Catholic Church Under Siege
by Victims of Priestly Rape

This conference (a delaying tactic) was held on the heels of 177 priests in the US being charged with child rape, molestation, & abuse and the church being charged with criminal racketeering and coverup of the crimes. The conference is only designed to figure out how to get out of the mess.. they are not concerned with the victims of the church, as proven time and again in court cases and settlements.

Similar waves of this conspiracy of silence and inaction by the Catholic Church have surfaced in Canada, England, Australia, South Africa, and other nations. Protestant ministers of the gospel are no less guilty of same and similar crimes. Rabbi's crimes against the innocents have surfaced from time to time in the news.

This nasty little secret has been going on in the Church, as documented in 'The Bible Fraud' since its beginning.

I guess you could say they were 'suffering all the little children' that came unto them.

While these criminal priests, preachers, ministers, sunday school teachers, etc.. may be 'born again' -- these children were molested and abused, again and again and again. If the people of planet earth would quit their religions in favor of morality and spirituality... then tell these criminals -- never again.

Read this article for more historical references to this 'religious sanctioned' crimes against children:
Christianity's Traditions - Perpetuation of Ganymede's Ordeals by Jove (J'ov'a)?

Cardinal Law, states these are sins against God... NO THEY ARE NOT! These are heinous crimes against children, crimes against humanity, crimes against justice and morality. The church under it's moral image of righteousness, which hides under it's umbrella of immorality, has sanctioned these crimes for years, decades, millennia... The church leaders caution us to be lenient, forgiving and understanding of these paedophile priests.

WHY SHOULD WE? This great understanding only comes on the heels of their being found out in their immorality and crimes. You heard the gospel pianist Jimmy Swaggart preach the same thing -- as he continued to chase and pay church offerings to god, for prostitutes. (Perhaps he should have considered resurrecting the temple prostitutes?)

The majority of the abusers are white men. I think the black priest (above) might be happy to be a minority at the moment. -- His expression seems to match the title of this book--

As this comes to a head in the national forefront and media.. It is no surprise to us. We have been reporting these things over the past few years to our awakened and enlightened audience.
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The PILE of books listed below are resources to discover the truth behind the churches, both Catholic and Protestant. We are not pushing anyone to purchase any of them. But for those people searching for the truth about Christianity, this is a good start, of very hard to locate material. These writings have been produced by some very brave researchers, who have put their livelihoods, careers, popularity, etc. on the line to reveal what they discovered.

The church has stood for a belief system which has obviously failed the people. 'Only believe' is one of the old Christian hymns. Why do they push so hard at wanting you to believe? Is it because there is no fact or truth behind what they have sold the masses?

Believe the lie ~ or research and find the truth out for yourself ---



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