Yesterday's front page of the newspaper USA Today reported that it is somewhat possible that the damage done to a Russian submarine this week was the result of a collision with another submarine of a foreign power. My goodness , I wonder what foreign power that might be. With submarines patrolling the waters just north of the Russian port of Murmansk. One has to wonder how many submarines from the Republic (Oligarchy) of Mexico might be on patrol in the Arctic Ocean.

But all kidding aside it is starting to appear that the Russian submarine may have collided with an American U-boat. This week the Russians have been conducting war games in preparation for World War 3 with the New World Order boys. Various Russian armored divisions in cooperation with the state of Belarus have been playing war games to the territory east of Poland in anticipation of a potential assault by NATO forces into the heartland of Russia.

The Russian people no longer have any illusions about supposed friendship being afforded them by the friendly populations of the New World Order. The NWO has done everything in its power to starve the Russian people to the tune of 10,000,000 deaths in the last 10 years as a result of International Monetary Fund sanctions. Ostensibly shock therapy to bring the backward Communist regimes into line with the wonderful UTOPIAS we now find ourselves in Great Britain and the United States. Where the top 1 percent of the population now own 60% of all the wealth. While the top 20% of the American Oligarchy owns 80% of the wealth. In this wonderful Global Utopia created by the NWO , the bottom 80% of the population finds itself now scouring the bottom of the Economic So-called Boom looking for bits and crumbs of the 20% of the wealth that is left.

But the Russian people are finally waking up to the fact that the New World Order and their military Waffen SS known as NATO are definitely out to get them. And they are making mad preparations for the final assault. It goes to show you how utterly stupid the Freemasons who run the NWO are. That they think they can destroy the Russian Nation is ridiculous. Napoleon Bonaparte and his Grand Army found out the hard way in 1812 what it was like to make war on Russia. Not to mention Adolf Hitler with his Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe and Waffen SS were all cut to ribbons by the Russians. But you see the NWO boys want their GLOBAL PLANTATION so bad that they have to figure out some way to destory Russia and then later China which both stand in the way. So sorry , it aint gonna work.

So it appears that a Russian Submarine oddly named the KURSK which was the site of the largest tank battle in history in 1943 has crashed head on in a game of Chicken known throughout the military world as the CRAZY IVAN MANEUVER. Where a Russian submarine upon finding that it is being followed simply reverses course 180 degrees and starts pursuing the pursuer. Head on. This time the Russians took on the nose. But don't count on that permanently.

Like I said before in the Battle of Kursk in 1943 the Russians literally kicked the shit out of the German military machine. The New World Order boys are playing a dangerous game. Take my word for it. It is much better to leave IVAN alone.

Mike from Dallas

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