When George Bush was handed the presidency of United States by our Supreme Court, I had a vision that this country would in a very short time be drawn into a great crisis. To those who voted for him, I remarked, "I hope that you are prepared to go to war." Another vision I saw and quickly dismissed was an airplane flying into a building. Of course, such an horrible imagining, as I believed it to be, was not something I wished entertain.

There is a third and very disturbing vision I've had which I feel compelled to share with you. I will tell you plainly what I have been shown. My intuition is that the events of last week are leading to something far more threatening and devastating to our country than war with a few dessert rats.

I have intuited an agenda so evil and so secret that even I don't tell anyone. No one would ever suspect it to be possible. I cannot say my intuition is certain, but it could be very useful both as a rumor or as an alarm if you so choose to spread it.

About five years ago, I took a job as substitute teachers aid. Why would a seer take such a job? I needed to do a little private investigation into what is happening in the schools. I went to listen to the spirit that speaks in the place and to piece together patterns of activities. I could give you incredible information and personal testemonies about the mental and emotional torment of children, but that is not my intention for writing to you.

As I visited each new school day after day for a number of years, I began to notice something very peculiar. All the schools here are build adjacent to huge open, barren fields. A few schools in good sections of the city have grass planted in the areas, some are covered with blacktop, while most are covered with dirt and gravel. Little to no shade covering from the sun is provided for children playing at recess. On many occassions, I watched dusty powder fly in the air as children ran over gravel. At nap time in kindergardens, dumping sand out of shoes was a regular ritual.

One day I stood looking at a vast arid field. Something suddenly puzzled me. Why doesn't anything grow there, no trees, not even weeds? What poison would prevent weeds from over running the area? I began to wonder what was the use of plowing and keeping large vacant lots beside every school?

As a matter of fact, I had just read one of your books so I was very much into trying to figure out how the Illuminati conspire right under our noses without our notice. A realization washed over me that made me turn cold from shock. A very simple explanation dawned on me. "These lands are made empty and void of life because they are a landing field." In a instant, I saw a future moment. There was an alarm of war. Helicopters were landing on the fields. Children were being gathered into the helicopters.

It may benefit us to consider tracing the least most obvious line of reason for the Illuminati's creation of the recent situation involving the World Trade Center and Pentagon. It is highly unusual that so many governemt officials, CIA and FBI agents openly confess to the nation that they failed to detect an operation. They always cover up their failures. Never has so many in our government admitted failure. It's a very serious red flag to a seer.

At the same time, it cannot be repeated enough that we are threatened by a new enemy and that we are facing a long war ahead of us. War is not what these people are after. They are after a white race. A declaration of war is only a means to an end. They are predicting that further terrorist actions will be taken against this nation. That is not where we need to focus our attention. We need to pay very careful attention to what our government has in mind as a solution for securing the safety of America's children.

The government could be bluffing about their war. What the government wants and needs is another hit or two in this country. Terrorist activity out of control would justify the landing of helicopters in the school yards. Children could be gathered up and whisked away to underground shelters "for their protection from chemical agents and bombs." The loss, the kidnapping of children in this manner would utterly wreck and destroy the ability of every man and woman to defend this nation. From there, it would take very little to clear the playing field with a sweep of chemical warfare.

I believe the aim is to capture white children. Taking children into government custody is the ultimate secret objective of this game, Mr. Icke. This is the only way they can sort through the population and select for "purity". White you live, the rest you die. Girl, you become prostitute or surrogate. Boy, you become toy and token of a mad dictator. Children underground would have no name or history. They would be given their new identiy through brainwashing and a clean memory of absolutely nothing. They would accept being microchipped as the way it's suppose to be. Children in no man's land will never question the the law or moral ethics of genetic engineering or cloning.

The one thing we should never do is underestimate the evil intention of the Illuminati. They make things appear complex, but what they want is simply a pure white race. The very same people who financed Hitler, financed the hyjacking of the airplanes that smashed into World Trade Center. What else is new? That is just a step in the direction of creating the condition in which a white race can be achieved.

My vision may or may not be on target. Whether or not it is a part of the plan of the Illuminati to kidnap children from school yards or not, I don't really know. It makes some sense. I wonder if you can suggest that your readers consider this possibility. If it is a part of the plan, then it would seem that the plan could, in part, be botched up if a genuine seed of fear is planted in the mass mind.

Surely, someone can dig up fabricated intelligence or someone can channel some information that the government plans to land helicopters in the large open school yards to take children to underground tunnels when the new enemy strikes more terror in us than anyone can stand. Parents will relinquish their children to the government under the threat of chemical warfare or bombing. Is there a better place to gather children then at school playgrounds. In addition, children have been well conditioned to accept toys and sweets for their compliance. It wouldn't be at all difficult to entice children to go for a ride aboard a helicopter.

When the nations starts hearing the claim that the government is going to do all it can to secure the safety of the American children, the end is near. People will buy right into it. If we as a nation head into World War III, then let's make sure that we all die together in one anothers arm and that no child be wholely spared to be exploited at the whim of mad men.

Beyond the idea of a white race, they want to genetically engineer and clone the perfect whore. Female bodies will be needed to carry clones to term until the science of wombless birth is perfected.

No one could believe such a horrible thing, but then no one imagined the horror the world would witness last week. If people gained a fear that school yards might leave their children vulerable to a strange plot, then at least they might be motivated to demand that trees be immediately planted in school play grounds. Too many of my personal visions have been realized for me to not take courage and mention this. If I'm wrong, no harm is done. So I have a wild imagination. If I'm correct and people fail to see this coming, all will be lost beyond imagination.

Yours truly,


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