Chemtrails in The Netherlands

There are also chemtrails above The Netherlands. I am catch them with my photocamera en camcorder. Dutch people have no attention for it, because they don't no what chemtrails are. It is a sneaky poison, but they don't no.

They don't what's realy and already happened.

Chemtrails weakened the innocent beautiful people on earth. It is time for a public health alert.

The chemicals in chemtrails change the hormonal function. Most of the chemicals are womanly (ingredients like oestrogens) and bad for males. Chemicals weakening the spermcells. Males become infertile. Infertiliy is a growing problem, all over the world. Testicles of boys can't go down and stay underdeveloped. The blessing of other chemicals of chemtrails are: neuromusculair disorders, disfunction of short memory, loss bladdercontrol, headache, arching joints and muscles, disorientation, hacking coughs, nervous tics, dizziness, pneumonia, upper respiratory, hemolysis, colitis, liver disfunction, etc.

The planes spraying Foray48B (BTK/Chemical Formula). Ingredients of chemtrails are barium, aluminium, titanium, sodium, hydroxide, fosfor acid, sulfuric acid, calcium and magnesium.

It is a grim outlook for the humans, animals and ecosystem. It is a form of a sneaky terror against the worldpopulation. Weaken the people and it is easyer to repress the people and reduce the overpopulation.

You can read more on chemtrail-links. Search for Chemtrails on internet.

Hardenberg, The Netherlands
Almost every day they spraying chemtrails over The Netherlands.

Chemtrails - The Video


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