament. There are over 600 MP's and I don't know how many potential MP's there are but each one should be registered. In each constituency having this sort of information at hand can become useful at times of local elections and can aid in a feel in local issues. The potential is there, it only has to be used.

Houses Of Paliment

One of the important changes in the Houses Of Parliament would be the introduction of a swipe card or push button pad for voting. When an MP wishes to vote they simply swipe the card through and select their decision or like the Ask The Audience Lifeline on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. This way their vote's are recorded and stored on the database for the public to view. With the technology around today people can register their own votes on current or future political decisions either locally or nation-wide to world-wide so they too know how the general consensus feel about certain issues other than what's reported in the newspapers. This will replace the market research they usually do which usually take little over a 1000 people and judge the whole nation of millions by that poll. The public will also see whether their local MP is following the majority vote for his constituency after all this is a democracy we live in.

Current/Future Affairs

I say future as well as current because a lot of the talk from MP's is based in the future which is between now and whatever else happens in the meantime until it finally gets done. There are so many issues that can be raised and relayed back to the public so they get an informative view from all sides. Subjects like GM Crops and Food, Transport, Health, Education, Farming. An important item to include here is Foreign Affairs. It is so important in this globally aware world that we also learn a little from people from all around the globe. Not only do we share this planet with them but 10's if not 100's of items pass through our hands everyday from places we have no idea even existed. The money made from many of these goods comes from the exploitation of people all over the world that also includes the people who buy them. The things which are happening today are just the continuation of the ripples of events which happened in the past. In which case such things must too be relayed back to the public because over time many people forget what all the troubles are about.


As you will see there is much work involved in establishing such a system and money is obviously an issue but it has to be stressed that it would be a non-profit making organisation. However, there are a number of sources where money could be found to fund such a project. The first being the tax payer, even if its only a small portion of the millions which is being wasted every year would cover much of the costs. The second being from investors or donators who would gain nothing from their ventures.

Would It Actually Work

Would it actually work though. Would people take a deeper interest…only if they FEEL that their voice is actually being heard I think. Most people going to the polls think that even if they didn't vote it wouldn't change the outcome. Which is very true but not when everybody decides not to vote at the same time which is what is happening today. Next election the voters might swing the other way because nobody seems to be very good at it. Soon the odds of winning the general election will be as high as winning the lottery. The only way I can see it working is by first sharing the idea with others and see what they think of the idea. Being in a semi-democracy is better than being dictated to, its all we have so we just have to make the best of it.

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