Christian religion is anything but Christian

I just came across your WEB SITE, completely by accident [it was in the bookmarks of the new Opera 4 web browser]. Many of the things you talk about such as Bilderberg, the Illuminati --- the fact that there are hidden forces who "really run the world -- have been on my mind for some time.

I listened to portions of Art Bell over the years [not to any great degree -- the last 1/2 hour or so when I would wake up in the AM]. Found it rather interesting that you and he did not see "eye to eye."

I am a firm believer that "truth" can be found in many different places. Truth usually comes mixed with error. And one must have the "confidence" to be able to sift.

I admit at this point that I believe in a God who created the universe -- that the earth is relatively young as well as humankind. I do not subscribe to evolution as any kind of "first cause." I do believe that there is much truth in the Bible -- although I realize that it is a "human construct". The so-called Christian religion is anything but Christian. The Roman Catholic Church is a continuation of the Babylonian Mystery System. I could go on...............

I just wanted to say that I want to learn more about what you have to say about things. I must admit, at this early point, that I have a "problem" with "reptilian" individuals.............

Do you think Pat Buchanan or Harry Browne are "reptilian" in their origins?

I am looking forward to reaading your "monthly" E-mail. And if I can get a hold of it, your book. Chapters on-line says it is available in 7 days -- which, I find, usually means they really don't have it.

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