New World Order - Only a Chip Away

While the following story was about a 'spoof' site, the reality is
--- we are only a chip away

White-jacketed boffins are forever delving into the uncharted depths of science in an effort to deliver us ever more mind-boggling gizmos.

Eventually, their incessant junk building may even give birth to the infernal machine that will finally take over the world - enslaving the Earth in eternal doom.

For now, however, the bemulleted twerps have knocked out the ID Chip, the perfect device for deskbound layabouts too idle to open their wallets.

The idea is simple: a small chip - much like those used in dogs - containing all your bank details is inserted into your hand.

Once there, it's designed to "integrate" with your computer using software and of all things, a special computer mouse, enabling you to buy at literally the click of a button.

Crazy maybe, but should you sign up and be accepted for trials, ID Chip's makers will give you $250 for your troubles.

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sent in by Phil

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