Who's Really in Charge?

The control of this global elite is beginning to branch out from mere mental
manipulation, Icke said, and they are now implanting tiny microchips into
children through vaccinations.
David Icke -

Hi David....

I first want to congratulate you with the astonishing Internet site!!!

A few years ago I bought your video about how the control of the masses is actually taking place and the Problem/what r you gonna do about it../solution theory..

Don't know if this info is of any help to you ..but I just wanted you to have it....

Life here in Holland has always been (or seemed) very social, like one of the most social countries on the face of our planet...but as you know ..like 10 years ago we had a plane crash here on Amsterdam (a Boeing from Israeli EL AL ) .

The first footage right after the disaster was the best, firemen who came to the aid people of the burning building (a very big apartment building 10 stories high which was split in half by the Boeing) the head of the fire department told a story to several news interviewers about the fact that he thought he was in charge of the whole operation but actually found out he wasn't at all....

What happened right after the crash was that he was told to back out of the crash site and a whole group of men dressed in these white protecting suits started to search the area, after half an hour they came back carrying something big (that was covered) from the crash site, right after they left the firemen and redcross people were able to do their work again, the funny (well actually it's not funny) thing was that even though the head of the fire dept. had told several interviewers the same story he completely changed his story about a few days later (he was obviously told to shut up!!)...

I guess I am not making much sense to you right now..but the thing was that there were rumors about the Boeing that crashed actually had military equipment onboard, and presumably some high toxic stuff too!!

I didn't think they could make this happen , not in Amsterdam but people just don't see it...programmed not to see the things that happen right in front of their eyes...The Government called in this group of (so called) independent people to investigate what actually went wrong and why all the departments (police, fire and redcross) arrived at the crash scene SOO late...!! A lot of interviews followed (live on TV) with all people involved and responsible...all of them were under oath but most of them lied their butts off!! ..and some of them even got elected 4 months later..the sad thing about all this is ...like more then an average group of people who lived there (or in the direct neighborhood) died from cancer and some strange diseases..but even when I write this email there has never ever been a big medical check up....all they have been doing is discussing it and blaming eachother about who is gonna pay for it!!

Evidence strangely disappeared!! , the woman in charge at that time (minister of security) started to cry on television and didn't react to the questions she was asked and all people could talk about the following days was how sad this woman looked and what she must have been going thru....!!

Ever since that time (the accident and all the follow up lies) things have started to change slowly but they changed (politically as well as economically) here in The Netherlands. (what about the bloodline of our Prince Bernhard ?? who was a nazi in 1939 ..and founder of the Bilderberg group people never ask question about that over here :):) )

In the light of the recent events in New York and Washington I believe that its about time people wake up and see thru all the lies that's been fed to them...and I thank you again for really opening up my eyes to what's been going on in the world !!

PS.. I myself have been linking events in my life too (especially the last 10 years) ..I am in the process of quitting my job (large Dutch Bank) and am starting to live my life the way I want to live my life .. also I am curious where this will lead me..but I am very open minded so I will just follow my heart!!!

Sincerely CF

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