Dear David and Friends,

Just got to say this ‘FANTASTIC’.  I’m referring to the recent talks David did over the weekend at Battersea.  For anyone who hasn’t been to see David talk then I would recommend it for many reasons that I will not go into in case it spoils the experience for anyone else.  I started reading David’s book a  few years back after my sister went to a Psychic Fair and a medium she saw there recommended me to read some of his stuff.  I haven’t looked back since only because after reading them they have open my eyes more to what is going on around us.  I thought Id take my girlfriend along as she has not had a chance to read any of his books yet because she has been busy in her yoga studies…but by the look on her face afterwards and what she said I could see that she too could see that David does speak a lot of truth as some of it merges with her yoga studies. 

I have told her many things about what David has written but then there is no better way than to get it from the horses mouth and I think she was rather impressed and has a better understanding of where he is coming from.  David is a very impressive talker who is full of interesting information which can be very eye-opening to anyone who has an open mind about things.   You can tell that there is so much more he wanted to say but time always beats us but I and my girlfriend have deep respect for him as he goes about in getting this information out into the public domain.  So keep up the good work and I really don’t/do understand why people wish to silence him, but then so many people do try and run from the truth though especially if about themselves.

But anyway I thought I’d send you a little more on a topic you all love.  I read in London’s Metro paper last week (25thNov ‘02) and I quote -

London Plans A Giant Pyramid – A glass pyramid similar to the structure outside the Lourve museum in Paris forms part of an ambitious plan to turn Trafalgar Square into a traffic-free piazza, it was revealed yesterday.  The feature will cost £30million if approved by Mayor of London Ken Livingstone.  He is expected to meet architects on Wednesday to discuss the transformation of the historic square.


So I decided to search the web to find anymore details about this but it was probably a little bit too soon anyway for those details to be released but this is what I did find.

The pyramid on top of Canary Wharf is supposedly 130 feet high and weighs some 11 tonnes so no surprises there in the measurements.

But more interestingly is what I found on Adrian Gilberts web site about the Star-Gates and how it relates to Trafalgar Square.  He conducted a tour in the summer of 2000 where one of the visits was to the Obelisk of Sesostris, which is the oldest in Egypt.  My point being is that he states that the shadow produced by the obelisk at noon on the spring and autumn equinoxes has an exact relationship with the height of the obelisk in that the relationship is 1:square root of 3.  This is due to the latitude being at 30 degrees.

He stated that a similar thing occurs at Trafalgar Square on the Summer Solstice where the height of Nelsons Column and the statue on top comes to 202ft produces the same ratio but in reverse when the sun is either 30 degrees to the East or West.  The total height of Nelson’s column and its statue is apparently the same size as the Monument for the Great Fire of London in 1666.  (The Great Fire of London is supposedly of started 202ft from the monument).  The shadow he says extends to the edge of the pavement marking out the width of Trafalgar Square Incidentally the Sun is also at the top of Orion’s outstretched hand at the time but due to daylight you cannot see this but using Skyglobe it becomes clearer.

John Nash is the guy who designed the layout of Trafalgar Square, and his visionary or extravagant designs and schemes was sponsored by the Prince Regent.  He had a patronage with King George IV and one of Nash’s ideas was to build a grand crossroads to connect the areas that housed the countries government, major financial institutions and the Royal Family.  Unfortunate for him this failed to come through after the death of the King.  He was also involved in the proposed development of an Avenue from Prince Regents Park to Carlton House in the Mall which covered Regents Park, Trafalgar Square, St James Park and Regent Street.  He was also involved in remodelling Carlton House and Brighton Pavilion and also Buckingham Palace then known as Buckingham House.  After several attempts at most of it got pulled down and the only remaining part of his is the West Wing.  He also designed a gigantic archway at the end of the Mall but it was too small for the stage coaches so they moved it to Hyde Park Corner where it now stands as Marble Arch…

So if all this is true then there would be no surprise that a pyramid is planned for Trafalgar Square.  For further details of this have a look at his web-page below.


And finally before I go here’s 2 other things you might find interesting.

Check this link out and see how The Bank Of England sits on top of a Pyramid…there’s probably more to it though than this in the surrounding area.


Or this one to see how the runways at Heathrow airport form a 6 pointed star…


Anyway love to one and all and keep up the good work.

Dale N.

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