You would see tears in my eyes

My lawyer tried to see the reports on what happened to my two young sons, Robert and Benjamin Moore and the sheriff refused because the case is still open. The public have no idea because on Channel 2 they said the case was closed. I am sure they will never know unless all you ~kind and caring people~ out there will support the cause and do some writing and calling for me. We have to do this…. It is for the sake of the young, helpless children. They so desperately need your help. They are so defenseless in the face of such a powerful adversary. We have to do it for Zack too. There is absolutely no excuse for the torture, torment, mental and physical abuse of our beloved children. Please help me! If you could see me now, you would see tears in my eyes. I just got through reading the 'tender' care article. (August 2000 Kindercare Update) . Sometimes the sadness overwhelms me.

We have to stand together and do what we can.

The police report was made by
Snail Mail Sheriff of Price County

Here is what I would like you to say: I am very concerned about the murder of the two young Moore Boys. What will happen if you let things like this go under the rug? The public has a right to know. We must protect our precious children. They so desperately need your help. There is absolutely no excuse for the torture, torment, mental and physical abuse of our children. We need the truth! We want RIGHTS FOR US AND OUR CHILDREN! is a publication of TGS Services
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