September 25

I've been following your site for more than four years now, with great interest. I have a pretty extensive article in the making which clarfies a lot of what you are doing research on. Its basis is a profound esoteric one, revealing how current events fit in the course of the development of humanity towards spirits of love and freedom. I've a bit of a time problem so I'll just do my best.

I was notified the enclosed article by a friend of mine from the US. I did not come accross this info on your site the last weeks, so I thought of letting you know. Keep up the good work, as a great initiate of the 20th century said

"...history cannot be permanently falsified; the myth cannot stand up to the scrunity of (spiritual) scientific research; the sinister web will be brought into the light and torn to pieces, however artfully it has been spun".

Kindest regards,

Offenbach (code name)


The owners of the demolished World Trade Center in lower Manhattan acquired the buildings just two months ago under a 99-year lease allowing them to walk away from their investment in the event of "an act of terrorism". The owners, Silverstein Properties and Westfield America - a shopping mall specialist - purchased the buildings from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey for Dollars 3.2bn in July and completed the financing just two weeks ago.

Neither of the buyers would comment on terms of the lease, but such a clause would be considered reasonable for the purchase of a building that had already seen a terrorist bombing and was considered a possible future target.

The lease document is understood to spell out certain conditions under which the lessees could walk away from their obligation to spend Dollars 200m in capital improvements and pay annual rental charges.

It is understood that the buildings are insured for more than Dollars 3bn, enough to cover rebuilding costs. However, an executive connected to the buyers said: "Ultimately, the decision will be made by politicians. It is a state and federal government decision about whether or not to rebuild on the site." Larry Silverstein, chairman of Silverstein Properties, said yesterday that he was determined to rebuild on the site. "It would be the tragedy of tragedies not to rebuild on this part of New York," Mr Silverstein was quoted as telling the Wall Street Journal.

"It would give the terrorists the victory they seek," he said, adding that he felt a moral obligation to rebuild on the site. Although there have been some suggestions that the site should be left vacant as a memorial park, its location at the heart of America's financial capital means it is probably far too valuable to lie undeveloped : The Financial Times Limited

IN other words, the real owners, the bank, Chase Manhattan, CITIBANK, which is really the IMF...are off the hook. They got their payoff and are out of it. These people don't LOSE money, they have 99 years to make money. If they'd told us earlier, we'd have gotten OUR kid off whatever floor!

THEY KNEW it was coming. Ben Chambers, of 47th floor said last few weeks they've been making them have ESCAPE DRILLS! SOMEBODY UPSTAIRS KNEW!

In other words, nobody was left holding the bag, the lessors saved a few billion tearing the old ratty thing down for free and cheap. It was a firetrap and they knew it, shafts and stairwells carried heat. NOBODY CARED what terrorists were going to DO to this bldg. It hadn't been owned by IMF city bank and CHASE MANHATTAN for several WEEKS! The new lessors can collect and rebuild. Hey, BAD TIMING TERRORISTS. You just gave the BUSH OIL COMPANY and its KUWAIT and SAUDI chums just what they always wanted! MIDDLE EAST HARBOR! THE WHOLE MIDDLE EAST ON A PLATE as the spoils of a long and costly (let me rephrase that) CHEAP war. Cheap cuz they own the pentagon and your son's life is real cheap. Army boys get like 100$ a week. How do you spell SHAFT? The people always get the government they deserve! We who drive gas guzzlers deserved BUSH.

source, Annyn Journals, and go to the 25th of September.


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