We have terrosrism as a threat! In Finland!


Even I know you have very hectic time in uncovering the truth about the illusion that has been thrown upon all people, I wish to give you something maybe not so important. Because some time ago, the older Bush visited our small, cold the most american model country of Europe; Finland. What soon happened, was a bomb strike in a shopping centre and all media was blown, to say. Every head-line talk of "blood everywhere" etc. and the one who are said to have committed the suicide explosion, has been said to been into chemistry and talked about bombs on a forum, and linked to "Killuminati", whose websites were closed before we could seek for inforamation about that. So I ask you to possibly find more information about why the former president of the USA comes on the edge of the world, Finland and soon after that, we have terrosrism as a threat! In Finland!

Finland has not been a subject to Mr. Icke's search, but I tell you, somehow this is the most American country in Europe. In the beginning of the.1990's, we had an inflation (an accident, sure) and suddenly there came Nokia, and suddenly every Finn carries a cell-phone within and everyone is blessing Nokia, which they think is a finnish company. As far as I know, it is owned.over 90% by Americans. The same goes for our post stablishment who suddenly during few years became a massive phone operator making big business.

But one thing I cannot understand; why the older Bush visits the country, and suddenly we have a bomb strike and the head of the police deparment speaks of a threat by terrorism. Are they really serious? I suppose if the parliament does not accept more power for police, there is to be another strike. But why is the USA interested in Finland. I suppose it has something to do with the former USSR. It is known here, one of our presidents planned to trade the northern part of Finland to the part that was lost to Soviets in the winter.war in 1944. This president ( Urho Kekkonen) was the true dictator of his time, or. it seemed so.

But if you have time enough, you might.check why older Bush actually visited Finland? And this "Killuminati" from South Africa, I suppose the guy who exploded the bomb and himself, was something else than someone who resisted the commerciality in economics because that is what this "Killuminati" does, it is said even the websites cannot be visited. But there are many things going on, Finland is not the center of the world. I just thought there could be something more when the big chief himself comes from the land of the free to our police state and after that we have terrorism here. I am 100% sure not one single 'terrorist' have the wish to approach this tiny piece of land. ...

All the best,

P.M. from the cold north

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