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Every one seems to forget that it was Pat's father who did the evil deed of undermining the House commitee on Banking and currency's investigation into the practices of the blood thirsty bankers of the Federal Reserve.

It was A.W. Robertson was one of the banks puppets who help to end the investigation and completely lock the chains of slavery onto the people of America.Listen to what Pat says about his Father in his propaganda piece "The New World Order":

"As a brief personal note, my father,A. Willis Robertson, succeeded his fellow Virginian Carter Glass, in the United States Senate in 1946. Glass had chaired the House Banking and Currency Commitee,and my father went on to chair its counter part in the Senate,where HE HAD THE HEARTY SUPPORT OF THE BANKING COMMUNITY. AS I WRITE THIS I AM LOOKING AT A LOVELY STERLING SILVER TRAY GIVEN HIM BY THE AMERICAN BANKERS ASSOCIATION AT THEIR ANNUAL MEETING IN SAN FRANCISCO,OCTOBER 25 1966.MY FATHER WAS ALSO A COLLEAGUE IN THE SENATE OF PRESCOTT BUSH, THE FATHER OF GEORGE BUSH.". (P,126)

Judas only wanted 30 pieces of silver in exchange for his soul. At least the Robersons held out for an engraved platter. In the next paragraph he goes on to talk about his "distinguished heritage that goes back from colonial days back to the nobility of England."

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