Coming Recession

The worlds stock markets are crashing.  Don't believe the spin.  We haven't seen a bottom.  We are looking at DOW 3000 (that was the value of the DOW when Clinton came to power).  Invest for the long haul they say.  I'm sorry, if it took 60 years for the DOW to go from 500 to 3000, and 8 years from 3000 to 10,000, in the biggest bubble ever seen, a bubble that DWARFEs that seen in Japan at the end of the 80's, how long is the long haul going to be?

  We are looking at mass unemployment (at least 25%) mass bancruptcies, soup kitchens, bread lines.  The worlds most prosperous nation is about to be financially destroyed, or at least the poor soles that live there are.  The fat cats, the ones who stole $5 trillion off Nasdaq investors are loving this.  They still have another $10 trillion left to grab, and the majority of US investors aren't selling.  They still believe the Wall street spin.

By the way, Bush just gave US banks more powers to get back unpaid debts from your average Joe.  And as US credit card debt is at an all time high, as are personal loan defaults, the crippling of the free world is already underway.  What better way to keep a population under control than make them financial cripples, fighting for every penny to feed their families.  Just look what rooservelt did in the depression of 29.  The US has always been a fascist state, but that aspect was covert.  It is about to become very overt.  Every cop on the street is about to transform into your American deep south deputy.  You even look at him wrong and your in for a beating.

   The information about the coming US financial crash can be obtained from  

There is also a knowledgable chap called Nick Guarino who I am sure you have heard of.  He writes the Wall street underground.

   Mind you, you already know all this, I'm sure.

   OH, and in case G C H Q have intercepted this e-mail, I know for a fact that Tony Blair has a tatoo of Maggie Thatch on his left buttock, so don't mess alright :)

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