Clergy and Laity Abuse of People

REV. GARY HEIDNIK, convicted of raping and killing women he chained in his Philadelphia church-home basement, received a 2nd death sentence. (USA Today, 3/3/89)

Every state except West Virginia has made snake-handling illegal. There have been 11 documented deaths since 1945, although snake-handling is also practiced in parts of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Tennessee, thanks to Mark, chapter 16:17-18.

" See, I handle serpents because it's in the Bible, like a commandment. And I drink strychnine because the Bible says it won't hurt me. Now, either every word in that Bible is right or it's wrong," says snake-handler DEWEY CHAFIN. (People Magazine 4/26/89)

A volunteer Sunday School teacher, music teacher and groundskeeper at Bethel Baptist Church, Novoto, CA, CONFESSED to raping and murdering a 13 year old girl on April 13.

" I murdered her. I strangled her and I bludgeoned her," SCOTT MARTIN WILLIAMS, 29, told police a week later. He lured Jenifer Moore, a popular 8th grade student, into the church, tied her up, raped her, strangled her with a cord and beat her with a baseball bat. His friends insisted he could not be guilty, although police traced him through incontrovertible evidence.

" He is a devout Christian," who likes to talk about God and the Bible, said a clerk at the food mart managed by Williams, where he has spoken often about the unsolved murder. (San Francisco Chronicle, 4/21/89)

BARTLEY J. DOBBEN was judged mentally ill and guilty of 1st degree murder for putting his 2 sons, ages 2 and 15 months, in a red-hot foundry ladle on Thanksgiving Day.

Dobben said " God had dictated through the Bible" that he kill his sons since they were going to die anyway. He had joined Emmanuel Fellowship whose preacher violently attacked his own mother and checked himself into a psychiatric hospital in late April. (AP 5/4/89; Mohave Valley News, 5/18/89)

Four members of the Ecclesia Athletic Association were convicted of 1st degree manslaughter for beating an 8 year old girl to death on Oct 13. Dayna Broussard was the daughter of the group's founder. CONVICTED were: WILLIE K. CHAMBERS, 35; BRIAN K. BRINSON, 31; CONSTANCE Z. JACKSON, 38; and FREDRICK P. DOOLITTLE, 28. (Sacramento Union, 5/13/89)

REV. HERMAN FOUNTAIN was sentenced to 1 year in jail and 4 years' probation for striking a Mississippi state trooper. Fountain, 39, a Baptist, operates the notorious Bethel Children's Home in Lucedale, MS, which has refused to turn over records on children in its custody, many of whom have run away and reported gross maltreatment. (Montgomery Advertiser, 5/17/89) [More later on Rev. Fountain.]

A Christian fundamentalist got 12-year probation, was ordered to pay court costs and work 500 hours for setting 19 fires at Indianapolis bookstores, massage parlors and their customer's cars, causing $170,000 in property damage and injuring two firefighters. Two other followers of REV. GREG DIXON'S Baptist Temple await trial. (Indianapolis Star, 4/22/89)

TONY ALAMO, leader of a Christian sect, was charged with felony child abuse in the beating in 1988 of an 11 year old boy at the group commune in Santa Clarita Valley.

" I favor spanking children; you know that. It says so in the Bible. People have to decide whether to do what the Lord says or the state."

Alamo issued orders over a speaker phone, listing each of the child's transgressions and dictated how many times to paddle the child. The child could not sit down without a pillow for 2-3 weeks. Five of his followers were also charged. (LA Times, 4/15/89)

Officials stoned to death 11 prostitutes and 4 pimps in a sports stadium as thousands watched in the Gulf city of Bushehr. A court had convicted them of " spreading corruption on Earth," according to the newspaper KAYHAN.

Typical execution by stoning involves hooding and burying prisoners in a hole (waist deep for men, chest-high for women). Judicial officials or police stand in a circle around the convict. The sentencing judge throws the first stone as others follow, shouting 'Allah-O Akbar' (God is Great). (Houston Post, 4/26/89)

PIERRE LACROIX, a French Canadian Catholic TV evangelist, was freed on bail from prison -- only 2 days after he was sentenced to 2 years in prison. He was convicted of molesting a teenage boy for 5 years during counseling sessions. Sentencing Justice Jean Bienvenue said Lacroix carried on a " marathon of gross indecency" at his " Marathon of Love" rallies. Pedophiles should not be loose on the streets, he said. However, Judge Yves Bernier, Quebec Court of Appeal, said Lacroix's return to society is not a public danger. The verdict and sentence are under appeal. A Crown psychiatrist said the married father of 4 showed no remorse or understanding of the gravity of his crime. (The Spectator, 3/16/89; Canadian Press, 3/18/89)

Prominent former priest BRENDAN FOLEY was charged with sexually assaulting boys between 1982 and 1985 when he worked as a parish priest. Foley, 43, was known as the " Singing Priest." He is the 8th well-known and popular member of Newfoundland's Roman Catholic community to be charged with sexual abuse. Two priests are serving 5 year prison terms; 3 other priests and a former priest await preliminary hearings. The province of 567,000 people, one-third Catholic, only has 100 priests. (Spectator, 3/18/89; Chicago Tribune, 3/27/89)

COL. JAMES L. MOODY, Brooke Army Medical Center's top chaplain, who faced up to 19 years, reached a tentative deal to serve no more than 3 years' prison for sexual misconduct involving 2 female clients. (San Antonio Light, 3/29/89)

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese-Atlanta is paying $358,000 to families of 3 altar boys molested by British priest ANTON MOWAT. The Church returned Mowat to England for treatment rather than reporting him to police. Mowat fled the treatment center and is a fugitive. He was charged last year with molesting 4 boys from a suburban Stone Mountain parish. (Idaho Statesman, 4/6/89)

Delaware TV preacher WILLIAM J. KEICHLINE, 52, known for homeless work, is charged with 3 years of rape, bondage and homemade pornography involving a girl, now aged 10. As her landlord, he threatened to evict her family if she said anything. He was charged with multiple counts by New Castle Co. police. Mission of Care, the 2-state ministry he founded in 1979 -- including a TV show, " camp for needy children," and outreach center -- ousted him following the charges. The group, long affiliated with PTL Club, was honored by the state legislature in 1983 for opening a shelter for 17 homeless people during record cold; however the shelter closed after 4 days for code violations. Keichline is married with 3 grown sons. ([Wilmington] News Journal, 3/17/89; Sacramento Union, 3/18/89)

ROBERT CUSHING, 36, of Dubuque, was sentenced to 10 years after pleading guilty to a felony sex charge of molesting boys at Wahlert Catholic High School, and 2 years to a charge of prostitution. (Clinton Herald [IA], 4/4/89)

DR. THOMAS HAVEL, a Catholic priest who heads the psychiatric unit at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, Calif., is being sued by a 34-year-old former client who says he sexually exploited her for 5 years starting when she was 13. Her attorney says the priest admitted the abuse, offered the woman a $135,000 confidential settlement and threatened to commit suicide if she didn't take it. The hospital, which never investigated the charges, says his work there is " flawless." (San Jose Mercury News, 3/29/89)

SHAWN CHARLES " BROTHER DUSTY" WILLIAMS, 50, got 10 years in jail after pleading guilty to showing pornography and fondling 2 young boys. The preacher-plumber worked as a volunteer bus driver for the New Covenant Fellowship Church of San Antonio, picking up stray kids to take them to church. He blamed the " devil" for his crimes. (San Antonio Light, 4/6/89)

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese-Baltimore made a secret settlement with a couple who accused REV. WILLIAMS Q. SIMMS of molesting their 13 year old son, an altar boy. He suffered depression and required psychiatric treatment, following the inflicted " ritualistic sexual fantasies." The family had asked for $12 million. (Maryland Sun, 3/28/89)

REV. WILLIAM EDWARD THOMPSON, JR., 45, charged with 21 counts of child sexual abuse, pleaded guilty in a plea bargain. The married father of 4 sons was headmaster at St. Timothy's Episcopal Church in Catonsville. He was charged with child pornography and molesting 7 boys, ages 11 to 16, in his home and on church property. A social worker reported him. (The Maryland Sun, 4/8/89)

REV. THOMAS HUNT was convicted by a jury of sexually abusing a 5 year old girl and her 7 year old brother during visits in the rectory. He was children's choir director at the United Methodist Church in East Benton. The girl had nightmares before visits and asked her mother to make the minister " stop rubbing" Vaseline on her " privates." The boy added, " Believe her, mommy, he did it to me too." (Scranton Times, 4/4-7/89)

ROBERT MESSERSMITH, 46, a catechism instructor at Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church in north Minneapolis who works with many youth groups, was charged with coercing 10 boys to perform sex acts. Boys ages 12-15 say he showed them pornography and urged them to masturbate during camping trips. In 1976, when director of the Salem, NH Boys Club, he was convicted of sexually assaulting 2 12-year-old boys and was given 2 years' probation. He is married with 3 children. (Minneapolis Star-Tribune, 3/28/89)

PAUL ROSS INGRAM, 43, who formerly ran the Thurston Co. crime prevention program, is charged with rape and statutory rape. Ingram was the GOP county chair from 1986-1988, and is a member of the Four Square Gospel Church. Two other men linked to law enforcement and community service were also charged. (Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 4/4/89)

JAMES CLIFTON NALLEY, a volunteer at Bible Baptist Church in Fernandina Beach, Fla., was charged with fondling 2 church girls, ages 9 and 11. Church members phoned police after a child reported the abuse. (Florida Times-Union, 4/4/89)

A federal sting operation to find child pornographers/molesters yielded 6 arrests in Philadelphia, including Presbyterian minister JOHN MCVAY, 53. He allegedly solicited sex with 2 girls ages 9 and 12. He was charged with criminal solicitation to commit involuntary deviant sexual intercourse. He also sent a 15 year old girl obscene material and a letter soliciting sex. (Intelligencer-Record, 3/10/89)

Evangelist TONY LEYVA received a 20 year prison sentence on March 28 for running a child prostitution ring. Federal Dist. Judge James Turk called him and his 2 partners " bad to the core." Leyva was previously sentenced to 2.5 years for sexually abusing 2 boys in Virginia. His religious accomplices RIAS EDWARD MORRIS, 27, got 15 years, and FREDDIE H. HERRING, 50, got 12 years. All were fined $5,000. Agents located at least 30 boys, some as young as 8, molested by Leyva in the past 20 years; some put the total at 800 victims. (New York Times, 3/29/89)

Indianapolis music minister REV. CLAYTON DUANE HEIL, 42, employed by Lighthouse Tabernacle, is being sued by a 14 year old choir girl for rape over a 3 month period in 1985. The suit also names REVS. WILLIAM W. and DAVID TOTMAN. Said a church official, " they're not just fighting us, they're fighting God." (Carmel News- Tribune, 4/5/89)

Baptist minister HENRY BAZIL WATERS, 49, was convicted of fondling 3 young boys and untold others at the Grace Baptist Temple Church in Statesboro, Ga., and in his home and car. Waters' testimony that he " saved" youth through " sex instruction " matched testimony of the victims. Waters admitted fondling boys in Latin America, saying " I have no idea " how many children he had abused. Waters was given permission to attend church while free on bond. (Atlanta Journal, 2/18/89)

REV. THOMAS V. COSSAIRT, 72, retired former pastor of First Baptist Church, Carter Lake, received a suspended 1 year jail sentence and 2 years' probation after pleading guilty to indecent contact with a child. A charge involving a 2nd child was dropped. He lives in Commerce, Okla. (Omaha World Herald)

JOSEPH NEWMAN, of Lucedale, Miss., says he married his secretary and her 8 year old daughter " under orders from God." After officials removed the child and her brother from his home, Newman vowed that " God is angry" because the Koran gives him the right to " up to four wives," including child brides. (Mobile Press Register, 3/11/89; Press Register Reporter)

Former Salvation Army Capt. JACK HOLCOMB, 50, pleaded guilty to having intercourse with a girl under the age of 14 while heading the chapter. During his tenure, he received a community service award for trying to house and feed refugees in the Plattsburgh, NY area. (Syracuse Herald- Journal, 3/1/89)

" Popular, dedicated" youth pastor DOUGLAS BOUDINOT, 39, married with children, has been charged with 2 counts of rape while leading a Christian youth group in California. Santa Cruz authorities charged him with rape when a young woman reported that Boudinot had sexually assaulted her in 1983, when she was 17 and a member of Young Life. Professing medical expertise, he reportedly committed many of the assaults under the guise of conducting medical examinations. Washington police have also located victims reportedly abused while Boudinot worked as youth pastor at Kent Covenant Church, taking youth groups on overnight outings and trips to Germany and Mexico. (Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 2/23/89)

Radio preacher REV. FRED KENTON BESHORE, 63, of Newport Beach, Calif., was charged with influencing the testimony of a witness, a felony. He is accused of phoning the father of a girl reportedly molested by neurosurgeon Dr. Francis Williams, offering him $1,500 a month for 2 years if he would stop his daughter's testimony. Police taped offers. Charges against the neurosurgeon for molesting preteen and adult patients were dropped, but could be reopened. Beshore runs Bible Institute of the Air, buying bibles to smuggle into communist countries. (Orange Co. Register, 2/28/89; 3/1/89)

PAUL SLATER, 64, a traveling evangelist, was charged with 4 counts of sexual battery after 8 and 12 year old sisters reported being molested and raped by him. Slater, a " trusted neighbor," befriended their family. An investigator said, " We encourage people to listen to what their children have to say. Many of these cases go on for months and years. " (Ocala Star-Banner, 2/18/89)

A 25 year old San Jose woman reports being molested and raped between the ages of 11-13 by a priest, who was also her mother's lover. She saw him rape her younger sister. Their mother is now demanding that the Diocese of San Jose take action against the priest, still pastor of a Santa Clara church: " We want him to admit this happened...We want him removed from situations where children are at risk." After 10 months of negotiating, no action to remove the priest or protect children has been taken. The criminal statute of limitations has run out. (San Jose Mercury News, 3/10/89)

FATHER HARRY MCINTEE is charged with sexually assaulting children from the 1950s to the 1980s at a church-run native residential school at St. Joseph's Mission, British Columbia. (Ottawa Citizen, 2/27/89)

Former priest JOHN BAUER, 52, is a fugitive being hunted for making child pornography in Mexico. Three other suspects are involved, including DAVID NEGRETTE, 26, an assistant scoutmaster. Police say the four men regularly made trips from the Los Angeles area 200 miles south to Ensenada. Poor boys aged 8 to 14 were paid small amounts to perform sexual acts with each other and the men in shacks and hotels. Videotapes were distributed around the world. Bauer worked as a priest for 7 years in social work projects, including group homes for neglected children in Helena, Mont. He left the church in 1970 and directed the social work program at Montana State University. He had owned 3 pornographic west coast bookstores. (Billings Gazette, 4/14/89)

UPDATE: Bauer, a former priest who often wore his clerical collar even after leaving the church in 1970, was arrested in Spokane by FBI authorities, facing charges of producing child pornography and conspiring to molest children in California. Bauer, self-described " porno priest," was on the run for 15 months, after charges surfaced that he exploited youths and runaways from Mexico. He worked as a director of the social work program in Montana State University-Bozeman during the 1970s, then opened 4 pornography shops. (Spokesman-Review, 12/13/89)

Despite multimillion dollar lawsuits in 2 states against Church of Christ public humiliation (" disciplining" ) of women for " sexual misconduct," Nashville elders vow to continue their crusade. What about all the wayward ministers? (Nashville Banner, 2/14/89)

REV. JOHNATHAN HAMLIN, 24, convicted of shooting his live-in girlfriend last July, got 15 years in prison. Hours after the shooting he preached at 1 of the 3 Mississippi Baptist churches he served. (Palm Beach Post, 1/7/89)

Florida authorities say twin girls, 7 months old, were deliberately suffocated. They were left alive in the care of REV. JOHN W. HEFLIN JR., 45, of Belleview, their babysitter.

New reports of child abuse prompted the removal of two minors from the notorious Bethel Children's Home in Lucedale, Ms. A 15 year old from Alabama and 12 year old from New York were removed following reports of abuse by a runaway. Last June 72 children were removed from the welfare department; many testified to excessive beatings and boot-camp type regimens. In contempt of court, REV. HERMAN FOUNTAIN and colleagues have $300,000 in unpaid penalties, and face a jury trial for assaulting police officers. The state requires no licensing for religious homes. However, the legislature passed a bill, in effect July 1, requiring 24-hour childcare homes to submit monthly lists of names and places of origin for each child and staff member, and educational information. (Mobile Register, 4/11/89)

REV. SHIRLEY FREEMAN, a 74 year old vicar, murdered his wife of 46 years when he was unable to find his favorite program on the radio. He bludgeoned her for over 2 hours. He was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in a monastery in southern England because he was too old for prison. (LA Times, 2/20/89)

A woman accompanying a friend to a Brooklyn, NY abortion clinic was tossed against a wall 3 times by an off-duty police officer who shouted, " In the name of Jesus Christ, do you know what's going on in there? " When she lodged a complaint against him at a police station, she was strip-searched and jailed. The officer was convicted of reckless assault. A state jury found the officer liable for $400,000 and the city liable for $600,000. (NYT, 12/14/88)

MARK RIPPBERGER and SUSAN MIDDLETON-RIPPBERGER were sentenced to 5 years' probation and fined $5,000 on Nov. 2 after being found guilty of criminal negligence in the death of their 8 month old daughter in 1984 from untreated meningitis.

" She was not beaten to death or starved, but she's dead just as if she were beaten and starved," said the prosecution. The judge ordered the couple to take a family health or first aid course, read Good Housekeeping's " Family Health and Medical Guide," and authorize emergency medical care for their other school-age children. The Christian Science Monitor accused California of " unhidden antagonism toward Christian Science" for prosecuting the case. With 1,945 churches, it is the largest US religious organization shunning medical care. (Reuters/Newark Star-Ledger, 11/5/89; Washington Post, 11/11/89)

The Circuit Court in Alpena, MI ruled in favor of Dr. Michael Taylor, who was sued by Jehovah's Witness Cindy Werth for transfusing blood to her in a post-childbirth crisis. Werth said it violated her religion; the court said it saved her life. (USA Today, 11/7/89)

A woman from Waukegan, IL who was injured in a traffic accident in Wisconsin bled to death after refusing a blood transfusion because of her religious beliefs. Gloria H. Carter, 54, a Jehovah's Witness, died on Dec. 14 of massive internal injuries. An elder from her church complained: " Even though they made a big deal over the blood issue in Kenosha, that was not the cause of her death." ([Waukegan] News-Sun, 12/15/89)

Authorities found a seriously-ill 6 year old girl whose father went to jail along with his pastor rather than tell her whereabouts. The sect rejects medical treatment. The girl was located in a secluded log home after an anonymous tip. Swollen and anemic, Melinda Sue James appeared to have kidney failure. She disappeared May 5 after the state ordered her to be medically examined. (Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 8/1/89)

A mother who starved to death her daughter, 4, in order to exorcise her of evil spirits, received a 7 year prison term for 3rd degree murder. The Florida mother, DARLENE JACKSON, 33, agreed to testify against MARY NICHOLSON, an evangelist charged with influencing Jackson to withhold food from daughter Kimberly McZinc. Jackson told the judge she would devote herself to " exposing people like Mary Nicholson."

Nicholson's trial is in February. The girl died on Feb. 8, 1988. The home had been investigated for neglect prior to her death, but a state agency had taken no action. Jackson, who has a master's degree, was also ordered to pay $23,000 in court costs and serve 8 years' probation. (AP/Miami Herald, 7/27/89; Pensacola News Journal, 11/30/89)

LARRY AND LEONA COTTAM, found guilty in Wilkesbarre, PA in September of starving their 14 year old son Eric to death, are free on bail pending an appeal. Eric's 69-pound body was found Jan. 4, 1989 after the family had fasted for 6 weeks. Larry, a former Seventh-Day Adventist minister, had $3,700 but would not buy food with it, saying it belonged to the Lord.

" We were wondering, 'Is our faith being tested?' like when God asked Abraham to go up and sacrifice his son on the altar," Cottam said.

" It was a kind of very close family togetherness," Cottam said. In the understatement of the decade, he added, " In some way, we lost perspective on reality." Their daughter Laura, now 13, who weighed 77 pounds when she was found after her brother's death, is in foster care. The Cottams are basing their appeal on grounds that the boy starved himself to death to express his freedom of religion. (Scranton Times, 8/29/89; Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/2-9/89; AP, 12/26/89)

VIRGINIA JENKINS, 37, of Anderson, SC, was ruled incompetent to stand trial in charges that she sexually assaulted her son, 14, during an exorcism. She also rubbed glass and salt into his wounds. (USA Today, 1/4/90)

The principal of Cornerstone Christian Academy (near Indianapolis) and her husband were charged with battery for paddling 2 pupils, ages 10 and 12, for bad grades. (Indianapolis Star, 12/15/89)

DAVID L. DOUGLASS, principal of Mountain View Christian School in Derry Township, PA, was found guilty of paddling a 7 year old child until he was bruised. The boy was paddled for talking in class.

" What we are talking about," said the prosecutor, " is a man who is blinded by his religion. The man does not see that the way to treat a hyperactive child is not to beat him into submission." (Express, 9/24/89)

A Fayetteville, NC minister, his wife and another woman were charged with felony child abuse for beating 4 children last year. They are part of Holy Tabernacle storefront church, where Rev. John Charles McCollum, 39, is " chief apostle." He also preaches over radio stations in North and South Carolina and in tent revivals. Four children, who range in age from 3 to 15 years, suffered permanent scars on their bodies from serious physical injury. One is scarred permanently on the face. They were removed from the McCollum home in December, where Irish Lamont Williams, 32, mother of two of the children, also lives. Two other adults are being sought for abusing the children. (Fayetteville Times, 1/11/89)

New Hampshire authorities have filed felony assault charges against a fundamentalist couple for beating their children with a stick and paddle. The kids were removed from their home. STEPHEN and JOANNE DECOSTA have found support in their church, and in character witnesses such as a former governor and a police officer whose children attend a church-run school with the DeCosta children.

" The Bible definitely and expressly teaches the use of the rod in the discipline of children and we believe it, and we do it, and I teach it," said DeCosta's pastor, Richard Anderson of the Calvary Independent Baptist Church, Meredith. (AP/Clinton Herald [IA], 10/31/89)

REV. ROBERT G. HALVERSTADT, 61, of Victory Center Church, Pueblo, CO, was sentenced to a year in jail, after admitting he used games, coercion and drugs to sexually molest 3 girls in his congregation. Charges involving 4 other victims were dropped when he pleaded guilty to reduced counts. He was given credit for 135 days already spent in jail, plus 4 years' probation. Halverstadt assaulted a girl, 9, who volunteered to help him clean his church. Another girl said he gave her something to drink that made her fall asleep. She woke up naked with pain in her groin area. (Chieftain, 12/15/89)

The Kansas Supreme Court upheld the convictions of REV. DARWIN G. DAMEWOOD, 54, sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping a teenager in 1987 and sexually assaulting him. The Court affirmed all 8 counts against Damewood, formerly with the Rossville Methodist Church, ruling it permissible for another teenager to testify at the trial that Damewood had molested him too. (Topeka Capital-Journal, 12/9/89)

STANLEY DENNIS CUMMINGS, 34, a bible school teacher, was sentenced to more than 2,000 years in prison after being convicted of 60 counts of child molesting and sexual exploitation of a minor. Cummings befriended 8 boys he met through church, friends and employment, molesting, sodomizing and photographing them in sexual acts. He beat one victim, tape-recording it for sexual gratification.

" Ten seconds of indiscretion is ruining my entire life," he complained, referring to oral sex with a boy, 10. He told the judge: " But I have an illness. You cannot make me a criminal." (Arizona Daily Star, 9/19/89)

REV. JOHN MICHAEL LIADIS, 56, of Largo, FL, was sentenced to 10 years' probation after a no-contest plea to 1 count of committing a lewd and lascivious act on a child under 16. He was also fined $500, told to stay away from children, and ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. He grabbed a girl, 15, the daughter of friends, at a church retreat. Liadis was relieved of his duties at the church camp. (NT Times, FL, 11/4/89)

MARY LOU GALLUP, 61, was sentenced to 2 years in prison for child molestation, and must pay for counseling for her victim, a 4 and a half year old girl. Her husband, Edward Sr. and son, were convicted of molesting kids at the family's two Christian preschools in Portland. (Register-Guard [Eugene, OR], 12/5/89)

REV. WALTER N. STONE, pastor of Rollstone Congregational Church in Fitchburg, MA, was sentenced to 7-15 years in prison after being convicted by a jury of 8 counts of molesting 2 boys. Two victims, now 18 and 21, testified Stone befriended them during church counseling and activities. Stone, 56, is married with 4 children, an Air Force veteran, with a doctorate in theology from Boston University. Several friends and colleagues wrote letters of commendation for him. (Worcester Telegram, 11/10/89)

REV. ROBERT DUANE SCHULTZ, 52, of Washington, Iowa, was sentenced to 30 years in prison after confessing to acts described as " horribly perverse" on boys under age 12, involving 1 count of sexual abuse and 3 others of lascivious acts. Officials are giving him polygraph tests and blood tests in an effort to identify other victims. The married minister was a foster parent honored in 1989 by Gov. Terry Branstad for volunteer service. Victims included foster children; five were removed from his home upon his arrest. The prosecution said a law preventing prosecution for sex assaults occurring more than 4 years ago should be changed, and would have resulted in more charges against Schultz. Rev. John Bennett told Schultz' congregation at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), " Bob has fallen...into a deep pit of despair. But Bob has not fallen from the grace of God." Church policy requires that he be defrocked for committing a felony. (Des Moines Register, 10/30- 11/3/89; AP/Clinton Herald, 10/30/89)

REV. DAVID SWOPE, minister at Sparks United Methodist Church, NV, was sentenced to 1 year in county jail, suspended to 3 years' probation, and psychological counseling. Swope pleaded no contest to a plea bargain of open & gross lewdness. He molested a girl, age 10, after choir practice, telling her she was one of his favorites and it meant nothing sexual. He was accused of taking indecent liberties with another girl 8 years ago. (Reno Gazette Journal, 10/28/89)

JOHNNIE VERNON WOODS JR., 36, a lay minister at a North Little Rock church, got 3 consecutive sentences for abducting and raping a girl, 9. A jury found him guilty of 2 counts of rape and 1 count of kidnapping. (Tulsa World, 10/29/89)

BRUCE KRAHN, 37, pleaded guilty to molesting a student, 15, at Calvary Academy where he taught math. He got 1 year probation, a $500 fine, and a possible 60-day jail sentence. He asked her to stay after school, turned off the lights, shut the door, asked her questions about sex education she got in the public schools, hugged, fondled her and asked her to touch him. She reported it to her parents. He was fired and the state will revoke his teaching license. (Journal-Register [Springfield, IL], 10/25/89)

GEORGE DEGOLYER, 42, pastor of Verona Christian Fellowship, WI, was sentenced to 30 days in jail, 5 years' probation after pleading no contest to 1st degree sexual assault of an 8 year old girl visiting his home. He carried the girl upstairs, pulled down her pants and molested her. He was ordered to have no unsupervised conduct with minors except his children. The DA agreed to ask the court to amend the charge to 4th degree if he does not violate probation. (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/1/89)

JAMES KENNEDY, a Salvation Army pastor from LaCrosse, WI, was sentenced to 6 years in prison plus 10 years' probation for 1st degree sexual assault of a girl, 10. He was ordered to pay for counseling. She was sexually abused at his home 4 times in 1985. Supporters have rallied to his cause. The day after his sentencing, he was released on $15,000 bond posted by a relative, pending appeal. (AP/Wisconsin State Journal, 12/22/89)

REV. L.G. GILSTRAP, 54, an Assemblies of God minister, was convicted by a jury on 3 counts of child molestation and sentenced to 33 years in prison for a string of fondling incidents in 1988 involving brothers aged 10 and 13. The older boy said Gilstrap once tried to have sex with him in the shower. Eight men testified during the trial that they too were molested by the minister when they were boys. Three said they were also abused by the Sunday school teacher, who was not tried. Gilstrap denied the charges but corroborated their accusations against the teacher. The prosecutor called Gilstrap the " Pied Piper of pedophilia." Gilstrap, defrocked, started a new church, New Hope Ministries. Married, he was a former clerk for the Georgia House of Representatives. (Atlanta Constitution, 9/22/89)

REV. THOMAS MCLAUGHLIN, 58, was sentenced to 18 months in prison for sexually molesting a boy, 12, after pleading guilty in exchange for dismissal of 6 other charges. He was pastor of Church of the Resurrection in New Albany and St. Mary Church in Marion, Ohio. The mother of the victim asked the judge for leniency.

" I was flabbergasted," noted Logan Co. prosecutor Gerald Heaton. " I can't recall, in my seven years of prosecuting cases, having the parent of a victim, especially a sexual abuse victim, speak in support of the perpetrator." The priest blamed his actions on " his disease" rather than himself. (New Herald, 1989)

REV. RICHARD ZULA, 48, former pastor of Sts. Mary and Ann Church in Marianna and Washington counties, PA, received 1 to 5 years in prison for sexually molesting an altar boy. He also got 5 years' probation. He was arrested in 1984 in Somerset County for molesting a boy, 15, pleading guilty in May 1989 to 2 counts of corrupting minors. He still faces sentencing in Washington County after pleading guilty to a similar charge. (Scrantonian Tribune, 12/9/89)

BROTHER SALVATORE BILLANTE, 50, was sentenced to 8 years in prison for molesting a boy, 13, as youth director at a Catholic camp. He also worked at Corpus Christi School in San Francisco. (Bay City News Service, 1989)

REV. ROBERT A. KULZER, 65, was convicted of molesting 2 boys at Faith Temple Church, in Brighton. He was sentenced to 1 to 3 years in prison but it was stayed pending appeal, meaning if he can make $10,000 cash bail he will not serve time yet. The married grandfather was convicted of 3 counts of sodomy and 1 count each of promoting prostitution, sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child involving boys aged 12 to 16. Abuse included oral sex with a 16 year old boy, putting a condom on a 12 year old boy during a discussion about " the facts of life," and arranging for a boy to have sex with a 62 year old woman in the parsonage. Defense involved Kulzer's " good deeds," including being a missionary in Africa. (Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, 12/13/89)

REV. THOMAS WELSCH, 39, and his wife Jean, 40, were sentenced to 30 years in prison with all but 6 years suspended, after pleading guilty to 5 counts each of child sexual abuse. Originally they were charged with 571 counts involving 3 victims. Welsch and his wife abused twin sisters, 13, and a 17 year old girl. He was pastor at Immanuel United Church of Christ in Cambridge, MD for 10 years. The state's attorney praised all 3 victims for showing " a lot of courage " in testifying against their popular pastor. (Washington Post, 12/10/89; The Sun)

REV. JAMES A. FORSYTHE of Holy Cross Church, Overland Park, KS, pleaded guilty to charges of having sexual relations with a teenage boy about 20 times. Forsythe, 35, molested the boy in the rectory of the church, where he was pastor for 2 years. He was relieved of his duties and was receiving counseling pending the sentencing. A therapist reported suspicions to the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services. A statement by Archbishop Ignatius J. Strecker of Kansas City, KS seemed to place child molestation on par with extramarital sex: " God's wondrous gift of human sexuality is made beautiful in the holy bonds of marriage. On the other hand, it loses its beauty and its wonder when it is offended in or outside of marriage. It is all the more so when the offender is someone as trusted as a Catholic priest." (Kansas City Star, 12/8,9/89)

BROTHER MARCEL CRETE, 55, at the Notre Dame Institute in Alfred, ME, pleaded guilty to 5 counts of gross sexual misconduct for having sex with a boy, 12, in 1983. Two other charges were outside the statute of limitation. Crete operated a public skating rink in an old barn. The victim picked apples in the Institute's orchard, worked in the kitchen and spent some nights in a room close to Crete's. Crete underwent counseling for 6 months in Maryland.

" We feel that he's doing everything that he can, he can't do any more than he's doing," said Brother Patrick Menard, head of the Institute. (Journal Tribune [Biddeford, ME], 9/19/89)

REV. WILLIAM MURRAY HENDRICKS JR., 50, pastor of Clay Hill Baptist Church, pleaded guilty to 2 counts of lewd & lascivious assault on a minor. The victim: a girl, 7, molested at the church, parish house in 1988 where he pastored for 15 years. As a plea bargain he agreed not to perform pastoral duties until his probation ended. (Florida Times-Union, 9/19/89)

It took a jury only 28 minutes to find ANTONIO S. MARTINEZ, 59, a Pentecostal evangelist from Mathis, FL, guilty of aggravated sexual assault of a girl, 12. He claimed they had a common-law marriage. He first assaulted her when she was 11 and in 5th grade. Her grandmother forced her into the arrangement. A doctor turned Martinez in after Martinez asked him why she didn't become pregnant. (Corpus-Christi Caller Times, 9/27,28/89)

REV. JIM " PAPA" CATER, 50 founder and head of Living World Church in Dickson Co., TN was indicted on 6 new counts of child sexual abuse, for a total of 56 charges. The crimes reportedly occurred at the church compound during April, May and June 1989. The state raided the church in June, taking 11 children into protective custody, ordering him to close his illegally operating residential child-care facility. Cater became a minister after converting while serving time in Florida for strong-armed robbery and forgery. His ministry specialized in helping recovering alcoholics & addicts. Following the arrests, he was injured in the county jail after inmates attacked him, calling him " baby raper." (Huntsville Times, 11/9/89)

JAMES ALLEN WELLER, 31, a day care teacher and youth counselor at Redeemer Lutheran Church, Redwood City, CA, was booked on 20 counts of child molestation, oral copulation, sexual battery and child exploitation. A counselor in another state contacted police after a boy reported being abused by Weller. Boys ages 13 to 17 told police he paid or tricked them into posing for pornographic photographs over the last 3 years. Weller was also a Boy Scout leader and coached a youth basketball team at the church. Church officials hired him even though they knew he was a convicted felon who had served 6 years in prison for bank fraud, and was on parole. (San Jose Mercury News, 12/2/89)

FATHER LUCIEN MEUNIER, 74, retired from a rural parish in British Columbia, was extradited from West Palm Beach to stand trial on charges of molesting 6 boys in the 1950s and 1960s. At least 7 boys and 1 girl have accused him of molestation when he worked as a parish priest in BC and Saskatchewan, sometimes at the church altar, in the rectory or church car. One victim said when Meunier fondled him, he " talked of how God had given these beautiful enjoy."

" Father Meunier told me that it was God's will that I should do this for him, and that it was just like a confessional where no one is supposed to tell anyone," the man wrote in a sworn statement. After performing oral sex on the boy, " he would then say short little prayers of praise." Another man signed a statement that Meunier molested him at a table just before the family gathered for dinner.

" After saying grace and during the course of the dinner...Meunier had me masturbate him." Meunier pleaded no contest to 2 counts of child molestation at a South Phoenix Catholic Church in 1975 and was ordered in 1976 to serve 1 to 3 years in prison. (Palm Beach Post, 12/2/89; 1/13/90)

Charges of sex crimes against minors were filed in Spokane Co. against 4 members of the hedonistic sect, C.E. Hobbs Foundation of Religious Training and Education. Two members were previously charged with similar offenses in Pend Oreille Co. Young women reported being sexually exploited as teenagers by adult church members during " sharing sessions " condoned by founder Clifford E. Hobbs. Officials are probing a transfer of the church's $10 million complex to a family trust, to protect Hobbs from civil lawsuits or IRS action. Hobbs, a steelworker-turned-evangelist who transferred his Illinois church to Washington in 1976, hasn't been charged with any crimes. (Skagit Valley Herald, 11/25/89)

FATHER WILLIAM GROVES, pastor of St. Ignatius Church in Ignacio, Colorado, pleaded " not guilty" on Dec. 1 to 3 felony charges related to child molestation and 2 misdemeanor charges. A trial date was set for April. Groves, 37, represented by a public defender, is " on retreat." He previously served in Missouri, Nebraska, and Kansas. Hildy Ochtrup, pastoral assistant, declared: " He's a blessing " and parishioners are " grateful to have Father Hall [sic] here." (Chronicle of Catholic Life, 12/89)

WALTER HEROLDO SOLIS, 54, charged with molesting 3 girls at Glendale Spanish 7th-day Adventist Church in Glendale, was killed Nov. 29 after stepping into a traffic lane in what police believe was a suicide. (LA Times, 12/8/89)

ROY YOUNG, 29, charged in Washington state in 3 molestation cases, is now suspected of molesting dozens of boys in Austin, TX, whom he befriended as a volunteer for youth programs at 2 churches. He lived in Austin for 8 years until moving to Washington 18 months ago, where he was busted for molesting boys in bible study groups he formed. Police seized a collection of photographs, some pornographic, involving as many as 65 Texas boys (ages 8 to 13). At least 4 Texas youths say they were molested. Police regard the photographed boys as suspected victims. Young, who is not married, is accused of performing sex acts in front of Austin children, showing them adult movies, giving them massages, photographing some in the nude and providing some with alcohol. For years he took young boys to movies, dinner, roller-skating, camping and on motorcycle rides, buying kids watches, boots, bracelets & gifts. He also invited youths to spend the night with him.

" He gained the confidence of the parents by pretending [1] to be a devout Christian who wanted to enhance the spiritual life of the kids, " said a detective. (Austin-American Statesman, 12/8/89)

[1] " Pretending? " The man is a Christian. There's no " pretending " about it.

REV. BRUCE RITTER, 62, founder of a $85-million-a-year fundraising operation called Covenant House, was accused by a benefactor of having sexual relations with him, and improperly spending $25,000 of program money on him. The Manhattan DA is investigating charges. After a search by Covenant House, a Texas college professor came forward saying the accuser is his son -- a " pathological liar " with a personality disorder. Covenant House operates in about 15 US and Canadian cities and 4 Central American countries, sending blue-and-white vans into the streets looking for young runaways. Ritter has been honored recently by Ronald Reagan and Pres. Bush, as well as being mentioned in a 1984 State of the Union address. Ritter admits he took several trips with his accuser, Kevin Lee Kite, spending nights alone with him. He called that an " almost unforgivable " lapse in judgment. He says he has shared his rooms with hundreds of runaway youths over the last 20 years. Covenant House has been criticized for ineffectiveness, and for its " mentor " program whereby staff spend free time with kids, inviting troubled youth home with them.

" The mentors are encouraged to take the kids home and treat them as their own children," said spokesperson John Kells. Ritter says an audit proves Covenant House spent " only" $9,800 to house, employ and help educate Kite, lower than the average of $15,000 (!) usually spent on a case. About 10% of its funds are public. (LA Times, 12/16/89; New York Times, 12/15, 21/89; AP, 12/15/89)

REV. RENE POIRER, 46, a popular priest at Sacred Heart Church in Chapleau, Ontario, surrendered after a warrant was issued on 2 charges of sexual assault. He was known for " helping the poor " in the Philippines, where he spent 12 years, and Haiti. (Spectator, 11/14,15/89)

A priest from Toronto was charged with sexual abuse of a girl under 14 for an incident occurring in British Columbia. The judge banned publication of the priest's name. (Spectator, 11/13/89)

Following the arrest of JAMES BOWEN, 51, a religious school teacher, on 84 child pornography counts, a legislator is seeking a review of private school rules. Florida law did not prevent Bowen from opening his own school despite a 1966 conviction for child molestation. Minimum qualifications for teachers & course standards are not required. Ten percent of school children attend private schools in Florida, most religious. (Miami Herald, 9/28/89)

REV. ANGEL CANDALARIA, 70, was charged with sexual contact and endangering the welfare of a girl, 10, at his church in Vineland, NJ. (Daily Journal, 11/15/89)

MICHAEL GILFORD, 36, was charged with aggravated criminal sexual assault & criminal sexual abuse for molesting girls at a YWCA camp in Round Lake, IL where he was visiting. (News-Sun [Waukegan, IL], 10/21/89)

$450,000 jury award against UNITED METHODIST CHURCH OF ILLINOIS upheld by Judge Stuart Shiffman involving REV. WILLIAM FYFFE, who molested 3 brothers in Macon, 1982. The church was held responsible because it knew Fyffe had molested boys at Taylor Ridge parish, 1975, but still ordained him, expunged records of counseling for molestation, and transferred him into a community unaware of the episodes. Fyffe served nearly 3 years of prison after pleading guilty to the Macon molestings. (Quad-City Times, 9/7/89; 10/18/89)

Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix was sued by a couple whose 2 sons were victims of REV. GEORGE BREDEMANN, 47, serving 1 year in jail. Also named are other priests at St. Catherine of Sienna Church. The public was shocked by the priest's light sentence in July, since he had admitted to molesting boys sent to him for counseling for previous sexual abuse, plus 15 others in past. Bishop Thomas J. O'Brien intervened on priest's behalf, then " apologized." (Arizona Republic, 8/10/89)

Lawsuits were filed against REV. ALBERT C. MAGNUSON, pastor, Redeemer Covenant Church, Brooklyn Park, MN, for molesting 3 brothers, their sister, seminary student nearly 20 years ago when they went to him for counseling. Church, church's Northwest Conference likewise sued for negligence. (Star Trib., 6/89)

Parents of a boy molested by Newfoundland priest JAMES HICKEY are suing Archbishop Alphonsus Penney for negligence, the 1st lawsuit following 18 charges or convictions against Newfoundland priests. Other victims are suing the government. Hickey was sentenced Sept. 1988 to 5 years in prison for assaulting 20 boys since 1970. Parents say Penney knew of abuse but did nothing. (Hamilton Spectator, 9/2/89)

A boy's father is suing Methodist Home of New Orleans, charging that his son, 12, was molested by a counselor during a field trip. REV. DALE HAGGARD pleaded guilty in Jan. 1989, and was sentenced to 4 years' probation, 500 hours community service, and therapy. Haggard, Louisiana Methodist Conference was also named. The suit alleges that [the Methodist Home] knew Haggard " had a propensity to engage in sexual acts with young boys." (Times-Picayune, 7/19/89)

A lawsuit against REV. THOMAS ADAMSON, Archdiocese of St. Paul, Minneapolis & Winona Diocese, was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount. This is the most recent of four suits involving Adamson to be settled; 20 other victims are suspected. The case involved a boy, 13, molested on recreational outings. The suit charged the church with continuing to assign Adamson to parishes after learning of his sexual abuses. (St. Paul Pioneer Press-Dispatch, 9/20/89)

The father of a young child was raped by HEATH TURNER, 16, a childcare worker at the First United Methodist Church, Mount Dora, is suing the church for negligence. Turner was convicted of assaulting the child at a church with a toy boat, his finger, and ice. [2] The church's youth minister, RALPH SMITH, who testified on Turner's behalf, has since been charged with the indecent assault of a child. The suit says that the church failed to check backgrounds, supervise childcare, and Sunday school classes. (Daily Commercial, 10/10/89)


A man, age 25, is suing Portland Archdiocese, REV. JOHN GOODRICH for $2.5 million in damages because of priest abuse during 14 years (1974-1988) on church premises. Diocese officials knew of Goodrich's conduct as early as 1973, according to the suit. (Oregonian, 9/14/89)

Six girls who were sexually abused by REV. FRANCIS G. HAIGHT, head of ex-Baptist Christian Academy, Monroe, WI, were awarded a total of $57,440 in court settlements. Haight is serving a 20 year term for molesting children; He is eligible for parole in 4 years. (8/14/89)

An undisclosed out-of-court settlement was made by the Mormon Church to Cynthia Brown of Mesa, Az., who accused the church of failing to report to law enforcement authorities that a man had molested her daughter, age 2. A July 1988 ruling by the Arizona Court of Appeals had compelled two Mormon bishops and another church official to testify about conversations they had with RICHARD KENNETH RAY about molesting children. Ray, 47, was sentenced in Sept. 1984 to 61 years in prison for molesting 5 girls, including Brown's daughter. (Arizona Republic, 1/11/90)

In a precedent-setting decision, the Anglican church made a secret out-of-court settlement of damages to an altar boy molested by a parish priest 4 years ago. REV. CHARLES GRIGGS, 61, former rector of St. Bede's, near Winnipeg, pleaded guilty in 1986 to charges of molesting a 13 year old. He received a 2 year suspended sentence and was ordered to receive counseling. Anglican officials offered wide and glowing support for Griggs after his confession. An uproar resulted when Archbishop Walter Jones allowed Griggs to continue as rector following his conviction, saying Griggs' confession of sin was sufficient repentance. Jones removed him from his post a month later. Griggs left the priesthood and lives in rural Manitoba. Molestings occurred after church services and at the priest's home. The family says former diocese bishop Barry Valentine had received complaints about Griggs prior to assaults on their son, but did nothing. Bishop Valentine, now in Baltimore, MD, says he received " only one " complaint, and immediately removed him as director of a diocesan summer camp. The Anglican Journal editorialized: " Similar incidents, just as serious, have received little or no publicity because ecclesiastical authorities have stepped in, quietly removed the priest from the parish, appeared with him in court and arranged for psychiatric help. But although such action protects the church's image, it gives little public warning to priests of the consequences they face for a breach of trust, and nothing to alert society that it has an alarming problem in its midst." (Anglican Journal, May 1989)

The Catholic Diocese of Altoona and Johnstown, PA says turning over documents from its " secret archive" about a molesting priest would violate state/church separation. A man, 20, claiming REV. FRANCIS E. LUDDY, 47, molested him when he was ages 9 to 16, asked a Somerset Co. court to order release of the records. Luddy is on leave of absence at a Catholic treatment home in New Mexico. (Scranton Times, 12/19/89)

Parents of 2 Norfolk boys sexually assaulted by their Cub Scout leader filed a $35 million lawsuit against Boy Scouts of America & the sponsoring Mormon Church. Both groups were called negligent for failing to check the background of Scout leader ERIC PATRICK " RICKY " AVANT, 29, who is serving 26 years in prison after admitting he molested the boys. Avant was convicted of similar offenses in 1979. (Washington Post, 11/1/89)

GARY HAMBRIGHT, a Southern Baptist minister accused of molesting dozens of children at the Presidio daycare in San Francisco, died of AIDS Nov. 8. Between 60-102 tots were suspected victims of child sexual abuse by Hambright and others, but 2 investigations led to dismissal of charges. Five children had contracted chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease. The Army daycare was closed. Parents have filed more than $60 million in claims against the Army alleging negligence led to sexual abuse of kids. The claims haven't been heard. Hambright died maintaining his innocence, leaving an obituary rife with references to " my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ." A Presidio spokesperson said none of the children have shown signs of AIDS. (San Jose Mercury News, 1/5/90; Orange Co. Register, 1/6/90)

Mount Cashel orphanage, a once-respected 90-year-old orphanage in St. John's, Newfoundland, will close. Run by the Congregation of Irish Christian Brothers, it is the subject of a government inquiry and police investigations, leading to the charging of 9 brothers and former brothers with sexually and physically abusing orphan boys. Nineteen other priests or brothers in Newfoundland have also been charged or convicted of similar sex crimes. Most of the orphanage crimes occurred in the 1970s. The inquiry is investigating why a 1975 police probe was halted, maybe covered up. In November, BROTHER GERARD COX was charged with 3 counts of sexually abusing boys there; 38 orphans will be transferred out. MSGR. WILLIAM BOONE, 65, of Corner Brook, was also charged in November with indecent assault and gross indecency against a young man. (Canadian Press, 11/11/89; Buffalo News, 12/3/89)

REV. VAUGHAN QUINN, flamboyant ex-director of Detroit's Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center for alcoholics, agreed to pay $20,000 to a woman charging he raped her while she was a patient in 1986. Sacred Heart will also pay her $10,000 to settle a suit charging he abused their " psychotherapist-patient and priest-penitent relationship " to " force and coerce her " into sex. A recovering alcoholic himself, Quinn built Sacred Heart into one of Michigan's largest residential alcoholic treatment centers, and was socially well-connected. Actor Mike Connors wanted to star Robert Redford in a movie about him. The production never panned out. Quinn resigned in 1987, and is now chaplain at Collins Bay Institution, a medium security prison in Kingston, Ontario. (Detroit Free Press, 1/4/90)

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