Satanic Ritual Abuse, Murder, Missing Persons & Mayhem
Comparisons in Ireland and the USA.

Many experienced professionals who are working in the fields of child-abuse and SRA would agree that the first signs of higher than normal incidents of incest and rape were seen in the mid seventies. Since then the recent upsurge in all types of Satanic related crimes give great cause for concern.

I quote from the article written by Daniel Ryder called "Satanic Ritual Abuse"; " many professionals dealing with satanic ritual abuse believe we are seeing the beginnings of a phenomenon that might well mushroom into staggering proportions. "

Child-Abuse in Ireland/USA

In Ireland there have been several high profile cases involving child abuse which would be widely known; namely the cases of Fr Brendan Smyth and Fr Fortune. The Fr Brendan Smyth affair brought the child-abuse problem in Ireland to the attention , not only to the Irish people but to the world and caused the downfall of the Irish coalition government at that time. There are quite a few, less well known child abuse cases which would not be so well known to those outside of Ireland. These would include the Kilkenny Incest Case and of course the infamous Kincora Boys Home Sex Abuse Scandal , in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I highlight these two cases in preference to many other cases because I fled to Kilkenny from Belfast after UVF paramilitaries tried to abduct me in Aug 1994.

Regarding child-abuse in the USA , few people in Ireland would have known there was a problem. Indeed many in Ireland today think that the curse of child-abuse is something of an Irish desease.

This is my personal opinion ;"I suspect that the great majority of cases involving child-abuse are perpetrated by relatives or persons who are deeply involved in devilworship. "There will be people who will disagree with my diagnosis , no doubt, but I cannot see any other explanation for the huge jump in child-abuse cases since the mid sixties! For the same reason, I believe that the RC priests in Ireland who have been exposed as child abusers , have been actively involved in devilworship! What else can explain the huge numbers who have been exposed so far? Example The Artane Orphans Home Scandal where children were not only abused , but several went "missing"!

See www. esatclear. ie/~cairhaven , web page Irish Satanic Expose's htm I am speaking from a non-professional point of view, however I have acquired a lot of information and knowledge from Cult sources , themselves involved in child abuse!

Satanic Ritual Abuse including ritual murders in Ireland and the USA

One cannot separate Satanic Abuse from Satanic or Ritual murders , because they are perpetrated by similar groups, covens involved in devilworship, torture, and murder.

It has only been comparatively recently that the first case of SRA has appeared in Irish tabloids. I mention the tabloids because the so-called respectable broadsheets such as the Irish Times , The Independent etc, seem to have the same attitude of denial as the Irish police and Justice Dept to the existence of SRA in Ireland or elsewhere. All of the articles on SRA which I have on files have been published by the Irish Mirror, Sunday People, the Sun, The Irish News of the World and the Evening Herald.

The first case of SRA to be made public was the Sarah Bland case I Jan 1999 and although the Irish Rape Crisis Centres have other SRA victims in their records , Sarah's case is the only one to be made public to date. Sarah's case was REJECTED by the Irish Director of Prosecutions and he would not entertain a case against the group of Satanists , one of whom is a relative!!

( I will show later the similar responses from the FBI involving cases of SRA in the US!!)

Later that year in July The Rape Crisis Centres had another article on SRA published in the Evening Herald , proclaiming "Satanic Rape On Increase". US citizens , on first looking at the figures for SRA in Ireland would think that the problem is not very great here but these low figures conceal the much greater and hidden spread of Satanism throughout Ireland. The reality is , the powerfull satanic network in Ireland has been able to disguise many Satanic related crimes simply because IT has infiltrated many of escential state bodies , police, the Press, Judiciary, political institutions , the churches etc. (I have no doubt that this is the case from the information which I have on audio tape from my cult sources. My Born Again source tells me that top police , clergy, politicians are Satanists . Also this is mirror image of the USA as confirmed in David Ickes book , "The Biggest Secret". )

In the case of the Marc Dutroux Murders in Belgium, the allegations of SRA and Satanic murders were Completely censored from the Irish newspapers , TV and radio!The word Satanic, relating to Child abuse or murders is Never mentioned on TV or radio! Indeed when Paul Marshal, the Belgium father of a missing girl in Belgium, was on the"Born Again" Gay Byrne talk show on RTE , never a mention of Satanic in any shape or form was uttered !The Dutroux murders were simply described as paedophile killings and Gay Byrne made great issue of just how corrupt were the Belgium police!

(The reality is , there are more people missing in Ireland than there are in Belgium, as confirmed by a former Newsblad reporter in Belgium; Caspar Nabor)

Again , in the Broxtowe cases in Nottingham , England, the allegations of SRA and Satanic murders were completely censored from the Irish press, TV and radio. I have never in the six years since I have been in Kilkenny heard the Broxtowe cases discussed in the Irish media. When I first started to mention the SRA and satanic connections to the Dutroux case and the Broxtowe case to journalists and politicians , I realised that very few people in the Republic of Ireland knew about this aspect of these cases!I have no doubt that there has been a concerted and co-ordinated conspiracy involving many organisations and powerfull bodies in Irish society to conceal the truth about the Satanic realities in Ireland and elsewhere !

In Northern Ireland , which is British controlled , the people there would have seen the full story about the Dutroux and Broxtowe cases and would have been aware of the Satanic allegations because they are able to get the BBC and ITV channels. In the southern provinces of Leinster, Connaght and Munster the people here are restricted to RTE and the radio Eirrann with blanket censorship in stu!

From my own cult sources I have no doubt that the Kincora Boys Home Scandal involved SRA and devilworship. My source who is a clergyman informed me that SRA and devilworship took place at Kincora and he said that he knew who these people were. He told me that the Satanic Abusers at Kincora were "top civil servants!"

The results of the official police investigations into the Kincora scandal are Sealed to this day because of the influence of powerfull politicians ! Also , the Kincora children were taken to Birr Castle, County Offally , the home of the Earl of Rosse, where the abuse took place!(Confirmed to me by Joan Coleman of "RAINS", England)

How can the average UK citizen have any further trust in those who govern them as a result of this clearly undemocratic and criminal decree??

I was told by a Rape Crisis member that the Irish police and Justice Depts will not accept the existence of SRA until there is a successful prosecution in court!(round and round we go)The similarities between this and the FBI responses to SRA are practically identical! Quote from Daniel Ryder's article "Satanic Ritual Abuse"; FBI response, "there is no tangible evidence organised Satanic ritual abuse exists at all!" Amazingly similar!!! Can anyone be forgiven for thinking that there is a huge conspiracy here????

Promoting everything Pagan on the TV, radio and in the Irish Press.

There has been a great effort made to actively promote everything pagan, mystical, and even openly promote the so-called virtues of witchcraft. At Hallo'een 1999, RTE ran a program about the so-called"White" Witches of Clonegal Castle County Wicklow. The priestess or witchess whatever they call themselves proclaimed that" witchery is perfectly compatible with Christianity!"The very fact that they are able to get onto prime-time RTE and utter these words without so much as a ripple of condemnation from the so-called Christian Churches tells the reader just how far Irish society has come under the influence of evil and the Satanic Network, or what David Icke would call the Satanic Brotherhood.

I have often been made very angry on hearing the oft spoken phrase, quote"spiritual Ireland" or the" hidden Irish spirituality". On a Radio Eirreann program chaired by Dick Warner, a rugged looking anglophile known for his TV series on Irish waterways, posed the question, "is talk of Irish spirituality , just another name for Irish paganism?" I have no doubt that this is so and a cover name to actively discuss and promote paganism. !

Yet another Satanic expose' in an Irish tabloid told how a former Satanic cult member had to flee from Ireland for fear of his life. The most remarkable aspect of this article from my point of view , was the suggestion from a so-called "White Witch" to get government funding so that she or other "White Witches" could visit schools and "educate the children in the dangers" of Witchcraft!!! In my personal opinion , there is no such thing as a White Witch. It is known from many sources that the Satanists constantly use REVERSE SYMBOLISM in everything they do and say. This is a point which David Icke constantly repeats in his book , The Biggest Secret" and through my own bitter experiences I totally concur!

Every way Irish people turn they are confronted with pagan and witchery images and symbolisms!The tarot card adverts are more common now than they have ever been. On RTE again, we constantly are confronted with dancers, on programs such as Pat Kenny, dressed up devils, dragons, and four-headed men. The Dublin street parades regularly portray the same devils and gargoyles etc, indeed in 1999 the theme for a major Dublin street parade was "MAGIC"!TV programs on everything devilish seem to dominate the RTE(RTE is the Irish national TV channel) choices for films to show

There have even been allegations about the recent Harry Potter phenomenon ; books for children in which the main character has magical powers. It was alleged that the Potter books indoctrinated the children into the world of witchery.

One has just to look and you will see these things, they are there for all to see.

The Most Powerfull Cult in Ireland, The Born Again Christians.

I have suspected for a while that expose's of Satanic activities in Irish tabloids has not only helped to highlight the threat but also to"advertise" for new recruits for the Satanists especially among the youth in Ireland! The Irish tabloids are willing to cover Satanic expose's as long as these articles don't point in the direction of the real Satanic cult;and in Irelands case it is the most powerfull pseudo Christian sect , The Born Again Christians. (Borne in the USA!) The Born Again Christians are able to get onto Irish radio and TV with the greatest of ease. I would say that they have even more power than the RC church because the RC church in Ireland is being destroyed because of the many Child Abuse scandals; but ne'er a word is ever uttered against the mighty Born Again Sect. This same Born Again cult has members in the IRA , UVF, and LVF and wherever convicted killers are to be found. Indeed the most notorious Born Agains are The Shankill Butchers , Karla Fay Tucker (executed pick-axe killer in the USA) and of course Glenn Hoddle former England football manager. The most damning of all the Born Agains have been the "Evangelical Christian" directors of The Kincora Boys Home in Belfast and when the truth is finally made public the world will realise how powerfull these Born Agains really are.

The cosy relations between the FBI/GARDA and the RUC.

The RUC , Irish Garda and the FBI held conferences in Dublin and Belfast in Sept 2000 . These conferences were for former "FBI National Academy Associates/European Chapter Retraining Session. "(what a mouthfull)

This FBI "school for scoundrels" was set up in 1972 and invites police forces from around the world to take part in a training program at the notorious Quantico academy in Virginia , USA.

Garda Commissioner Byrne and CC Flanagan were both trained at this academy and obviously are more chummy than previous RUC and Garda chiefs!

A report written by FBI agent Kenneth Lanning on Organised Satanic Ritual Abuse homicide (two or more Satanic cult members conspiring to commit murder) stated; "The Law enforcement perspective can't ignore the lack of physical evidence(no bodies, even hairs, fibres or fluids left by violent murders)!"

Note the Garda response to the problem of missing persons in Ireland; " no bodies , no crime scene!"

The other word the Irish Garda are hung up on is, "organised". They do not want anyone to realise that the abductions of people in Ireland are "Organised"!

We already know that these police groups co-operate closely with each other and most people would say that this is normal procedure but is it?The FBI and foreign police groups are working more closely than similar US and international police groups have done in past decades! People such as myself who are engaged in the fight to expose the Satanist Network would look on these cosy FBI/ RUC/Garda etc relations with deep suspicion!

In Alex Constantines article "The False Memory Hoax" he plainly shows how the CIA have been engaged in Mind Control Experimentations code-named MKULTRA . We cannot disassociate the FBI from the CIA as they are part of the same state control system!

In Tim Rifat's article "Mind Control in the UK" he also plainly shows that MI5 is engaged in similar operations involving different methods of mind control.

If we eccept these new advances in technology with the ability to control not only individual persons but groups of people , then we should be very concerned for our own individual freedoms.

The FBI have been called in by the Irish Garda and RUC to investigate, , and give their opinions on several sensitive murder and missing persons cases in Ireland in the past few years.

In 1999 the FBI were first called in to examine the case of the "six missing women in Leinster"because the Garda were coming under increasing pressure to solve these cases. The FBI came up with their incredible deliberation and that was:"one or two serial killers were at large in the Leinster area"! This is quite an incredible diagnosis when you consider the true facts and circumstances in this region! Firstly , there were at least 90 missing people at the time the marvellous FBI made their investigations into the "6" missing girls in Leinster, and Leinster contains 12of the most populated counties in Ireland. Do the FBI expect people to believe that one or two serial killers are responsible for 90 missing people?

When you realise the Garda's and the FBI's true agenda, you will see why they came up with these incredible judgements Their agenda is to keep the public in the dark so they will not realise just how serious things are!IE, they are afraid that the public will realise that a large group is involved in an organised co-ordinated conspiracy and is abducting people!

In the Jo Jo Dollard case it has been widely covered in the press that a relative of a prominent politician was being accused by the sister of Jo Jo Dollard of abducting Josephine at the village of Moone on 9th Nov 1995 . The Irish Garda's response has been to deny the claims made by Jo Jo's family , and even though Mary Phelan and her husband(Jo Jo's sister and brother-inlaw) can produce strong circumstantial evidence , their claims are constantly rebuffed! I have personally met with Mary Phelan and her husband Martin and I believe their information is 100% correct! Mary Phelan lives 5 miles outside Kilkenny at the village of Cuffesgrange , the scene recently of another terrible crime where a complete family of 4 were murdered in "strange" circumstances! (27th Sept 2000 Byrne family murdered)I knew the father personally and I cannot believe he could harm his children! www. iol. ie

The FBI were called in again to help the Irish Garda after they got themselves into another mire of controversy when their Emergency Response Group (trigger-happy killers) shot dead John Carthy at Abbeylara in April 2000 . The inquiry into this shooting is ongoing and the family of John Carthy are calling for a public inquiry, not being at all satisfied with the Garda's explanations into the shooting!

The Freemasons, the Garda and the RUC.

In Britain , the current Labour Government has forced all serving police to declare if they are members of the old cult , the Freemasons, and apparently Chief Constable Flanagan of the RUC has resigned from the Masons to "make himself more acceptable to the public. "Most people who have investigated cults and sects will know and believe that the Masons are direct descendants of the Knights Templars of old who were believed to be worshippers of the devil, the Baphomet.

In the Phoenix Magazine June 2000, the Grand Master of Irelands Freemasons, Michael Walker revealed , in a speech to mark the 275th anniversary of the order, that members of the Irish Garda are Masons . In a predominantly RC and Nationalist force one would have expected to find the Knights of St Columbanus, ( another secret society) Irish Nationalists 20th century imitative response to the loyalist Freemasons.

( No matter which way one turns , we are confronted by the same reality!No matter the colour of the flag, the secret society is there!)

Missing Persons, Murders and Suicides.

Since I came to Kilkenny in 1994, I have been witness to a catalogue of terror, murder and mayhem! There are around 15000 people in Kilkenny and we currently have 5 missing persons, 6 murders(this should be higher if one includes the murders registered as so-called suicides), and then there are the suicides. I cannot give an accurate figure on these because I don't have access to the official figures. I can say however that in 1996 there were 2 drownings at Hallo'een(that Satanic date again!)In 1997/8 there were at least 3 drownings, again declared suicides. One of these "suicides" lived only four houses from my home and this woman seemed so at ease and confident that I find it difficult to believe she did it with her own free will!

(Take into consideration , the fact that I "know" what the Satanists in this town have been doing and what they are capable of. We know that Satanic covens can control people with drugs and hypnosis , so I would not rule out murder in any of these suicides!)

There are 5 missing people in Kilkenny city, Jo Jo Dollard, Kate Madigan, Raymond Long, Michael Smith and recently Stephen Byrne.


Jo Jo Dollard
Raymond Long
Kate Madigan
Michael Smith
Phillip Cairns
Stephen Byrne
Dates missing

9th Nov 1995
26th June1997
14th may 1998
26th Oct!1999
Satanic date

2nd. Nov. Hallo'
22ndJun Summer Sols
2ndNov Hallo'
2ndNov Hallo'

The date for a ritual sacrifice , is the nearest full moon to the Satanic date!

I have added Phillip Cairns because his mother's family are from Kilkenny, the Brennans.

Also, in Sept 27th 2000, a woman was murdered in Cuffesgrange Kilkenny, and her 2 sons and her husband went missing. On the 29th Sept the two Byrne children were found on beaches on the Wexford coast and later a car owned by the Byrne's was pulled out of the sea at Concannon pier. The father, Stephen Byrne has not yet been found!

I personally knew Stephen, through my work, and I can say that he seemed the most amiable fellow!( I again would like to repeat, knowing what I know about this powerfull establishment Satanic cult in this area, The Born Again Christians, I would not rule out a conspiracy to wipe out an entire family)

It is possible that Stephen did commit this crime but I have very grave doubts!

We are told by the local Garda (several of whom are Born Agains) that Stephen went berserk when he found that his wife was having an affair! Incredible! If that's the case, why have half the population of Ireland or the USA not been wiped out!!!!! Including my own?

If the readers of this article think that these events are incredible and untrue , please visit the Irish Internet site ,

Also visit my web sites


Jim Cairns, Kilkenny, Ireland.

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