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Sailor Warned Family From Aircraft Carrier

Thu Sep 13 20:48:12 2001

9.13.01 Call from US Carrier PROVES gov't had prior knowledge!!

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(Real Audio) - About 10 min. into bcst...

A U.S. Navy serviceman stationed on an aircraft carrier called his family in the United States well PRIOR to Tuesday's horrendously catastrophic events in New York City and at the Pentagon, and ALERTED THEM that "something big" was about to go down in a major urban area!

Even MORE astounding: This person further noted that the carrier was being diverted from its previous mission and was heading directly to the East Coast as a result of the incident that was going to occur!

Beyond the merest shadow of a doubt this proves conclusively that elements of the U.S. government's intelligence and military sectors HAD PRIOR KNOWLEDGE that a massive act of terrorism/war was about to be unleashed against America!

And now

What's more: given the fact that according to information made public in the New York times on Oct. 28, 1993 it is PROVEN one FBI agent John Anticev and bureau associates were HEAVILY involved with Islamic extremists in EVERY STAGE of the bombing of the World trade Center in 1993, providing funds, equipment, supplies, support and training to the actual perpetrators, we have EVERY REASON to believe the same state of affairs exists regarding Tuesday's mass atrocities in NYC and D.C.

The Bush Administration and the globalist/NWO factions it's fronting for NEEDED a massive, earthshaking act of terrorism unleashed upon a major U.S. metropolitan area, in order to generate and galvanize support among the people for implementation of martial law conditions within the territory of the United States, and DRASTIC, SEVERE curtailment of Constitutional rights and civil liberties.

The destruction, death and devastation wrought in New York and D.C. Tuesday are in EVERY WAY the BushMob's "burning of the Reichstag."

Feds KNEW what was coming -- and what's more, certain factions clearly assisted, aided and abetted the actual perpetrators of Tuesday's mass carnage.

AGAIN: We now have solid proof, with regard to the content of the call made by the Navy serviceman to his parents BEFORE Tuesday's events unfolded, that some elements of the federal government KNEW BEFOREHAND a major terrorist incident was going to occur!

The Bush Administration must be turned out NOW. They are in EVERY WAY RESPONSIBLE!

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